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Minho’s support group at the premiere of 두 남자 (Derailed)! Jinki and his parents, Jonghyun’s mom and sister, Sodam, Minho’s parents and brother, Minseok, Yoona and Sooyoung, Leeteuk, Irene and Wendy, Luna, Sunggyu and Sungyeol, Kim Taehyung & Park Seojoon & Park Hyungsik (Hwarang), Kim Kibang (Medical Top Team), and Lee Hyunwoo (To The Beautiful You)

Not all are pictured here but it is easy to see how loved our Minho is ❤️

Dipper Pines Aesthetic 🌲

Bill Cipher Aesthetic 👁


The original “Class of ‘84” picture with Eric stoltz compared to the final with Michael j fox.

I love how Dave just switched the hand he was waving with and took off his cowboy hat.

And Marty looks way cooler in the final anyway.


Monsterfalls- Old Friends

Second Part of my Monterfalls Big Project! Here are WereWendy and ClaySoos. For me they are the ones that suffered the most, cause they cant control themselves.

Gonna tag mistrel-fox cause she likes a lot werewendy.

2 parts left!

First Part:  Mystery Twins


All post cards for the Fairy Tail 10th Anniversary Exhibition by Hiro Mashima and the translations of the handwritten text on each one. The words match what is going on in the pictures! (For example, Wendy is running and her card says “Autumn of exercise”)

Erza: 「紅葉の秋」 Kōyō no aki
“Autumn of changing/colored leaves”

Gray: 「芸術の秋」 Geijutsu no aki
“Autumn of art”

Wendy and Charle: 「運動の秋」 Undō no aki
“Autumn of exercise”

Gray and Juvia: 「恋愛の秋」 Ren'ai no aki
“Autumn of romantic love”

Lucy: 「読書の秋」 Dokusho no aki
“Autumn of reading”

Gajeel, Levy, and Panther Lily: 「旅行の秋」 Ryokō no aki
“Autumn of travel”

Natsu, Lucy, and Happy: 「月見の秋」 Tsukimi no aki
“Autumn of moon viewing" 

Juvia: 「収穫の秋」 Shūkaku no aki
“Autumn of harvest”

Natsu and Happy:  「食欲の秋」Shokuyoku no aki
“Autumn of appetite”