pictures are louder than words


So, after my rant yesterday I received some anons…and tbh, I’m too lazy to answer them all. So, I took some screenshots and address them all in one post!

I am swen, yes….and I’m a person who uses this blog to address problematic themes, people & discrimination. 

And, no…I’m not picking any fights or stuff….I witnessed how CSers slandered and threatened an actual human being on twitter. 

I like Colin and I don’t mind the BTS of Jen & Him…I’d never go around and slander him or that I want to SHOOT him! 

Did I say every single CSer is like that? NO….Like I said awhile ago…if it doesn’t apply to you…fine! Great! Good! I’m proud of you! 

And no…I’m not comparing this fandom to trump, cause I ship SQ….I compare it, cause some you guys show the same behavior as he does!

Pictures actually speak louder than words….so here….

Ships aside…this is wrong!

some say pictures speak louder than words,
maybe that’s why I have issues painting a picture for you with my thoughts. 
is that why you don’t listen?
or is my picture not vibrant enough for your eyes?
—  submission #279