pictures are from the booklet of the cd

the lightning thief musical booklet!!

so i scanned all the lyrics to all the songs and the pictures from the booklet that came with the cd for the lightning thief musical!! it’s pretty long (30 pics) and they’re in order as they appear in the booklet so here it is under the cut :)

Just one day after seeing the heartwarming season finale of “Yuri!!! on Ice”, I received this lovely treasure in the mail.  It’s Oh! SkaTra!!!: Yuri!!! on Ice Original Skate Song Collection.  This CD contains the wonderful music from the characters’ skating programs… except for “Carabosse” (Georgi’s short program), but you can find that by looking for Tchaikovsky’s The Sleeping Beauty.  There’s so much great music on this CD that it’s hard to pick a favorite, although the season finale sure put me in the mood to listen to the duet version of “Stammi vicino, non te ne andare” over and over again…

The CD also includes a mysterious track called “Welcome to The Madness” which is described as Yurio’s exhibition skate. Huh?  We didn’t get to see that in the show!  Is this something that got cut from the final episode due to time restrictions?  Is it going to be a DVD/Blu-ray extra?  I’m so curious!  (EDIT: Yes, it became a DVD/Blu-ray extra.)

Anyway, keep reading for a bit more info about this CD, plus a few more pictures!

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On this day in music history: October 21, 1972 - “Superfly - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack” by Curtis Mayfield hits #1 on the Billboard Top 200 for 4 weeks, also topping the R&B album chart for 6 weeks on October 14, 1972. Produced by Curtis Mayfield, it is recorded at RCA Studios in Chicago, IL and Bell Sound Studios in New York City from Late 1971 - Early 1972. Written as the score to the Gordon Parks, Jr. directed blaxploitation film about a drug dealer trying to get out of the dealing game, it provides an arresting counterpoint to the accompanying film. It marks the pinnacle of Mayfield’s career both artistically and commercially, becoming his biggest selling album. The album is so successful in fact, that it actually surpasses the film itself in profits. In time, “Superfly” is widely regarded a landmark recording and one of the greatest R&B albums of the ‘70’s. It spins off two singles including “Freddie’s Dead” (#2 R&B, #4 Pop) and the title track (#5 R&B, #8 Pop) both being certified Gold. The original vinyl LP package features a unique die cut cover that opens up to reveal the track listing for the album. Later re-pressings of the LP do away with this feature, and the portion with the title graphics and actor Ron O'Neal are printed flat on a single pocket sleeve. First reissued on CD in 1988 by Ichiban Records, the landmark soundtrack is remastered and reissued as a double CD deluxe edition by Rhino Records for its 25th anniversary in 1997. The first disc features the original nine track album, plus the single mixes/edits of “Freddie’s Dead” and “Superfly”. Disc two includes extended versions of the underscore from the film, alternate and extended versions of the released album tracks, two rare radio advertisements for the soundtrack, and a brief interview with Curtis Mayfield on the film and about his songwriting. The booklet included in set features detailed and extensive annotation by A. Scott Galloway. The deluxe CD reissue is released in a digi-pak, with a die cut cover that mirrors the original vinyl LP release. During the 2000’s, “Superfly” is also reissued numerous times on vinyl, with two limited edition pressings on colored vinyl. “Superfly - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack” is certified 2x Platinum in the US by the RIAA, and is inducted into the Grammy Hall Of Fame in 1998.


For the anon who asked about my ONS collection. 

This is what i currently have in Japan, not including my massive collection of key chains/phone charms. I have the English versions of the manga and Japanese LN volumes 1+2 back in America. And yes, that is Guren perfume you see in the first picture lol.

Side note: I beat crazy odds (1 in 49) and won 3 of the tapestries at the cafe, scaring the poor worker with my mad luck. 1 Mika and Yuu one already has a home, so I have those 2 left. They’re like 1 meter long lol. The reason I don’t have pictures of the posters from the 1st+2nd DVD sets is because they were prizes in my giveaway from a while back. I’ll keep Guren, but probably won’t want the Ferid/Mika+Yuu one in the end haha.

 I will likely want to sell give away some of this. Especially most of the stuff from the cafe, considering its limited edition and I really don’t need all of that lol (all those cup coasterrrrrs). So if you guys would like first dibs when it comes time for me to to get some of this off my hands, let me know, and I can start on Tumblr and give you guys the first chance at it.


The last DVD volume 7 of Brothers Conflict was released yesterday. It comes it some extra goodies such as original artwork on the case, booklet, special bromide, and a CD containing mini drama segments, cast comments, and solo versions of the ending by Natsume and Subaru.

I have more or less a summary on the special episode that’s included. If you wish to read about it you can click under the cut. Unfortunately I don’t have the episode or pictures yet. This is a bit of a review from a japanese blog. Overall from what I can tell the episode seems really cute and fun. 

EDIT: Added pictures!!

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this is a giveaway to say thank you for following me and being amazing for the past two and a half years i’ve had a tumblr, especially helping me win a contest to meet my favorite band :)

ok so this is a very personalized giveaway

so here’s what i have -

first, music:

  • so wrong it’s right by all time low
  • nothing personal by all time low
  • don’t panic by all time low
  • straight to dvd by all time low (not pictured)
  • better together by fifth harmony
  • battle scars by paradise fears
  • a don’t panic booklet signed by atl

second, gift cards:

  • $15 starbucks
  • $15 taco bell
  • $10 mcdonalds
  • $10 dunkin donuts


  • hair ties
  • gum
  • purell
  • makeup remover wipes
  • tic tacs
  • chapstick
  • listerine breath spray

other/personalized stuff:

  • three mixed tapes/cds i made: songs to dance to, songs to listen to when you’re sad, and songs everyone should know (also not pictured)
  • a bow that i made - but if you don’t like the pattern i can make you a different one!
  • a letter from me saying thank you for being wonderful!!!
  • mascara
  • “101 Great American Poems”

and as much as this is personalized for me i also want this to be personalized for you so if you win i’ll also get you:

  • any cd you want
  • an article of clothing you pick out
  • another personalized bow
  • another gift card

as long as the combination of those things don’t exceed $50 :) 

i don’t think there are really any rules to this thing but uh

  • you don’t have to follow me
  • just reblog this post to enter yourself in the giveaway, i’ll enter your urls into a random name generator and it’ll pick the winner for me
  • have your ask box open because if it’s not open and you win i can’t contact you and will be forced to pick another winner
  • also if the winner doesn’t respond w/i 24 hours i will have to pick a different one
  • i’ll pay for shipping anywhere in the world
  • if you have any questions, feel free to contact me through my ask box!!
  • that’s pretty much it

you have until february 23rd at 8 pm est - good luck!!!



Two years, guys. Two. Years. I have been wanting to buy this. And finally I have been able to!

This lovely baby just came in today. Weeks before I expected it to!!

This is the Revolutionary Girl Utena cd box set. It came out a little after the Utena DVD box set was released, and it spans the music of the entire show and full length movie, including tracks that have never been released before.

It is 10 discs worth of music. It also comes with a booklet filled with lovely pictures from the show, and information about the music. Or at least I assume. Being an import, it’s all in Japanese and I can’t read it (Though oh god I wish I could!)

But yeah! I’m super excited, since I love this show and its music, so much of which is really hard to get ahold of!
*happy day*


Oh I almost forgot… When I went to see the movie the second time today I bought the official soundtrack! Yay!

Here’s the jacket front and back cover, the case back cover and two images from the booklet. Toneri, what ARE you doing…
And SQUEEE—! At the NaruHina picture! So cute!

Anyway, I really like the music in this movie. A lot. It’s very Naruto-esque and atmospheric. This CD basically has all the bgm’s from the movie, some are rehashed themes from the series, some are new. I really like ‘Naruto main theme 14’, which is a new version of the main Narutp theme. It’s so nostalgic and ties the movie in nicely to the very beginning of the series (oh the nostalgia is killing me!)
Toneri’s theme (simply called Toneri) is really eerie but kinda with a sad undertone…
'Cave’ is an action one that’s a bit more rockin. 'Frozen Field’ and 'Crescent Moon’ are really good too. In fact I love the latter of these three.
'Moonset’ is really dramatic lol
… But it doesn’t seem to have the instrumental version of Hoshi no Utsuwa that was a bgm in the movie… :(

Anyway, you should check it out! :D