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Once again I just couldn’t resist the cuteness that is The Message by @i-ship-a-lot-of-ships. ♥ ♥ ♥

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what's your favourite picture of dipper and mabel?

Mabel let me keep this picture from her scrapbook because she has a copy at home; it’s the two of them as kids in sweet matching cat costumes.

I didn’t know how to get it on my computer so I took a photograph

I ship SportaRobbie with both of them asexual because it gives me hope. Sometimes I wonder if I’ll ever find someone and I just look at this ship and I feel like it’s possible. 

The cute romanticness that the fanfictions bring out between them are just so sweet and cute. I want that. So yes, I’ll ship them that way. They are my first asexual ship. 

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looking at MM "grandpa gravy" pic compared to her last bridge pic- and something caught my eye but it's really hard to tell but her hair length in the gravy pic seems to be fairly long and tho her hair is inside a hat, the pieces exposed don't look that long. that with the fact thee were fires an smoke and the bridge was shut down is pointing more to it being an older pic she had stored on her phone.

There is no way to know for sure, but since she is a frequent visitor to the area it’s certainly possible that she has many pictures taken from sightseeing expeditions on previous visits. The weather conditions that were caught in her Grandfather Mountain pics are not at all unusual in that area due to its elevation and the low hanging clouds would mesh well with Sam’s rainy pic and make it appear to be taken the same day. But even if Sam’s and MM’s pics were from the same day there is no suggestion in either the tags or the locations or the pics that the other was present at all. It’s just like that PSA about Sam having dinner with the family of local “female companion” that leads the reader to make a conclusion that is not at all stated. Two people posting pictures hours apart and from venues miles apart do not have to have been together when the pics were taken- that conclusion is all on the viewer. And the fact that her pics were several hours later would give me some additional suspicion that I was being invited to make a conclusion that isn’t really warranted by the actual facts.

She makes broken look beautiful
He makes struggle look strong 
They are just trying to survive in this world

She rules the world and tears herself apart
He cares for the world and not for himself
Every day they give something away

But together they fit
the broken pieces of a puzzle forming a beautiful picture
They draw strength from each other

—  True North by Abby S

Day one has gone very well. I have 2 pieces of pizza left over from the week that I have tracked in mfp left to eat, and it’s quarter after 9. Getting back to tracking has made me realize that I eat a lot simply because food is there, not because I’m hungry.

The pictures are from a few days ago. I think it really is time to get rid of my heavy jeans, especially considering I still wear them around the house.

The bottom two pics are just a snapshot of my cozy nights at home with my doggo and the lights that they finally put up outside the hospital! I’m not certain why I love Christmas time so much, perhaps it’s anticipation of Christmas holidays that might happen at some point in the future. I don’t celebrate, and I always work Christmas day. (This year I work a 12 on Christmas Eve and a 16 on Cmas day.) So… who knows. The lights are very pretty, though. :)

Writer’s Ideas Tag

I was tagged by @litlereddoll, thank you =)

Okay so I decided to take on this challenge and explain these ‘ideas’(apologizing for them in advance) in a sentence, (instead of trope/theme I tried to work on little summaries because I suck at those and decided to challenge myself- spoiler it didn’t go so well) so here it goes:

1. A weird short story inspired by a picture from tumblr where a girl finds out she’s an alien after she gets pregnant and starts devouring her boyfriend…idek (has nothing to do with the picture honestly)

2. A retelling of the story of the biblical Lucifer, from his POV.

3. Story set in 'the universe I’ve created’ that involves some fantasy elements and my favourite thing- time travel.

4. Story about a boy who hallucinates befriending an immortal because he was lonely? 

5. A contemporary work in first person (something I never thought I’d do) still set in 'the universe’ because Earth is too complicated

6. A sort of criminal investigation story that turns out unexpectedly, also set in said universe

7. A journey by these gang of teens and young adults set in early time line of the universe

8. A school cult with a lot of twists and shocking reveals…pretty dark honestly (that’s the only way I can explain it xD) also set in universe- predecessor to my series now

9. Book 3 to my current WIP (don’t even ask me to explain that one- it’s impossible)

I could only get nine.

I’ll tag: @dancingdarkling @storyunrelated @elliewants2write @rheartblog @phormaldehyde @khalix-hyetology, @entitystrange @kaseylynnnovels @unitedstatesofsteamerica, @lazypsychictheorist @sociallyawkwardgriffon @justanawesomeowl @high-functioning-skull @handsofaheart @lattebooks-lattepuns, @mystarwithin @writebruh and anyone else who’d like to do it.