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i need to stop chaning my profile picture every few days, i promise i will stay with this one for at least a month


Seven brothers, seven sons.

(there come my fëanorians at last !)


May 2014 - May 2015
183.6lbs - 147.4lbs

It has officially been one year since I decided to change my lifestyle. Back in May 2014, I weighed 183.6 pounds, couldn’t run for longer than 2 minutes straight, did nothing that resembled exercise, and drank 7-10 cans of Coke a week. Fast forward to now: I’ve lost 36.2 pounds, I’ve ran 6km straight, my 5km PR is 29 minutes and 35 seconds, and I am a lot stronger. I’ve found a love for running and weight lifting. I’m motivated, dedicated, and I know I can succeed. I am proud of myself for what I’ve accomplished this past year, and I know I am going to crush years to come.

Time is going to pass regardless of how we spend it; let’s make the best of it.

anonymous asked:

this isn't jonghyun related but i've seen a lot of people say to not post/reblog photos by that reneeing person because she's a saesang? do you have more info on that?

ah.., yes. the infamous reneeing. she is a saesang, there’s no doubt about that one. i’m not going to go back and find specific photos she’s taken that have… raised red flags because i don’t want to share them / bring more attention to them, basically? she follows shinee everywhere like some fansites do but she’s taken it to a level with onew that’s far past normal fansite ettiquite and not only fans have noticed it but onew has noticed it himself. the most infamous (and disturbing, imo) example of this was, when onew was filming “law of the jungle” last year, she took a flight to brazil and followed him. why was this wrong? it wasn’t an official event. it was a closed off recording of a variety show in a country thousands of miles away from south korea. she also followed him into the jungle during “said” recording. there’s also been multiple instances where she’s taken photos of him at the airport past the terminal (fansites have an unwritten rule that, as soon as members of groups are out of “public” domain photo are restricted from being taken and shared usually) and leaving the bathroom and she’s taken photos of shinee on their flights before which is another big “no”. there’s also multiple photos floating around of onew spotting her at the airport and looking fairly uncomfortable. so, yeah. she’s a saesang and people should stop drawing attention to her but it’s rather difficult because multiple fan sources (on twitter, tumblr and otherwise) still go on sharing her photos despite the fact that fandom has stressed multiple times why we shouldn’t.

here’s a detailed post about her that someone made late last year if you feel like reading more into it.