@sassfactories: Yes, Kylo was seriously terrifying but I still have to laugh because otherwise he’ll haunt my dreams… and I so agree with the CG Mark to lol, I would be willing to overlook anything to get Han back, like even if it was just Mark saying them in a Harrison voice, no CG, no costume, I’m fine lol I obviously REALLY MISS HAN!

Don’t worry I had a feeling something was going to happen to Han in TFA, and unfortunately it did, but it means my theory about Han being back is also right….I also prayed to the Carrie picture it happens. She only didn’t grant won wish which was Lin Manuel won an oscar…but I think its because I also wished for Viola Davis to win that night XD

Spanish Duolingo: Art
  • el estilo - style
  • el cine - cinema
  • el ritmo - rhythm
  • la música - music
  • el teatro - theater
  • la poesia - poetry
  • la literatura - literature
  1. Esa es buena música. - That is good music.
  2. La música es universal. - Music is universal.
  3. Es un teatro excelente. - It is an excellent theater.
  4. Nosotros vamos al cine. - We are going to the cinema.
  5. Cada pintor tiene un estilo. - Each painter has a style.
  6. Él es mi profesor de literatura. - He is my literature professor. 
  7. Ella no entiende el ritmo. - She does not understand the rhythm.

  • las artes - arts
  • el violín - violin
  • la flauta - flute
  • la moda - fashion
  • el sonido - sound
  • el concierto - concert
  • el instrumento - instrument
  1. Estudio moda. - I study fashion.
  2. Ellos van al concierto. - They go to the concert.
  3. Al actor le gustan las artes. - The actor likes the arts.
  4. El maestro toca el violín. - The teacher plays the violin.
  5. Ellos son estudiantes de moda. - They are fashion students.
  6. El sonido del violín es muy dulce. - The violin’s sound is very sweet.
  7. El próximo domingo hay un concierto. - Next Sunday there’s a concert.
  8. Mi amigo tocó el violín y la flauta. - My friend played the violin and flute.

  • la ópera - opera
  • la danza - dance
  • la canción - song
  • el disco - record, disc
  • la orquesta - orchestra
  • la arquitectura - architecture
  • la pelicula - film, movie, motion picture
  1. Me gusta mucho la ópera. - I like the opera a lot.
  2. Canta una canción conmigo. - Sing a song with me.
  3. ¿Dónde está la orquesta? - Where is the orchestra?
  4. Yo tengo ese disco de ópera. - I have that opera record.
  5. La arquitectura es moderna. - The architecture is modern.

  • la pintura - painting, paint
  • la fotografia - photography, photo
  • el cuadro - square painting, canvas, picture
  • el escenario - stage, scene, setting, scenario
  • el espectáculo - show, performance, spectacle
  • la actuación - action, intervention, performance, acting
  1. Tú tienes la pintura. - You have the painting.
  2. Él está en el escenario. - He is on the stage.
  3. Somos una familia musical. - We are a musical family.
  4. Hay un espectáculo mañana. - There’s a show tomorrow.
  5. Su actuación no fue buena. - His performance wasn’t good.
  6. El cuadro no vale ese precio. - The painting is not worth that price.
  7. El violín es un instrumento musical. - The violin is a musical instrument.

  • la novela - novel
  • la pasión - passion
  • el acto - act, action
  • la letra - letter, writing, handwriting, print
  1. La música es su pasión. - Music is his passion.
  2. La lectura es mi pasión. - Reading is my passion.
  3. No me gustan tus actos. - I don’t like the things you do.
  4. Mi madre tiene buena letra. - My mother has good handwriting.

me if i ever meet harry

harry: hiiiii 

me: hi harry *flips camera on* now tell me exactly what you recall about the events of the night of april the 22nd 2012 in wellington new zealand

harry: *does that stressed frog face he does sometimes* ermmm

me: haha nah i’m just fucking with you can i have a picture

me: but low key what happened in wellington

me: i WAS going to revise, i PROMISE, sir, but then i saw this….picture….of dan and phil……and i just…..got distracted, i couldn’t think anymore and there was no POINT…. you get me, sir?

teacher: show me the picture


teacher: ….i get you