-Extra 01:
Setting: Benoliz is about to go check out Route 5 from Nimbasa City, but before he reaches the gate, a female voice calls out his name, stopping him.

Tessle: “Benoliz! Where are you going?”

Benoliz: (Turning around) “Hmm..? Tess?”

Tessle: (Catching up to him and grabbing his wrist, smiling in excitement) “C’mon, the musical theater is amazing! I wanna show you! Please?”

Benoliz: (Shrugging, chuckling a bit) “Haha…alrighty. We can check it out.”

They go inside of the musical theater, Llia walking beside Benoliz.

Tessle: (Arms outstretched, twirling around) “Isn’t this place huge..~?”

Llia: (Looking every which way) “Oh…it is so pretty, Ben!”

Tessle: (Facing Benoliz, sparkles in her eyes) “You can dress up your Pokémon here and show off to people! It’s so cute, and Munny loves it~!”

Benoliz: (Kneeling down to his Starter Pokemon) “Hmm. What do you say, Llia? Sound like fun to you?”

Llia: (Hopping in joy) “Yes~! I want to dress up!”

Benoliz takes Llia to the dressing room and puts a pink bow on her head and hands her a pink parasol. He drags a large mirror in front of her.

Llia:(Gripping the parasol with both hands, smiling) “I look so cute, Ben~!”

Benoliz: “Heh, that you do, Llia.”

Clyde: (Tugging on his trainer’s pant leg, mumbling) “Uhm…Ben…? I..uhm…”

Benoliz: (Kneeling down to him, head tilted a bit) “Hehe, you want to play, too, huh?”

Clyde: (Blushing and nodding) “Mmhm.”

Benoliz: “No problem little guy.”

Benoliz finds a black bow and fits it on Clyde’s chest, a top hat, and a cane.

Clyde: (Looking at himself in the mirror) “Woah…”

Llia: (Walks up to Clyde, holding his hand and bringing him with her to the stand) “Someone looks dashing~!”

Clyde: (Blushing) Ah…uhm…t-thanks, Lli-lia…

Benoliz: “Okay, this calls for a picture.” (Snaps a photo)

Extra? What’s that mean?
Ahh, really it just means I could find a logical place to put this into the Nuzlocke’s story. Side stuff and all that.
I don’t think there’ll be many of these. I think only 2….
So anyway, sorry it isn’t an ‘official’ update! I was just a bit too tired to try and come up with the 13th entry picture, as a lot of stuff happens in that one. So enjoy this cute picture! Or something.
(I don’t really bother with the Musical theater. I’m not sure why they took out contests from gen 3.)