Surprisingly Niall was up before you this morning. Getting ready for your shower, he had already put your towels out as well. What is he doing? You thought to yourself. After you finished your shower and got dressed you did your hair and makeup. Grabbing your book bag, you entered the kitchen. There he was, making breakfast. You smiled to yourself and set your bag on the counter. Wrapping your arm around his waist, he kissed your forehead. 

“Good morning,” He said to you while putting your eggs and bacon on a plate. 

“Morning, what’s all this for?” You asked, sitting down at the island in the center of the kitchen. 

“What? I can’t make breakfast for my beautiful girlfriend?” He said, sliding the plate and a glass of orange juice over to you.

“No, I mean, why are you up so early?" 

"I wanted to see you before you left for school, is that okay?”

“Yeah! I’m happy to see you! I was just wondering." 

He got himself a plate and sat beside you as you ate together. This is nice, you thought to yourself. After you were finished eating and had set your plate in the sink, he grabbed his car keys. 

"I don’t like you having to take the bus, there’s creepy kids on there.” He simply shrugged and you followed him out of the door. 

On the way there he had the radio on low and asked you questions about what you were doing today. 

When you made it to school you grabbed your bag and opened your door. 

“Have a good day.” He said to you. 

“You sound like my dad.” You laughed to yourself. 

“I’m sure your dad wouldn’t do this,” His lips pressed to yours in a passionate kiss. Just when it was about to get heated, you pulled away. 

“Are you picking me up too?” You asked him. 

“Yep, see you in a bit.”

“Okay,” You giggled and gave him one more kiss before hopping out of the car. 

“I love you.” He said. 

“I love you.” You replied. As you walked away from the car, people you didn’t know walked up to you. 

“You know Niall Horan!”

“Oh my god!”

“Are you dating?!" 

Today is going to be a long day.


“C'mon! We have to take a selfie!”

“Ugh - why (Y/N)?”

“Because if we’re going to elope, I want to remember this!”

“But at a gas station? Really?”

“Yes really! Now get over here!”

He rolled his eyes and attempted to hide his smile from you. His failed attempt made you smile, and you leaned into him, holding your phone at an angle.

“Smile, you idiot.”

He awkwardly smiled, half-crookedly.

“Alright, nevermind - do something else.”

He gave a thumbs up and you snapped the picture. You grinned stupidly, giving him a sappy kiss on the cheek.

“Alright now let’s go get some beer.”