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2017.07.06 at FLAT Bouldering

This one is a temporary setup since there will soon be a fresh wall, but it was fun! I couldn’t flash it, but I got it after a couple of tries. 

The crux of this was probably reaching for the penultimate hold, because you really have to kick up yer leggy to get it onto that top foot on the left. The fact that it’s a corner doesn’t really make things easier.

Helplessness Interlude: Awakening

Art commissioned from @fleeting-sanity. Remembered to resize it this time.

Extra chapter today, because it fit better as its own thing than as part of another. Very short, so no summary.

356 words.
Part of “I Shall Save Myself”, beginning with The Final Chain
Last chapter: Helplessness Part 2: Slumber
Next chapter: Helplessness Part 3: I Will Not Be Used

The Throne was his again. As it should be.

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2017.07.03 at FLAT Bouldering!

Why am I going for the slopers? Why am I doing this to myself? I dunno, but this one I FINALLY sent after being unable to make it past the first move for what feels like decades. Each of these is slippery and ridiculous to try to grab onto. A lot of finger strength and hopeful ‘let’s grope until we find some sort of positive edge’ until you finally get it. 

Still a great feeling to send it though!