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you said don’t get you started on the heith marriage headcanons in that last heith ask......... but i kinda want to get you started on the heith marriage headcanons 👀👀


here we go:

-their engagement was literally the chillest engagement of all time. i’m talking, they’ve been together for five years, they already know it’s for keeps, no big deal. they’re on the couch one night, planning their week, and keith just goes, “oh hey, thursday’s open, you wanna go to the courthouse?”
-instead of spending a ton of money on rings, they order fifty dollar wedding bands from amazon and go get matching tattoos like the cheesy dumbasses they are. they’re not even romantic tattoos, just two little triangles on their ring fingers.
-they tell everyone in a mass text with pictures of the tattoos. when everyone asks why the fuck they got triangles, they’re both like, “it makes sense, because space.” NOBODY THINKS IT MAKES SENSE.
-since they just kinda got married on a weekday, they don’t do anything for a honeymoon, but later that summer, they DO go on a lame beach/surfing trip where keith gets sunburnt as hell and hunk cracks a million jokes about how delicate he is.
-later on, when they buy a house together, they find a place where there’s a huge detached garage full of auto-shop grade equipment and the house is sort of secondary. they like to tinker and build, so it makes sense.
-until they adopt three dogs and realize they have nowhere to put them comfortably, so they have to build an addition for their family to fit under one roof.


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Ouma,amami,saihara who said I love you first!

So for Saioumami (au i’d guess then) ahah.

  • Who said “I love you” first. Jockingly (or was it), Kokichi to Shuichi (who didn’t buy it). 
  • Who would have the other’s picture as their phone background Rantarou would have many pictures of Shuichi & Kokichi on his phone and set them as background. I feel like those two wouldn’t be phone people while Rantarou would be always taking pictures and texting (when alone).
  • Who leaves notes written in fog on the bathroom mirror ? None of them ahah. Can’t imagine them doing that.
  • Who buys the other cheesy gifts ? Rantarou would buy cheesy gifts.. because they’re textbook cliche. He’s not that good with romantic gestures so he buys the 101. Shuichi gives thoughtful gifts. Kokichi knows exactly what to offer to the two others : he knows what they like/need at the present moment.
  • Who initiated the first kiss ? The first kiss of this trio would be Shuichi kissing Rantarou. 
  • Who kisses the other awake in the morning ? Good question ahah.
  • Who starts tickle fights ? Kokichi. Mostly when the two other are doing something peaceful & are expecting it the less.
  • Who asks who if they can join the other in the shower ? Kokichi would be the one asking “as a joke” yet Rantarou would welcome him in, unphased. Shuichi would refuse & lock himself in the bathroom. (but they accept if it’s for romance stuff).
  • Who surprises the other in the middle of the day at work with lunch ? I’d say Kokichi again (he’s the most spontaneous of this trio) but I feel like Rantarou would be the only one able to cook to save their lives.
  • Who was nervous and shy on the first date ? “Surprisingly” Kokichi. 
  • Who kills/takes out the spiders ? Shuichi & Kokichi would run to Rantarou for him to take care of the spiders (as an adventurer, can’t see him minding insects that much).
  • Who loudly proclaims their love when they’re drunk ? Shuichi would be the one doing that due to a very very low tolerance to alcohol.

I don’t know what to say but I want to say something so I’ll say this thing I have had in my mind since I woke up.

In my freshman year of college there was this kid I studied with since 6th grade named Bryan who was basically the older more junked out version of zahnegott in person in terms of edgy dating a highschool sophomore named Lorena who was a scene girl. She added me on Facebook and she had a picture of herself looking at the floor with her bangs of sorrow covering most of her face and the picture had a photoshopped text that said “doesn’t matter if you’re black or white” and still to this day I am perplexed at what the fuck do race relations have to do with her selfie

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Can you give a quick tutorial on how you edit your pictures with text messages on the pictures?

okay my methodology is janky af but that’s okay because it works

basically tldr; duplicate text message layer, change hue to opposite color, invert the duplicate, screen out the black, multiply out the white.

She is so happy!!! Just thinking about Adena being about to land. And I can only imagine how Kat spent every day since Adena booked her flight, planning stuff for them to do together, cleaning out her apartment so Adena can stay with her, gushing to Sutton and Jane about how excited she is. After weeks of trying to hide how much Adena still affected her and pretend to just be friends, not that anyone believed her, she is free to show how she really feels and she is not shy about it. I bet she showed Jane and Sutton every single text and picture Adena sent her while getting ready to travel.

And her tracking the flight and counting down the hours for Adena to be with her is adorable and so relatable.

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One thing that bothers me with fanon is when people dumb Keith down. Like, this is a kid who was considered the best pilot of his generation at a military/space place; NASA's people are some of the smartest on the planet and the Garrison is so similar to them! But yet everyone think's he's not as smart as some of the other characters simply because he's more aggressive or because he didn't get the team chant Lance made.


So he’s definitely book smart in my mind because I feel it would be difficult for him to be number one in such a prestigious academy otherwise. Particularly in its most competitive program (fighter pilot). There are of course other indications of intelligence, and the primary ones singled out are usually: musical-rhythmic and harmonic, visual spatial, verbal-linguistic, logical-mathematical, bodily-kinesthetic, interpersonal, intrapersonal, and naturalistic. So, let’s take a look at what Keith falls under:

  • Visual-spatial: Think in terms of physical space, as do architects and sailors. Very aware of their environments. They like to draw, do jigsaw puzzles, read maps, daydream. They can be taught through drawings, verbal and physical imagery. Tools include models, graphics, charts, photographs, drawings, 3-D modeling, video, videoconferencing, television, multimedia, texts with pictures/charts/graphs.” (source)
  • Evidence: Just take a look at Keith’s incredibly all encompassing and thorough assessment of data he’s gathered from the desert and this is incredibly clear. You’ll see pictures, charts, maps, visually illustrated points of how everything connects–it’s clear he’s a very visual learner. To the point where, when Hunk sketches out the Fraunhofer line, Keith immediately picks it out as a clear match for the mountain range. That demonstrates a true command of visual-spacial awareness. 
  • Verbal-linguistic:Using words effectively. These learners have highly developed auditory skills and often think in words. They like reading, playing word games, making up poetry or stories. They can be taught by encouraging them to say and see words, read books together. Tools include computers, games, multimedia, books, tape recorders, and lecture.” (same source)
  • Evidence: Keith’s funny comment that, “I don’t think you’re using that word correctly,” seems to imply that he’s able to catch onto the meaning of unfamiliar words pretty easily. But more indicatively–“they can be taught by encouraging them to say and see words.” Words hold a certain power with Keith, as evidenced by the way he reverts to repeating Shiro’s mantra of “Patience yields focus,” whenever he needs to calm down and concentrate. He finds comfort in those words and hearing them. This seems to suggest an auditory inclination. 
  • Logical-mathematical: “Reasoning, calculating. Think conceptually, abstractly and are able to see and explore patterns and relationships. They like to experiment, solve puzzles, ask cosmic questions. They can be taught through logic games, investigations, mysteries. They need to learn and form concepts before they can deal with details.” (same source)
  • Evidence: Again, I think “exploring patterns and relationships,” falls under the work we see on Keith’s conspiracy theory board. And as previously stated, his rank at the garrison is most likely indicative of this. He’s also capable of abstract thinking–such as connecting with the desert’s “strange energy” as well as logic-based. The ability to put things together and “solve puzzles” is also clearly shown through how Keith is able to quickly address a situation and come to the right conclusion–such as how something wasn’t right on Naxzela and it’s connection to Voltron
  •  Bodily-kinesthetic: “Use the body effectively, like a dancer or a surgeon. Keen sense of body awareness. They like movement, making things, touching. They communicate well through body language and be taught through physical activity, hands-on learning, acting out, role playing. Tools include equipment and real objects.” (same source)
  • Evidence: I don’t think this one really needs to be explained, because Keith is just deftly skilled when it comes to movement. He’s very fluid, moves quickly, is light enough on his feet to dodge enemies and sidestep disaster. The way he flies Red Lion with focus on speed and agility is a direct parallel to this. And I think that, just focusing on Keith’s own ability, the way he navigates the debris field when his suit is damaged is an excellent illustration of this
  • Intrapersonal: Understanding one’s own interests, goals. These learners tend to shy away from others. They’re in tune with their inner feelings; they have wisdom, intuition and motivation, as well as a strong will, confidence and opinions. They can be taught through independent study and introspection. Tools include books, creative materials, diaries, privacy and time. They are the most independent of the learners.” (same source)
  • Evidence: Keith is often very independent and in tune with his own feelings. And we know from his whole personal quest to uncover more about his identity that he’s very much an introspective person. Intuition is also a huge part of who Keith is, and we see this manifest as a kind of quintessence sensitivity–how he was able to sense Blue in the desert, how he was the only one able to connect with his Lion over a long distance, knowing he had to target Haggar’s ship during the whole thing with Naxzela, ect. 
  • Naturalistic: Seems to encompass environmental awareness. Knowing the lay of the land, practical outdoor skills and intelligence, a deeper understanding of the natural world, a more nurturing personality, ect. 
  • Evidence: Keith living on his own in the desert for a year and later saying that he likes the outdoors because it’s quiet. Seems to be more in tune with the natural world and has more than enough of a grasp of outdoor knowledge to live off the land if need be. Also, does exhibit nurturing instincts–a fierce desire to protect and provide for others 

So yes, Keith is very smart and in a number of ways. And I will 100% always defend that