Sexual liberation is not the same for all girls…. Not everyone finds freedom in being able to post their nudes or body posi pictures on social media… Some people just want to not feel constantly sexualised and find liberation in that

Should I post some new body posi pictures!

I took some new ones lately and idk if I should post them yet 😋 or should I send them to senpai so he can enjoy and then later post or omg I should submit one to someone

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you don't have to post nudes to get compliments. thats gross and your nasty for showing your body to every one like that

I don’t remember posting nudes, all I posted was body positivity. I didn’t post it to get notes though. I posted my body posi pictures because I really do love myself and I want to encourage my followers to love themselves BECAUSE THEY ARE DOPE. Anyway, this isn’t your business. It’s my body, if I want to parade it around then I can


Have a beautiful MOTHERS Day weekend, Ladies &other Mom's⭕⭕ ===Your own Island(JohnnyDepps)Posies,picture of FAB spot and.. A lovely Relaxing calm day?? Try to take a Break ⭕⭕⭕