This outfit was too good not to document. I only wish I had a longer mirror in a room with better lighting, so you could see how short the skirt was, how cute my legs are, and how awesome my shoes were. The skirt if from Old Navy in a size 3X I believe, and the shirt is a super old dorky shirt my parents got me years ago that I cut up into a crop top (it says “HELP! I’m online and I can’t log off!”).

Thanks to the mega babe @mangedebauch for using the #projectbreakingbeauty hashtag to share her image! So inspiring! Going to do a bit of a feature friday today and share a few more of the images from the hashtag instead of just one ♥ “INSPIRED BY MY GIRL @randomlancila and I think every body posi warrior should post a body posi picture. I’ve been on a long ass journey to self love in terms of my bod- the last parts of my bod to embrace and love where my arms, my stomach and thigh and now I DO LOVE THEM! My body is killer. But we are always growing and learning… I’m currently learning to love and accept my new stretch marks. I’m not even the biggest fierce fat identified babe out there even though I am ranked "obese” in the BMI chart (lol which is a load of assshit and was created by some insurance dude hahaha) and I am constantly asked to lose weight for my health or being given compliments like “your face is so pretty, you just need to lose some weight” or “for a bigger girl, you got the most amazing sass and confidence” lol >my size< >my health< >your business< are three different concepts that do not have ANYTHING to with each other. I love my body and I am my best friend and primary partner. Nothing you ever say will get between our love for each other. So DEAL WITH IT. Take a long, deep breath and stare at my ass for a while. It will be cute. Promise.“ #projectbreakingbeauty #bodypositivity #effyourbeautystandards #selfworth #selflove #allinclusivebeauty #beauty #bodypositive #positive #comingsoon #followers #bodypositiveart

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