Wish I had the confidence to put a nice posy picture of myself in my bra or something nice without having to worry of the consequences. I think I just wanna show off but think that’s something out of my comfort zone tbf

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It's totally okay to feel that way :) I don't think you could find a single person that's happy with themselves every day. Being a girl is really hard, what with being expected to show skin but not show too much, wear makeup but look "natural", have huge tits with a skinny waist and big booty. This website has really helped me with it, because I feel like posting body posi pictures really boosts my confidence but that confidence is pretty hard to hold on to. Don't worry, you're beautiful :)

Isn’t that the truth? It’s definitely hard to find a happy medium. Well thank you so much, it’s always nice to know there are such nice people on here. It means a lot to me. :)

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Wtf bitch? Why you mad?

i only have my submissions open on here because i like supporting those who send body posi pictures, if you submit me things on here do not expect anything more than a posi compliment from me. i love you all but sometimes you guys really need to understand when i’m not comfortable w something and also my snapchat was public only because i remember some of you wanted to snapchat me to talk but clearly you don’t know how to chill.

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Little random, but I'm very proud of you posting body posi pictures. You're a very beautiful person (almost said "woman" and remembered you prefer they/them) and I wish you the best in life. :) x

Ah, thank you!! I have others that are even more “out there” (not in terms of nudity; just the angles) that I’ve been too tentative to post. So this feedback is really nice to hear!! ♥