24 July - Got back from France a few days ago. Next stop: Canada! I’ll be staying in Montreal for about 6 weeks while working at a daycare :) I love children, but I’ve never really babysitted or had a little sibling or anything so my view might change.. Also, my journal is almost full, so I bought a new (handmade) one in Paris to use in Canada and bought new sticky notes with checked pages.

things i relate bts with
  • Jin:homemade dinners, waking up early on your own, latte art, old houses, rose bouquets, freshly baked pie, forest trails, acrylic nails, perfume, good morning kisses, coffee shops, bookstores, relieved sighs, flower beds, earthy tones
  • Suga:bass guitar, stretching out tired muscles, laying down after a long day, smell of mint, winter nights, midnight drives, hard work paying off, neck kisses, neon signs, comfortable silences, sweat pants, getting to sleep in
  • J-Hope:laughing about nothing, skipping, watching the sunrise at lake front, sunflowers, honey, gummy bears, spinning hugs, smiling at strangers, comforting a friend, polaroid pictures, taking in the moment, fresh air, honeysuckle, cheesy jokes
  • Rap Monster:late night conversations, soft sighs, back hugs, tennis shoes squeaking, overflowing bookshelves, red lipstick, oversized hoodies, shoulder rubs, road trips, confident smiles, percussive beats, city lights, overcoming a fear
  • Jimin:shy giggles, lavender, cheek kisses, large sweaters, finishing a good book, newborn puppies, cuddling under blankets, slow dancing, effervescent feelings, staring at the stars, innocent love, bubble gum machines, cotton candy
  • V:big dogs, children's laughter, long hugs, good morning texts, watermelon in the morning, dancing without music, anime marathons, couple costumes, cheeky smiles, making silly faces, beach days, baby animals, disney movies, lollipops, arcades
  • Jungkook:late night snack runs, takeout, beanies, high heels, shy glances, first dates, heavy bass, video games, tight hugs, bursts of energy, dancing like nobody is watching, morning runs, marvel movies, piggyback rides, couples clothing

July 25 - Made some changes on my wall and around my desk. I’m still not sure what to do with the blank space above my desk: leave it like this? Hang up some polaroid pictures? Lighting? Idk.. What are your thoughts? I want to leave things pretty and organized for when I get back.

hc; mark

head·ca·non /noun/

-to note a particular belief which has not been used in the universe of whatever program or story they follow, but seems to make sense to that particular individual

mark headcanons-

- the type to always text good morning and good night

- always takes pictures of the sun rise if he’s up to see it. always

- also the type to call and say ‘sorry, i was just thinking about you’

- prefers the black iphone to the white one

- his ringtone is probably something by snsd

- likes tropical smelling candles paired with rose petals and quiet nights

- thinks a bare face is much more beautiful than a made up one

- xanax in the form of a person. so calming like wtf

- takes polaroid pictures of you guys and they always turn out a little crappy but that’s okay

- he hangs them on his fridge

- tastes like coconut and tea

- hands are always in your hair when you’re making out

- blows kisses a lot rather than making a heart w his fingers

- likes applesauce a lot. what a kid

- def the guy to want promise rings

- tries to stand on the end of the cart in the grocery store and ends up falling on his ass

- thinks hair bandanas secretly look rlly cool

- has a witty contact name for everyone

- has a thing for braids. thinks they’re interesting and cool

- never panics. ever. always eerily calm

things i relate astro with
  • MJ:tulips, early morning runs, laughing about nothing, making someone smile, watching the sunrise, golden-doodles, gummy worms, balloons, pool parties, honey, biking down the street, ducklings, watermelon and ice cream on a warm day
  • JinJin:naps, sweatpants, making bad puns, crisp winter nights, snow on eyelashes, cuddling under blankets, bass guitar, finishing a good book, bluebells, cold hands, road trips, oversized sweaters, brightly colored hair
  • Eunwoo:tea, latte art, planting a garden, back hugs, the smell of mint, coffee shop dates, forest trails, bookstores, nostalgic bursts, passing a test you study hard for, stretching your back, smiling at strangers
  • Moonbin:staring at the stars, lavender, the aurora borealis, midnight snack runs, arcade games, newborn kittens, hoodies, hand holding, polaroid pictures, filled sketchbooks, overflowing bookshelves, the feeling of nirvana
  • Rocky:dancing like nobody is watching, pitbull puppies, snapbacks, sharing a slushy, flannel shirts, spinning hugs, young love, making silly faces, making a new friend, brand new shoes, sitting by the fire, shy smiles, relieved sighs
  • Sanha:soft pastels, spinning hugs, first crushes, cheek kisses, bubble gum machines, piggyback rides, sunflowers, playful teasing, feeling forever young, slice of life animes, soda machines, fluster, clumsiness, morning cartoons

Han Hyo Joo for AJ “All of Han Hyo Joo” Japanese Photo Book
ぴあMOOK [ハン・ヒョジュのすべて produced by AJ]