Ohmygosh I did so much today - extreme bedroom unfucking day!  It actually started out as extreme yardwork day, but then the rain kicked in and my productivity moved indoors.  I got a new sweater shelf all set up, moved my t-shirts from the closet to an underbed bin using UFYH’s vertical folding method (but folding in quarters instead of thirds to fit perfectly in the shallow bin), got my tights and leggings all organized so I can see them in a second underbed bin, filled two giant overflowing Ikea bags with clothes to be donated, organized shoes and many other not-pictured things (my clothes organization in my small bedroom has gotten out of control you guys, but much progress has been made now), and I rewarded myself with a fancy beer that Pete bought me awhile back and I’d been saving!  Yay!  Productivity feels good!