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love is love is love // 6.14.16

10 May 2017 || ig || May Study Challenge

Day 10:  How long do you spend studying and doing homework each day?

It varies a lot! During the week I spend between 30 minutes and three hours on studying and homework, depending on my schedule - most of that time is taken up by maths and preparing presentations. The weekends are usually for essays, exam prep, and rewriting my notes (as you can see in the picture), though I sometimes also do that in between classes. 


thirty one words of summer;; kim yukwon

nazakat (n). Of Urdu origin. Delicacy or exactness of perception; minuteness of observation or of discrimination, precision.

“If there was anyone in this world that was easy to read, it’d be Kim Yukwon. His smile showed almost all his teeth and his feet made a small dance when he was too happy; when he was nervous his hands would interlock in front of his body and he’d sway his legs a bit and mostly, he’s quiet but the sound of his laughter is enough to capture everyone’s attention. She read his stares, how he would quirk his eyebrow when she said something flirty or amusing and even how the tip of his ears turned red whenever he was embarrassed, although he was easy to read, he wasn’t so easy to approach and the bluntness of his dance moves wasn’t as normal in his way of communication. Perhaps, another smile thrown his way will make him speak up and all those summer dates between smoothies will turn into something more.”

Dedicated to: @winner-tomyheart


The flowers which Byakuran gifted to each of his ex-subordinates.