picture worth a thousand words

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Not really a grammar question but maybe you can help, I'm trying to learn how to write cursive and I don't really get the difference between о and а, if it's at the end of a word it's easy but if it is in the middle it confuses me (like кофе/кафе)

Picture worth a thousand words. 
А has a “leg” - a small hook. When you add this hook, you turn о into а. 
O is connected to the next letter with a small extra loop on the top write. 

Disclaimer: my handwriting is far from being beautiful, but this is how I actually write. Everybody develops his or her own handwriting, and the way you connect letters is usually the question of your preferences. 

A picture is worth a thousand words?

Skylar says that candids tell people how the day went, so this is how today went:

It was really hot today.

There was whining.

Small arguments with the photographer.

Showed the photographer how uncomfortable my pose was with a smile on my face.

Waited for by-passers (ex. jogger) to get out of the background.

Laughed at trees.

There was lots of wind.