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So, she finally remembers the truth of her past.

When Heinous first goes in her old bedroom, she seems to be confused on why it opened for her.

When she looks around the room, she starts to remember the things that reminded her of her early childhood.

And when she goes to her crib, she realizes that Heinous isn’t her real name; it’s Meteora.

Judging by her sudden realization of who she is, and the structure of her old room, it is safe to say that she had forgotten her identity a long time ago, possibly in her childhood years.

Obviously, she was kept secret from the rest of the castle, otherwise her room wouldn’t be so far below it.

Ok, now this next part is completely theories:

I believe that when Meteora was a young child, Eclipsa was caught by the Royal Guards and was sent to be crystallized. However, before she would go away, Eclipsa told her monster lover to keep her child safe while she was gone. He did whatever he could, but he was eventually caught as well, the Guards thinking that he was attacking a young Mewman child. Meteora was put through Mewni’s version of the foster care system until she wears adopted by a Mewman couple. By this time she has forgotten most of her past, along with her name. Her foster parents named her “Heinous” and were strict teachers, making her learn how to be the perfect Mewman lady. As she got older, unable to practice magic because she did not know she had any, her clover cheeks started to disappear. She eventually got the job as a Headmistress of a Princess School for Wayward Princesses, with no one knowing her true identity, including herself.

However, during her job as being a headmistress, somehow Heinous discovered that she had clovers on her cheeks, and thinking they were childlike marks on her face, she tried her best to cover them up with make up. Realizing that the marks showed up whenever some sort of magic was around her, she made the rule that there was no magic allowed inside the building, and made a separate building where all the magic would be stored away from her. From that point on, Heinous never saw her cheek marks appear on her face. Years later, unfortunately, a certain princess would be the start of a series of events that would return her cheek marks. She soon realizes that her cheek marks are not something childish, rather a symbol of magic that she has inside of her, and she wants more of it, as it fuels her power and makes her appearance a bit more appealing.

And if you have been watching SVTFOE lately, you should know how the rest of the story goes. Well, this is my theory of the backstory of Meteora. What do you think? I’m sure it needs some tweaking, and there should be more parts of the story (like how is Meteora still alive if Eclipsa is hundreds of years old) but this is what I came up with.