picture to burn

This is a song I wrote when I was mad, you know you have those days- It’s not about a guy I ever really dated, it’s about a guy I liked at school and you know it kinda seemed like he liked me back and he would walk me to class every day and then all of a sudden one day he just starts ignoring me and I’m like- “Why are you ignoring me?” and to this day I don’t know why, but I did write a cool song about it.
—  Taylor Swift on who Picture To Burn is about
A very beautiful moment in class involving Taylor Swift,

I will never get over that moment I was sitting in class and this football guy was playing his music on his phone on shuffle and it was just nonstop Kanye and Kendrick and then suddenly Blank Space played and these other guys looked at him like ‘really?’ But this random basketball guy was like ‘Yo, play some Picture To Burn, I love that song. Tay is amazing. She secretly my homegirl’ and without skipping a beat the football guy played Picture To Burn and they both sung along.