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McHanzo week  Day 2 — Canon Divergence || Alternate Universe

[Jesse McCree, famous actor from memorable cowboy movies, starts his own morning talk-show, Morning with McCree. He interviews all sorts of creative people, as well as travel the world. Today, he meets up with the skilled archer Hanzo Shimada, from the movie “Twin Dragons” coming out this December 15th. There has been talk of these two meeting before on the set of McCree’s last movie, so I bet they have a lot to talk & catch up on! Don’t miss it, this Tuesday from 11AM till high noon EST.]


Tara, Gabby & Claude – the best of gurlfrands in the DM’s.  And occasionally Tess is dragged along for the ride!

More doodles to come, but you’ll also wanna see them happen each week!

anonymous asked:

This may be a dumb question, but is your cover photo your own bookshelf?!? If so, goals. If not, still goals!!!!!!

Not a dumb question at all! Yes, that is a picture of my own bookshelf! And thank you!! That picture’s from January so it’s an old one. Here’s the full pic:

And this is the most recent picture of my shelf (and by most recent I mean I literally took this picture 2 seconds ago for this post):