picture that but like all through the movie

you know what

Im down to do another tompocalypse on November 10th just so the tom tag isnt filled with annoying s/w//f//t fans just going on and on about tom like they know him because their fav wrote a terrible song about him

so if people are willing, im down for nov.10th to fill the tom tag with ACTUAL tom stuff.


WHATEVER, i dont care, as long as people going through that tag dont have to see another post talking about how this song is soooooo about him.

put your favorite pics of tom, your favorite fanfic stories, your favorite gifsets/videos FAVORITE MOVIE OF HIS I DONT CARE


whether you hate my guts or you like me i dont care. you can all participate in this tompocalypse as long as you dont start fighting other tom fans on how they participate and just mind your business in your own tompalooza.

Try to make it fun but most importantly be inclusive. if im willing to let people who have bad mouthed me and spread lies then you can allow some random blogger to laugh at a joke about toms hair or thin lips. Put on your adult pants and fucking act like one


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positive things i associate with the Hogwarts houses


  • the friend that always has gum, but when they take a piece they automatically give you a piece so you don’t have to ask
  • the friend that mocks the sound of the THX logo in older movies
  • the friend that always wants to be in charge of the aux
  • the friend that drives like a maniac but has never gotten a ticket
  • that feeling when you tell a joke and everyone laughs and smiles back at you
  • that feeling when you change something really small but it’s such a big deal but you don’t tell anyone because they won’t understand so you just have a small victory for yourself 
  • that feeling when you try a new food and you’re extremely skeptical but it turns out to be delicious
  • the feeling in your stomach at the first drop in a rollercoaster and you’re screaming with a big smile


  • the friend that laughs at your joke when no one hears it or it’s not very funny just so you don’t get embarrassed 
  • apologizing to the cashier for the rude person that checked out before you
  • roots for the villains in Disney movies but cries whenever someone dies in the movie
  • the friend that always has a perfect response when you text the group chat pictures of the conversation you’re having with someone you’re flirting with
  • the friend that texts good morning at 1 pm
  • that feeling when you and all of your friends are in on a secret and someone brings up the subject and you all know that you know the answer but you keep it to yourself 
  • the friend that talks and comments all through the commercials and trailers for new movies at the movie theater but will ‘literally end you’ if you talk during the movie
  • the feeling when you first think you might like someone. that nervous excited feeling
  • the friend that knows a bunch of really random useless facts


  • the friend that brings comfort food during sad times and listens to you talk, or not talk if you just need someone
  • the friend that gives great advice but still does stupid shit constantly
  • the friend that gives excellent relationship advice even though they’ve been in few relationships
  • the friend that lets you copy their homework the morning before class because you forgot about the assignment
  • the friend that you can text at all hours of the night and you always get a response
  • the friend that always finds new books and music before they’re overdone
  • that feeling when you’re happy that the characters are happy but sad because the book has ended
  • that feeling when you lay down at the end of the day
  • when you really stress out over something like a text you sent or a test you submitted and the response you get is better than the situation you created in your head


  • a casual wave or nice smile when you run into someone you kinda know but not well enough to strike up a conversation
  • burning your mouth on coffee but drinking it anyway
  • the friend that takes a lot of naps
  • that feeling when a teacher or authority figure asks the group a question that you know the answer to but aren’t certain enough to volunteer it out so you keep it to yourself but it turns out you were right
  • when you catch something that someone tosses something to you and you brush it off like you knew that you would catch it even though on the inside you’re celebrating
  • the friend that sings what they’re doing
  • meme master
  • the friend that asks really random questions when theres a lull in the conversation
Are You Sure About That?

Fandom: Criminal Minds

Relationship: Spencer Reid x Reader

Summary: Spencer Reid is your best friend in the entire world. Best friends totally spend every weekend together, and walk around holding hands, and cuddling on their movie night, right? 

Note: Just an idea I had one night. Hope you enjoy. 

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The Summer Fling (Chapter 8) - Dylan O’Brien

Author: @were-cheetah-stiles

Title: “San Diego Convention Center”

Relationship: Dylan O’Brien x Reader/OFC

Author’s Note: This is July 20th. Okay. Cool. Bye.

Summary: Dylan spends his morning talking about his relationship with you to Tyler and Colton, before he has an uncomfortable run in in the middle of the convention center.

Chapter Seven - Chapter Eight - Chapter Nine

Originally posted by agentmitchrapp

“Bro, I am so emotional today, I can’t even talk about Teen Wolf before the panel or I’m gonna lose it. Can we please talk about something else?” Tyler complained to Colton.

“Fine. Let’s talk about you. Bella Thorne? Really, Ty?” Colton teased and Dylan snickered.

“Oh, yea, this is a better topic for him.” Dylan mumbled sarcastically, without looking up from his phone.

“I mean, honestly, Tyler, what were you thinking? She’s kind of trashy and she was way too young for you.” Colton criticized Posey over his choice in women.

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alright time to learn

if you guys don’t know who “mad jack” churchill is then you’re really missing out on some pretty wild stuff here and I really wanna share this with you guys ok

let’s start with the fact that everyone was fighting with guns yet mad jack thought that only having a claymore sword, a longbow/barbed arrows, and bagpipes with him everywhere he went while wearing a kilt (despite not being scottish in any way) was a fucking grand idea and managed to make it through WW1 and WW2 alive without a scratch like a G

here’s a picture of him leading his crew with a sword in hand ready 2 fight like a bad ass

  • when he wasn’t fighting in the war he was a professional male model, a newspaper editor, a movie extra, and decided to devote a deep passion to playing bagpipes everywhere
  • he rode his motorcycle all over india and stopped when he crashed into a water buffalo
  • he rode a motorcycle while at war like it was no big deal or w/e
  • he gave 0 fucks
  • nothing got in the way of him and his bagpipes which he was constantly playing even during battle because mad jack’s pipes stop for no one
  • he lost his sword during a hand-to-hand fight and walked all the way back to that specific town to find it but ended up just getting pissed at a group of confused americans instead
  • he inadvertently saved a german commander’s life by inviting him to dinner with his wife after being released from capture like ??? 
  • the germans thought he was related to winston churchill so they put him in a VIP camp full of VIP people guarded by SS troops dear lord how is this guy still alive
  • and finally after the wars he retired to australia where he found a passion for surfing and scaring the shit out of australians every day just for a laugh because why the hell not

to conclude this long post this guy deserves his own movie by now so @ hollywood get on it

Imagine Quicksilver on a Date

request: could you do Quicksilver or Tate on a date headcanons please?

a/n: thank you to @a-h-s-imagines for helping me out <33


Originally posted by xavierstea

- lil baby is so nervous to ask you (which is weird because he is usually kind of cocky and smooth)

- vibrating really hard because his escalated heart rate makes it hard to stay ~slow~

- he brings you flowers but 99.9% of them are straight up ruined with like one petal clinging to life

- “so- you um… DATE ON ME?”

- he does the giggle laugh thing that all people do when they screw up talking

- clearing his throat and trying again

- when you say yes he zips away from you for a second and returns with a box of twinkies

- they are definitely stolen

- he picks you up for the date

- …like PICKS you up, blasting you to the park

- he tries to fix your windblown hair but sends it flying with a vibrating hair

- holding hands, causing his to slow down

- the first date he talks reALly fast

- after that he becomes his normal lil shit™ self

- babe

- baby

- muffin


- terrible pick up lines

- “did you just fart?”

- “….peter NO”


- “hey when you run you break a lot of wind…XD”

- peter shaking his head cause no, that was not good

- his favorite date locations: park, tops of buildings, the cinema

- always cursing under his breath when he sees you dressed for a date

- that sparkle ~yes THE one~ in his eye whenever you laugh

- one time he brings his sister and you guys do a zoo day

- him making the noises of the animals and chasing her

- she loves you and it only makes him want to take you on more “mister/sister/kissed-her” dates as he called them

- him insisting on paying the check despite the fact that you have more stable income

- always touching you while you are out

- under the table he intertwines his legs with yours

- holding hands

- classic movie theater making out

- starting a date tradition where the first time you see a movie you are allowed to make out through it but you have to go see it again and you guys can only hold hands so you can actually watch it

- sometimes his dates consist of simply sitting on his roof and listening to his rad music all night while finding inappropriate pictures in the stars, “hey those ones look like your-”

- slapping him to shut him up

- but even when you’d play hit him he’d grab your hand and kiss it fast (even though he could dodge you if he wanted)

- running you to the beach so that you guys can go night swimming

- always, always, saying “i love you” at the beginning, end, and everywhere in between during your dates <33

Pictures of Love (Peter Parker)

Originally posted by tomhollandhollaatme

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Warning: None

Summary: Peter and Y/N have been friends since they were children and as kids, used to childishly flirt with one another all the time until one day, Peter stopped and so did Y/n. Y/N doesn’t realize it until one day looking through old home movies with Aunt May.

Author: Dizzy

A/N: This is just a fluffy little fic I thought up. I hope you like it!

Masterlist Request Any Of These

“Aw, May! I can’t believe you found these!” You cried as you held the old VHS tapes in your hands, each one labeled with a different point in Peter’s life, some titles including your own name. “We have to watch some of these.”

“I was thinking since you’re staying over, you, Peter and I could watch the ones you’re in. You know, reminisce​ in the old days.”

“May, I would love that." You replied, running your finger along the edge on the tapes, bringing back memories of Peter’s aunt and uncle running around with the camera following you two. "Peter! Hurry up, you slow poke!”

“Okay, okay! I’m coming! Jeez, Y/n, you can’t rush perfection.” Peter stated, waltzing into the room with a bowl of popcorn in hand.

He set the bowl down in front of you and May, who quickly took pieces of the snack as if they’d waited an eternity to eat.

“So much for perfection,” You said. “it’s a little too salty.”

May laughed. “Agreed. Now, Y/n, would you like to do the honors and pick out a video?”

“Gladly!” You chirped, leaning forward and finding a tape that caught your eye when you looked through them earlier.

You picked out the tape marked “Peter and Y/n at the park, age 4” and rose from your seat to put the tape into the player before sitting back down, leaning into Peter, who wrapped an arm around your shoulder and pulled you close.

“Mr. Ben!” Your little voice rang from the tv speakers as your childish grin appeared on the screen. “Watch me do a sumsault!”

Ben’s laughter erupted from the speaker as he focused the camera to show your whole body. “It’s called a somersault, honey. But, I’m watching you, okay?”

“Okay!” You cried before you got down in the grass and did a somersault. “Mr. Ben, where’s Peter?”

The camera changed focus from you to the surrounding areas, in search of little Peter. It finally found him sitting in a patch of grass surrounded by flowers as he picked a bright purple one.

Peter rose from his spot on the ground, the flower in his little grip as he carefully walked around the other flowers and towards you.

The camera then followed Peter on his walk from the patch he sat in to you while you sat in the grass, watching him approach you.

Peter threw his arm before him, pushing the flower into your face.

“Pretty!” you said cheerfully as Peter waddled uncomfortably.

“It’s for you!” Little Peter cried, pushing the flower into your face further.

You plucked the flower from his hand and gave him a confused look as he giggled.

“I’ll get you more!” He shouted before running off as you looked into the camera before the picture cut out.

“Aw!” May squealed. “You two were so cute!”

“I’m pretty sure Y/n was cuter.” Peter stated, smiling over at you.

You rolled your eyes playfully as you released yourself from his hold and changed the tape. Your heart swelled as your mind replayed Peter’s compliment and his gift giving in the video.

You had always has a crush on Peter, even back then when you didn’t really know what a crush was, or how one would show that they had one.

And Peter, well, Peter had a crush on you too. He always had. Even when you hesitated to accept his flowers or the compliments he’d throw your way. Even as children, he was head over heels for his best friend.

“I was such a dork. I know I was literally four, but man, I was a little weirdo.”

You had to admit, Peter with his little flowers was the cutest thing you’d seen in a long time. You thought it was sweet that he had tried to impress your little self with plants.

It was undeniable, from the very start, it seemed as though you and Peter were made for one another.

But, it seemed like all a cruel joke to you since Peter always seemed to be thinking about your friend, Liz. Always a boy with his head in the clouds as he talked to Ned about the girl he thought was beautiful.

“Peter!” You little voice called out for your best friend.

“What, bug?! I’m standing right next to you!”

You and Peter were about six years old, in costumes of your favorite super heroes. You, being Captain America and Peter being Iron Man.

You laughed as you watched the two of you on the tv screen before you glanced over at Peter, who’s arm was up around your shoulders again as he chuckled at the sight of you two.

“Peter, why do you call Y/n bug?” May’ s voice came through the speakers, dripping of kindness as sweet as honey while Ben focused the camera on Peter.

“Be-because Y/n l-likes lady bugs and she likes pretty flowers and s-she is my best friend! A-and she’s pretty like lady bugs and you, Aunt May!” Peter stammered as he spit out the thought out explanation, like it was a secret he didn’t want to tell.

It was then that you made a small squeaking sound and threw your arm’s around Peter’s neck, catching the little boy off guard.

“Thank you, Peter!” You cried out shaking the boy as you hugged him and placed a kiss on his cheek with a quiet smack.

Peter let out an audible gasp before pushing you away from him.

“Bug! That’s gross! You have cooties!” Peter cried out, wiping off the wet spot on his face as May scolded him for being rude.

That’s when the screen went out before it showed you and Peter tucked in Peter’s bed, holding one another as you slept soundly with light snores echoing the room. The screen went black once again.

You looked over at Aunt May, who had fallen asleep on the edge of the couch as you gazed up at Peter, your arm draped over his waist and his arm around yours. You didn’t hesitate as you pressed a kiss to his cheek.

Peter tensed as he froze for a moment. His cheeks heated up as he bit back a smile before looking at you.

“I would yell that you have cooties, but I’ll refrain from doing so.” He whispered into your ear.

The close proximity of Peter’s warm breath on your cold neck and his words set your skin on fire as you playfully pushed him in an attempt to ease the tension you felt.

“Just go put another tape in.” You muttered.

“As you wish.” Peter replied before he pressed a quick kiss to your cheek and got up from next to you.

Peter, in all the time you’d been friends, had never kissed you on the cheek. Nor, had he ever crossed the line between platonic action and romantic difference.

It was an odd and new sensation you felt giddy about.

Yes, you had been kissed on the cheek by other boys, but it hadn’t felt the same as Peter’s kiss had. It was different, new and it made you feel as though you were on cloud nine.

Peter plopped down on the seat next to you as you changed position and laid your legs on him as you leaned back on the arm of the chair. Peter ran his fingers along the lining of your pajama pants as the screen came to life.

“Here, bug!” Little Peter cried, holding a ring pop out to your six year old self.

“A ring pop?! Thank you, Peter!”

You took the ring pop from him and placed it on your ring finger, admiring the blue candy jewel that sat on yellow plastic.

“We’re married now!” Peter hollered before looking at the camera. “That was an epic wedding, right, Uncle Ben?”

“The most epic, Peter.” Ben chuckled. “But Y/n is supposed to know when you’re going to be married. You have to ask if she wants to be.”

Peter then turned to you and smiled before speaking up. “Bug, do you wanna be married to me?”

You titled your head in confusion as you tugged at your “Save Ferris” t shirt.

“What does that mean, Peter?”

“What does what mean? Married?”


Peter looked at the camera, or the man behind the camera in an unsure manner before he let his eyes gaze back at you.

“Well, i-it it means th-that we share out candy and then w-we hold hands when it’s c-cold!”

“Then, I wanna be married!” You announced before you threw your arms around him and hugged him tight.

The camera went out before it unleashed a picture of you and Peter in your playhouse.

“What are you guys doing?” It was May behind the camera now as she bent down and watched you two play.

“We’re playing house!” You announced, your ring pop no longer had a jewel on it, but a bit of a slobbering mess.

“Uh huh!” Peter agreed. “Bug is the mommy and I’m the daddy.”

“And these are our babies.” You held up two of your dolls. “Nikin and Luke!”

“It’s Anakin, bug.” Peter corrected. “I named them, Aunt May.”

“Yeah, Ms. May, Peter named them after the guys in Star Wars.”

“It was better than the names bug wanted.” Peter added.

“What did you want to name them, sweetie?” May asked you.

“Ferris and Ducky! Like those people in the movies my mom and I watch.” You explained. “But, I let Peter name the babies cause I like him. But it’s a secret Ms. May, so shh.”

You pressed a finger to your lips as you shushed May.

“I can hear you, bug.” Peter said, not looking up from the play kitchen.

“No you can’t!” You snapped. “Cause I didn’t say anything!”

Then the screen went out and the tape was over.

You took a glance at the clock and then at Peter before you rose from your seat.

“We should probably go to bed. It’s late.” You stated as you turned on your heel and started to walk to Peter’s room.

“I’ll meet you in the room. I’ve got to get Aunt May to bed.”

You signed as you closed the door behind you and leaned up against it. Your mind was going crazy with all the memories of you and Peter and all the feelings you’ve felt for him being recorded in home videos.

It wasn’t until now that you realized Peter has feelings for you when you were kids, but there was no way he liked you now. Every time Peter’s eyes started to wander the lunch room, they weren’t looking for you, they were looking at your friend, Liz.

You took a seat on the bed as Peter walked in, his camera in hand.

“What’s with the camera?” You asked.

“I thought we could add some new memories to the home movies.”

“So you want to video tape me going to bed?” You asked, the camera capturing the confused look on your face.

“No, there was something else I wanted to tape.” Peter said. “Do you want to go out with me?”

“What? Are you messing with me?”

“Um, no? Bug, I love you. I always have. I just want you to know that and I want you to be my girlfriend because you’ve always been there for me from the start.”

“Oh, Peter. Of course I’ll go out with you.” You stated as Peter turned the camera tho face him.

You got up and stood before him as he positioned the camera to face the two of you. You looked into the lens. “You probably don’t want to see this.” You said before covering the lens with your hand and kissing Peter with as much passion as he had when he picked that people flower so long ago.

Warm (Stony Quick Fic)

For my darling @creationfail​ who is having a bad couple of days and requested Omega!Steve.
I don’t usually write Omega! Steve, so hopefully it doesn’t come out badly lol.

~~~~Omega!Steve is having a bad day and comes home needing his Alpha!Tony to help him feel better. Lots of feels, shower smut and then more feels.


Steve and Tony were such a beautiful couple.

They couldn’t go anywhere without being whistled at, or followed by paparazzi or photographed. They couldn’t attend a single event without having to stand on the red carpet for nearly an hour, answering questions and smiling for the cameras and being as charming as they could possibly be for every single person that basically swooned at their feet.

Tony ate it up, of course, in his perfectly coordinated outfits and signature flashy grin. He loved the publicity, loved the press, loved that they all loved him and Iron Man. He was a national treasure and a hero– or so the president had said anyway– and he loved it.

Steve was decidedly less flashy, always in a well cut but conservative black suit with a tie that always perfectly matched whatever Tony was wearing. He stood a little behind his boyfriend, waving and smiling but letting Tony answer the questions and laugh at the jokes.

The gossip rags and magazines always called them a perfect power couple, heavily hinting that Tony was the omega, the ‘woman’ of the relationship, while beautiful, golden, Alpha Steve Rogers supported and tolerated the omegas antics, even though judging by the way they were always holding hands, Captain America knew to keep his boyfriend on a short leash.

The team took great delight in reading each and every one of the trashy stories, always coupled with a random picture that could be taken any way, but in the eyes of the “Stony” fans, the pictures were always a show of Steve keeping his mate in check.

“Did you guys read this one?” Clint handed Tony the latest magazine. “‘Stony’ out and about in public, Steve does a good job of keeping former playboy Tony from wandering’.”

“Doesn’t it bother you that everyone thinks you’re the omega?” Natasha asked and Tony shook his head.

“Nah. I think it makes for good publicity. Pretty little omega protected by a big scary Alpha. Iron Man being submissive to team leader Captain America. All that sort of thing. It doesnt bother me.”

“Yeah.” Clint tossed him another magazine. “This one agrees apparently. ‘Alpha Steve keeping his Omega collared’. ‘Stony is everyone’s favorite couple’.”

“Lovely.” Tony said dryly and read the magazine cover idly, smiling at the picture of Steve holding him by his tie, dragging him in for a kiss. “That one does look a little bad I guess. I like our relationship name though. Stony. Catchy.”

“Stony?” Natasha rolled her eyes. “Please.”

“Well it’s better than WidowHawk!” Tony sniped. “At least our name doesn’t sound like some hybrid animal off a bad sci-fi movie!”

“Hey!” Clint protested, ready to defend his and Natasha’s (ridiculous) name the tabloids had given them. “Just because—”

“Easy, children. They are all good names.” Steve’s deep voice cut through their argument, and he bent to lay a soft kiss on Tony’s lips. “Good morning, sweetheart.”

“Morning.” Tony’s eyes lit with love and absolute adoration, staring up at his mate. “How are you?” He ran light fingers over Steve’s perfectly cut jawline. “Did you and Sam have a good run?”

Steve nodded, but didn’t say anything, closing his eyes and tilting his head down into the touch.

“Are you alright?” Tony lowered his voice and let his hand rest over the bonding mark on Steve’s neck comfortingly. The big blonde shook his head and Tony frowned. “Do you want to talk–”

“Can we go to bed?” Steve whispered, barely audible, and Tony was already standing up, slipping an arm around his waist and leading him from the room.

“Let JARVIS know if you need us.” he said over his shoulder and Clint nodded, waving them off with a concerned look in his eyes.

“We’re fine. Just go.”

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I always find that, inevitably, I go to the store thinking I’ll walk out with a bundle of cute clothes and extra almond milk, and I walk out with four notebooks with different cats on the covers, a binder in some weird color, and countless packs of pencils and pens- and none of the things on my list (I swear, I was only going in to buy some bananas and toothpaste!!). Seriously, I loVE office supplies. I call it, “the Illusion of Productivity”. This goes without saying, but I have TONS of empty journals lying around. To that end, I have used one journal to come up with a list of things to do with empty journals and have decided to impart to you all my list:

1) Write out a list of things to do with empty journals
2) Start a recipe book for your favorite desserts.
3) Glue different things (i.e., flowers, coins, pictures of pineapples) on every page.
4) Create a style lookbook (cut out things you like from magazines and stuff)
5) Write silly haikus
6) Draw faces and practice applying makeup on them
7) Draw a picture based off of song lyrics
8) Practice your signature
9) Make up a cartoon
10) Start a personal collection of pick-up lines
11) Write a song about writing songs
12) Make a list of prompts for a rainy day (or writer’s block)
13) Write a letter to someone you hate, but don’t send it. Burn it.
14) Start your own “Burn Book” (see Mean Girls) but write nice things about people.
15) Write a “she’s manic depressive he’s got an inferiority complex” AU for your OTP (or make up your own characters)
16) Write about a day in your life from the POV of a fly on the wall
17) Draw something without lifting your pen from the paper
18) Do an anatomy study
19) Draw optical illusions
20) Fill up a whole page with spirals (shhh shh don’t ask why it’s just for procrastination)
21) Make a scrapbook about your favorite year
22) Write an essay on art history
23) Start a bucket list
24) Walk outside and draw or describe the first three things you notice
25) Write a journal entry for your favorite character
26) Draw a water drop
27) Write an extra chapter for your favorite book
28) Draw something punk!Disney
29) Write a short version of a Shakespearean play, set in modern times
30) Design a dress
31) Draw a fish (focus on how the light would reflect off of the scales)
32) Write a horror story and make it as cheesy as you can
33) Pick a line from a classic piece of literature (i.e., anything like Charles Dickens, a religious book, a philosophy piece, Edgar Allen Poe, Charlotte Bronte, Mark Twain, etc.) and draw a picture that interprets the sentence literally
34) Analyze a character (it’s fun to research things like Meyers-Briggs personality types and stuff for this one)
35) Write a story about a schizophrenic who falls in love with one or more of his/her other personalities
36) Draw one of the Seven Deadly Sins
37) Write something based on Greek mythology
38) Write a (scientifically accurate) essay on time travel
39) Design a robot
40) Paint a whole page your favorite color
41) Draw clouds
42) Write about an accurately awkward, un-romanticized first kiss
43) Explore a certain emotion (i.e., anger), focusing on telling the reader what it feels like, looks like, etc.- without explicitly naming it.
44) Describe a person using a metaphor or simile
45) Draw an anatomically correct brain or heart
46) Draw something (flowers, people, trains, anything really) made up of other, smaller things (more flowers, words, cats, anything really)
47) Doodle a computer with your eyes closed
48) Write something inspired by the concept of a “selfie”
49) Design a house
50) Write your inaugural speech for when you become president of something
51) Draw a self portrait with a pink pencil
52) Draw a sandwich
53) Write about an art theft from the artists’ perspective
54) Write a story from the POV of a senior-citizen, unexpected villain
55) Use the whole journal to write kind notes to people and leave them anonymously
56) Draw one line for every day of the year, and at the end of the year see what sort of picture you’ve made
57) Describe your journal, in your journal
58) Write about a poltergeist who is very philosophic
59) Write a “artist/writer” AU for your OTP
60) Draw ice
61) Describe a character’s eyes without comparing them to a certain body of water
62) Finish this sentence: “I am not a god, I do not…”
63) Write the script for a mini movie
64) Create a flip-through moving picture
65) Make a list of your favorite sounds
66) Write a thesis-like paper on your philosophy on life
67) Draw a smell
68) Cut out pop-up silhouettes
69) Write a typical trope for a “perfect” love story (but imply an underlying dark theme, such as abuse or addiction)
70) Write about a character who went from rich to poor. Why did they? Who was responsible?
71) “Interview” a character (really get inside their heads)
72) Make a fleet of paper airplanes and color them ALL
73) Draw a cute monster
74) Write about a character with a bunch of phobias
75) Draw a puppy Tim Burton style
76) Make up “stupid workouts”- then video yourself demonstrating said workouts
77) Practice forging someone’s signature
78) Draw a macho character wearing a tutu. Write about the story behind it.
79) Write one thing per day that you love about yourself
80) Write out a shopping spree of stuff you would buy if you had exactly $2,789.25 to spend (no more, no less)
81) Write a 50 Shades of Grey parody called “50 Shades of Cats”, about a woman who must come to terms with the idea of “forever alone”
82) Interview your parents
83) Make a list of 20 things you want to improve about yourself- then do it.
84) Draw a series entitled, “The Art of Irony”
85) Make your will (it’s always best to be prepared)

Enjoy your writing!! Hope this helped. xx roopira


So I went to see “Wind River” last night. A review later. Here’s the thing, though: when I got home I scrolled through the “Wind River” tag for a good ten minutes and it was ALL Jeremy Renner and Elizabeth Olsen.

NONE of the Native actors were pictured or even talked about. I was stunned.

I like Elizatbeth Olson as much as the next person, but this guy?

This is Gil Birmingham, and if you want the most powerful two scenes in the movie, they were the ones between Mr. Birmingham and Jeremy Renner. Gil Birmingham acted the shit out of his role, and the way he and Renner played off of each other in the pivotal scenes they had together was amazing.

Give the Native actors in Wind River some cred, folks. They were all amazing.

BTS as Aesthetics

[ tag yourself! I wanna know who you identify the most with :) ]

Seokjin: a golden crown adorned with rubies and emeralds; vanilla icing; peaches; white sheets; parted lips; fluffy sweaters; coffee brown loafers; that one friend with an endless supply of pencils; a field of sunflowers; the smell of the inside of a bakery; morning rain; chasing butterflies; a book with wrinkled and ripped pages; the ache in your stomach after laughing too long; two bodies pressed together; chandeliers; cotton candy; a fading polaroid picture; soft hands; chaste kisses; herbal tea; relaxing under a tree in the summer sun. 

Yoongi: motorcycles; jack-o-lanterns; spiraling staircases, red lighting, sneaking out of the house at midnight; lazy kisses; secret smiles from opposite sides of the room; mismatched socks; gasoline; cuddling under layers of sheets; ditching umbrellas in the rain; leather boots; black skinny jeans; a bouquet of roses; scribbled love notes; good scotch; the smell of the forest; snowball fights; peppermint sticks in hot chocolate; marble pillars; turtlenecks; off-key singing; standing on the hood of a car; snuggling at a beach bonfire. 

Namjoon: wire glasses; stargazing at 2 am; walls covered with maps; taking ugly selfies; long rants about society and politics; earl grey tea; lip bites; passionate kisses; beige blankets; lollipops; jumping on the bed; coffee shop background music; thunderstorms; baseball caps; the feeling of a comfortably full stomach; a single lily lying on your doorstep; copies of poems from dead poets; the roaring 20s; denim overalls; outdoor swimming pools; playing chess; finishing a box of doughnuts with your favourite person.

Hoseok: attending football games; hesitant first kisses; apple pie; borrowed hoodies; beanies as a fashion statement; dewy grass; bubble baths; the feeling of blood rushing to your brain; front flips on trampolines; being thrown into the pool; fizzy drinks; playing with puppies; stolen glances at your lips; playing card games; punching a vending machine to get a snack for free; being drenched in sweat; colourful sneakers; having your headphones on and not being able to hear the outside world; staying at amusement parks until closing time.

Jimin: uncontrollable laughter; crow’s feet; orange juice; watching reruns of shows from the 90s; face paint; watching fireworks from a skyscraper; drinking straight from a coconut; cuddling while it rains outside; swimming in the ocean; fuzzy slippers and bathrobes; smiling in-between kisses; crying when your friend starts crying; watering plants that aren’t even yours; petting every dog you see on the way to work/school; the smell of cherry blossoms; seeing rainbows after a thunderstorm; dropping onto the floor after a gruelling workout.

Taehyung: letting go of balloons; running around barefoot; denim jackets; neon socks; doing the puzzles on the back of cereal boxes; serene smiles; singing along to musicals; either incredibly rough or soft kisses; syrup on pancakes; mineral water; watching terrible movies on purpose and acting like movie critics; surprise dates at fancy restaurants; playing pranks on all of your friends; finishing an 18″ new york pizza with just your best friend to spite the waitress who said you couldn’t do it; spooning on the couch.

Jungkook: paint-splattered white shirts; art galleries; being quiet even though you have a lot to say; ripped jeans; taking pictures of everything beautiful; watching flocks of birds fly by; staying at the beach until it gets too cold; raising your eyebrows as a form of communication; the smell of rain and fancy hotel lobbies; flipping through old books; running until you can’t feel your lungs or legs; back hugs; a fresh bouquet of flowers on your desk every monday; handwritten reminders; black coffee; finally beating the claw machine.

Dating (Stony Quick Fic)


“What can I do for you Tony?” Steve pushed back from his art table and clasped his hands loosely in his lap, a ready smile on his face for his favorite genius.

“So.” Tony started nervously. “So I’m sure you’ve noticed I’ve been acting a little odd, lately.”

“By odd, do you mean dropping things when I talk to you?” Steve asked, raising an eyebrow. “Or the weird way you start chugging whatever you’re drinking so you don’t have to answer? Or how you literally ran out of the room the other day when Bucky and I were arm wrestling?”

“Well.” Tony huffed. “I didn’t ask for examples, so you know, keep those to yourself please.”

“What’s going on?” Steve leaned forward, all Boy Scout hair cut and earnest blue eyes and perfect fucking jaw line. “Is something wrong?”

“No. No, it’s um…” Tony grabbed his sunglasses out of his pocket and crammed them on his face. “Recently I’ve decided I like you and I was wondering if we could do something about that.”

“Do something?” Steve repeated.

“Yeah. You familiar with the term friends with benefits? Was that a thing in the forties? Because we both know we aren’t going to be a couple, but I really want to– you know.” Tony motioned in Steve’s direction, then cleared his throat. “Reallywanttotapthat.”

“Absolutely not.” Steve turned back to his drawing and Tony’s jaw dropped.

“Just like that? You aren’t even going to–”

“Tony, I can’t be friends with benefits with you. And yes, for the record, it was a thing in the forties. But it won’t work with us.”

“Because of Bucky.” Tony said flatly, and was glad his glasses were on so Steve couldn’t see the hurt in his eyes.

“Gross. Bucky is like my brother.” Steve kept right on sketching. “Not because of Bucky.”

“Then why?” Tony demanded. “I’m good in bed! Considerate. Fit. I mean not fit like you, but damn Cap, NO ONE is fit like you so really I feel like you’re holding me to an impossible standard? That’s not even fair. Is it the height thing? Because I can’t help that you’re a giant. And for the record–”

“Tony!” Steve put up his hands in surrender. “Wow. No, none of those things are the reason.”

“Then what?”

“I can’t do the benefits thing because I actually want to date you.” Steve said calmly, and Tony froze.

“Date me?”

“Yes. Flowers and dinner and long walks in the park.” Steve rifled through a drawer looking for a specific colored pencil. “Awkward first kisses and sharing food and waiting until the third date to even try to get to second base.”

“Date me.” Tony repeated.

“Sure.” Steve grabbed the colored pencil and started shading in his picture. “Little love notes, and sneaking kisses in the hallway and holding hands during movies. I’d like to take you dancing, would like you to fall asleep on my shoulder so I can carry you to bed.”

“That’s… like REALLY date me?” Tony asked again and Steve smiled a little.

“All the usual stuff, Tony. Romancing you and bringing you to my room for our first night together. All the shy first times we can experience. Want to hear how you sound moaning my name.” Steve’s voice got a little rough on that last one, but he didn’t stop working on his picture, not even glancing up at Tony.

“I’d like to be able to hold your hand in public, kiss you after a mission… that sort of thing. So no, no friends with benefits won’t cut it. Not when I’ve been half in love with you for months now.”

He finally looked up at Tony and shrugged a little.

“What do you think?”

“I think–” Tony cleared his throat. “I think you won’t have to wait until the third date to get to second base. ”

“You think so?” Steve looked pleased and Tony just nodded a little wildly.

“Uh, pretty sure. So we’re dating?”

“Can I pick you up for dinner tonight?”

“Should I wear something low cut?” Tony teased, trying to get his bearings back, trying to control the conversation.

“Nah.” Steve let his eyes trail over Tonys body in a slow, heated slide that had Tony wanting to start stripping right there. “But will you wear those black pants your wore the other day? I love the way your ass looks in those.”

Tony didn’t think he’d ever blushed so hard in his life.


Summary: this one was the most requested and it’s basically where the reader has to hide her and toms relationship from her brother Harrison but he walks in on them cuddling!

You and Tom had been going out for four months now. You had fallen for him because duh how couldn’t you! But you had fallen for your brothers best friend. You kept your relationship secret from Harrison because you weren’t really sure how he would react when he found out his best friend was dating his twin sister. You weren’t quite sure when you were going to tell Harrison but certainly wasn’t anytime soon.

You went along with Tom, Harry and Harrison to China. You visited the Great Wall of china,“look y/n it’s so long!” Has said in excitement, “you know what else is long..” Tom said with a smirk on his face. You laughed and so did everyone else. You and Tom were shamelessly flirting the whole time you were at the Great Wall, you wondered how Harrison hadn’t caught on yet, harry had a few weeks before and you had to pay him £10 each to make him shut up about it.

That night in your hotel room haz and harry left you and Tom because harry wanted to take pictures of the city and made Harrison go with him. That left you and Tom alone, together. You and Tom were cuddled up on the couch like you normally did whenever you sneaked over to his without haz. “What movie do you want to watch, love?” Tom asked flicking through them. “Cinderella?” You ask. Tom looks at you. “Really? You want to watch Cinderella? How old are you 5?” He says. You look at him. “You prance around all day in a Spider-Man costume and your calling me the 5 year old?!” You raise your eyebrows and he laughs,“fine! I’ll put it on!”

You and Tom lead on the couch, your head was against his chest and you listened to his heart beating in his chest. “If You were Cinderella, y/n, I wouldn’t pick up your shoe because it would probably smell like mouldy cheese” Tom said. “Hey!” You hit his chest jokingly. As the movie went on you began to feel more and more tired and Tom playing with your hair wasn’t helping.

You fell asleep intertwined with Tom on the couch, you were asleep so you didn’t hear the knock on the door or when it swung open all you heard was “WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON HERE THEN!” Harrison yelled and you and Tom were instantly awake. “Shut up, mate, your gonna wake her up!” Tom whispered. “To late!” You said sitting up off of Tom. “Well Tom? What are you two- what is this- h-how long?” Harrison stuttered breathlessly. “Yes, we are together and we have been for four months or so now” Tom said laughing. Harrison sat down on the arm chair to process what was happening. He then looked at harry, “Why aren’t you shocked about this?! I mean who would’ve thought y/n would be interested in someone as werid as Tom!?” “Everyone else but you haz,” harry chuckled,“ I found out a few weeks ago but it was completely obvious”

Harrison was completely stunned and you laughed at how stupid your brother looked. That night was full of haz asking you and Tom tins of questions about your relationship, “so… have you two…. Tom have you… you know…. have you had it with my little sister yet? Just asking…. she is my sister after all..” you and Tom laughed at this and didn’t answer which left haz irritated. You all watched Harry Potter and the philophers stone.

After it had finished you all got up and got ready for bed. “So I presume you two will be sleeping together tonight?” Haz said to you. “Only if you want me to?..” you replied eyeing your brother. This left him even more irritated as he didn’t like it when people don’t answer his questions. “I’ll sleep in your bed tonight y/n and you and Tom can share his bed.” He said before hugging you goodnight. You walked over to toms bed and got into your pjs. You and Tom lead cuddled up together in his bed in complete silence until Tom decided to break it. “You don’t think haz is mad, do you?” “Why would he be mad?” “Oh y'know he is a protective person and I’m his best friend and I am dating his twin sister…”. “Yeh but you are forgetting that he loves me and wants me to be happy, and you make me happy Tom, like really happy”. That made him laugh and pull you closer, he peppered you face in soft kisses before saying, “ you make me happy as well y/n like really happy.” You were both in a fit of giggles.

The next day was pretty awkward and you were all in silence, the only time any of you would say anything would be when the waitress I. The hotel asked you what you wanted for breakfast. You were all sat eating in the hotel restaurant when suddenly haz blurted out, “OH, IT ALL MAKES SENSE NOW! Y'know all the flirting and shit. HOW THE FUCK DIDNT I CATCH ON?!!?” You all stared at him

Will write number three soon so stay tuned!

It’s hard making friends as an adult.

I find myself wanting to be friends with other women out in the wild but never being able to find the right words to ask them to hang out. Most of the time I don’t want it to be taken the wrong way. I find myself asking if they have an instagram or facebook, perfectly normal networking conversations. But I want more. I want to hang out with them, go to brunch, movies, text! It’s hard following through with that aspect of a friendship. I don’t want to just have someone that will like all my selfies, I want them with me in the picture too. 

I feel like a major nerd with this, lol. “Hi, can we be friends? Like… can we hang out this week and go see Kong?” It’s so hard! I wish I could just say that but i’m more terrified of rejection with friendship than I am with relationships. 

I just want so many women to be friends with me, I have so much love to give and I want to support all of you, please be my friends.

Dating Yongguk Would Include...

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  • Melting every time he smiles that adorable gummy smile
  • Being the only person he allows to wear his earrings, shirts, hoodies, etc
  • Getting sent a playlist of songs that reminds him of you
  • Going on dates to music stores
  • Waking you up with kisses
  • “I love you” in that super sexy voice of his
  • Shy Yongguk
  • Protective Yongguk
  • Being super supportive whenever he’s going through a rough time
  • Being his muse
  • Where Yongguk goes, B.A.P follows
  • Like you could literally be making out on YOUR couch in YOUR apartment when all of a sudden Youngjae just barges in, takes the remote from the table next to you, turns on the TV and doesn’t say a word
  • Speaking of making out, kisses with Yongguk would be AMAZING
  • His lips would literally feel like a cloud
  • Watching sad movies together
  • Listening to music together
  • Attempting to help him write his raps
  • He tells you they’re good, but you know he’s lying
  • Secretly taking pictures of one another
  • Being in love with your best friend


dating jonathan byers would include...

•long drives to nowhere

•"just one more picture"

•him taking you to the drive in every friday

•"i made you a mixtape"

•cuddling under 500 blankets

•him trying to surprise you in anyway, but failing every time

•him taking pictures of you in your most candid of times (sleeping, eating, laughing, reading)

•taking will to see movies

•joyce always wanting you to stay for dinner

•you taking his cardigans

•him looking everywhere for them, only to have you show up in one

•"everyone of my shirts smell like you"

•him trying to teach you about photography

•thumb wrestles

•showering you with random and cute compliments


•wrestling around on his bed

•when he wins, he kisses you all over your face

•running your fingers through his hair as he falls asleep

•him never wanting to get up in the morning, scared he may wake you up

•so he just lays there and watches you sleep wondering how he got so lucky

•you being will’s favourite human because you can never say no to playing with him

barnhouseeffect  asked:

Hello there. I was wondering how you feel about raccoon actor exploitation in films such as Guardians of the Galaxy and Pocahontas. It's like sure, they are getting good roles but are they being fairly compensated? What are the work conditions like? Are there good dumpsters on set for them to snack on? I really respect your opinion and hope you can shed some light on this for me.

Raccoons in major motion pictures like this are well taken care of and well compensated! A statute passed years ago says that any raccoon on set must be provided with at LEAST three trashcans per day of work, and they always get first dibs on any leftover or unwanted food. This is in addition to above-average pay for their services. Look at these happy little guys (all stars):

In all seriousness, raccoons on sets as models or actors are generally well taken care of and treated with respect to minimize stress. Movies typically go through a rescue/rehabilitation service like this one and the raccoons are socialized with their co-actors and taken good care of, like any other exotic animal on set. Here’s Oreo, the model for Rocket Raccoon, who I’ve heard is very well-behaved and good friends with his voice actor:

anonymous asked:

What was the Dark Reign? So I can prepare myself for it in the MCU, just in case.

Okay so the Dark Reign was the immediate aftermath of the Secret Invasion (Skrulls!) which followed the first Civil War in the comics. 

I’m not sure how much comics canon you’re familiar with so if I over share at any point and sound like I’m overly ‘comicsplaining’ I apologize in advance, I’m mostly just trying to be thorough (and mention all of the clues in the MCU so you can see why they’re clues that the Dark Reign is a comin’). This is probably going to be a long post.

The Skrulls are a species of reptilian looking aliens who can shapeshift into anything. The had been planning an invasion of Earth for years, and they were doing it by replacing superheroes. A Skrull can replicate a person right down to their DNA but, and here is their Achilles heal, they can’t hold the form when someone goes under (this is how the invasion was initially discovered, one of them was emulating Elektra and died, reverting the Skrull to it’s original form).

This is why when, at SDCC, it was announced that Captain Marvel is taking place in the 90′s (giving the Skrulls over 20 years to plan an invasion) and that the main villain would be the Skrulls, I was like, okay, so much makes sense now.

During the invasion there is a massive breakout of the Raft, and supervillains escape. I don’t think that the use of the Raft in CACW was a meaningless design choice. In the comic Civil War the predominate prison was Area 42 in the Negative Zone - it’s where a lot of the Civil War Frontline series took place and where the final battle started. That the Russos specifically chose the Raft to work with in the MCU was suspect.

But the Skrulls were just the beginning of the Dark Reign. See a lot of heroes were replaced by Skrulls at this time and there was a lot of carnage and mass confusion. During this time Norman Osborn was ostensibly working take down the Skrulls and ended up killing the queen. He was also running a team of Thunderbolts, a group of villains posing as ‘good guys looking for a chance at redemption’. The Thunderbolts, under Osborn, helped save Washington DC from the Skrulls.

During the comics Civil War the Thunderbolts leader was… wait for it… Helmut Zemo. 

Norman Osborn’s team, however, had a different roster, but I don’t believe the MCU is going to change the roster for the Dark Reign. 

Anyway. Osborns kills the Skrull Queen publicly and on air, so the whole world sees it and he is then suddenly revered as a savior. Meanwhile, Tony Stark, who was director of SHIELD at the time, was blamed for the Invasion. As a result of this Tony is removed from his position and Norman Osborn is made Top Cop and put in charge of everything, including the Avengers. He replaces the “50 State Initiative” with the “Thunderbolts Initiative” and sets up a team of New Avengers called the Dark Avengers. One of his Thunderbolts, called Ghost, (who is being introduced in the movie Ant-Man on the Wasp) steals the Iron Man suit and Osborn takes it over, becoming Iron Patriot.

He also takes over Avengers Tower to use (thus Avengers Tower being sold in Spider-Man Homecoming).

Meanwhile the real Avengers go underground to fight this new tyranny and to set things right. During this time Black Widow is donning blonde hair because she is pretending to be Yelena Belova, another Red Room graduate (Widow had blonde hair in the Infinity War art released at SDCC). And Clint Barton adopted the moniker Ronin, which is also a spoiler that has been released with pictures (Clint wearing all black and becoming all dark and edgy like he’s going through a goth phase in the leaked Infinity War photos).

So that’s the Dark Reign and why I believe we’re heading there. 

My theories: Since Sony owns the rights to Norman Osborn and I think they’re using him for the Venom movie, which Feige claims is not a part of the MCU, I think they’re going to use Thaddeus Ross instead of Osborn. 

In the comics Ross has also been a Thunderbolt and even a Thunderbolt leader. He is also the Red Hulk in the comics - the result of a super soldier program.

I believe that Ross is already planting the seeds for an Avengers take-over. For example, I’m thoroughly convinced that Lagos was a set-up (Crossbones was also a Thunderbolt in the comics). The rumor that Crossbones is returning sort of cements it. As does the dialogue from CACW where Steve mentions there are cameras and that Crossbones wanted what went down in Lagos recorded…

Leaving Zemo alive at the end of CACW when usually Marvel villains are killed was also a huge clue. 

Using the Raft. Widow’s new hair, Clint becoming Ronin. The selling of Avengers Tower. Introducing the Skrulls. Captain Marvel being set in the 90′s. Using Ghost as a villain in Ant-Man and the Wasp. All of that is most likely connected, because it all fits with the Secret Invasion/Dark Reign. 

Allegory through Allusion: An Introduction Post.

“allegory -  a story, poem, or picture that can be interpreted to reveal a hidden meaning.”

Like all good games, Homestuck tries very hard to teach the reader how to engage with it. Homestuck cues the reader into how to read some of its narrative vagueness through the use of literary allusion. This includes allusions to anime, games, books, movies and entire cultural and philosophical movements. 

In this series, we’ll go over some of the biggest examples of Homestuck using references to clue the reader into what it’s doing. Hopefully, you’ll come away from these essays with a new insight into Homestuck’s logic–especially later on, where Homestuck outright finishes character arcs and thematic climaxes through this approach. 

I’m numbering these posts from simplest to most complex, and roughly from least to most plot impact, too. 

[1. Dragonball Z, The Wizard of Oz, The Princess Bride, Peter Pan & SAW -
Plot Structure & Character arcs]

[2. The Neverending Story -
Trickster Mode, Muse/Lord & The Fundamental Rules of Paradox Space]

[3. Earthbound & Mother 3-
Absolutely Safe Capsules, Dramatic Tension & The Diegetic Reader (You!)]

[4. The Gnostic Creation Myth -
Literally fucking everything. A Non-Exhaustive review.]

[All of these essays are finished, and accessible to Patrons.
They will be released once a week, every Monday from now on!]

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Keep Rising.