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Hey guys! So recently a friend of mine had her cosplay pictures edited and reposted without her permission. These pictures were reposted to tumblr and have started to gain a ton of notes which has actually made her super uncomfortable. She left tumblr back in December-ish because she didn’t like being on here and she doesn’t want her pictures being shared on here either. The picture was taken of her by her girlfriend and both my friend and her girlfriend are uncomfortable with the fact that this picture is being shared.

Here is a link to the post with proper credit (that I added). 

So if you see that post being reblogged by your mutuals or people you folow could you please, please, please  tell them to take it down and tell others to take it down. This is about my friends comfort and safety, so please, keep that in mind. 

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I finally got my pictures from AnimeFest in March back and I’m so happy how well the turned out. Our action shots are sooo good. The first three are my absolute favorite!

Myself as Ultimis Richtofen, my girlfriend @tehray as Samantha, pictures taken by our friend Elizabeth Monti (sadly she doesn’t have a blog or I’d tag her :/ she obviously does really good work!)

Pairing: George Washington x Reader
Trigger Warnings: None I don’t think other than badly google translated French, a lot of dialogue, not one of my best buuuut whatever lol
Inspired by this post by @i-am-a-person-a
Thanks for everyone who followed, love y'all!! This one’s a little different, kinda more fun than sad or angsty. A lot of it is just solidifying George’s character, so I’ll probably do another one soon lol

Alexander walked into his new job with high hopes, clutching a briefcase in one hand and buttoning his suit jacket with the other. He quit the job at his old law firm, mostly out of pride, partially out of lack of passion. He couldn’t work somewhere where the employees didn’t love their job. And he hated his extremely rude asshole of a boss. Almost immediately, he was offered a job at Washington Law Firm, which he graciously accepted.

He knew most of the lawyers there, and was friends with them. John Laurens dealt with biological cases, Marquis de Lafayette was assigned international cases, Hercules Mulligan with domestic cases, so on and so forth. Of course, there were lawyers he didn’t like. Like Thomas Jefferson. His rival since freshman year of college.

But he was determined to make the best of it.

“Alexander, hey!” John shook his hand as Alex arrived. “Finally decided to move to the dark side, huh?” They both laughed, rejoicing in their rekindled friendship. “Please,” Alex started, “If anything, this is the light side. Don’t get me started on Adams.”

“Is that Hamilton I hear?” A French accent called. Out of another office walked Lafayette and Mulligan, eager to see their college buddy. “Lafayette, comment avez-vous été?”

“Aussi bien que tout Français en Amérique.”

“Je jure que vous aimez l'Amérique plus que les Américains.”

“Guys, you know I don’t speak French.” Mulligan groaned jokingly. They all laughed as he greeted Hercules with a, “Hey, man, what’s up?”

As they were all mingling, a tall man stepped out of his office, files and folders in hand. He glanced around, his face stoic, before walking towards the reception desk. Alex looked over at him in awe, “Is that-”

“Yep. That’s the CEO, George Washington.” Mulligan answered, lowering his voice to a whisper. Washington was a strong, buff looking man with the expression that reminded someone of a rhinoceros, very hard and stern. “He served in the military for a few years before becoming a lawyer.”

“I don’t think I’ve even seen him smile.”

“Oui, me, as well, mon ami.”

“He can’t be that bad.” Alex rolled his eyes, looking back at his friends. “He’s not a bad person. Just… intimidating.” John replied.

Then, Washington’s expensive shoes clicked against the tiled floor as he made his way over to the group. “Alexander Hamilton, I presume?”

“At your service, sir.” Alex replied, firmly shaking his hand. He could feel the callouses in Washington’s hand from years of service. “I’ve got some cases for you, if you’re ready.” George said.

“Of course.”

“Have the paperwork done by the end of week, on my desk.” George handed Alex all of the files and folders, causing his eyes to widen. “The end of the week?” He asked.

Washington’s eyebrow quirked up, his hands in the pockets of his suit pants. “Unless you’ve got some other job to be doing all week, in which case I can find someone else to do yours.”

Alexander quickly shook his head, “No, sir.”

George gave him a firm nod, “Good.”

As Washington walked away, Alexander stood shocked, staring the work before him. The guys all patted him on the back. “I almost lost my job on the first day.” Alex said to himself. “Don’t feel bad.” Lafayette consoled. “He’s just in a bad mood because his girlfriend is out of state.”

“That man has a girlfriend? How is she not terrified?” Alex asked.

“We’ve never met her, but we’ve heard the receptionist talk about her.” John said. “She, apparently, is the exact opposite of Washington.”

“Maybe she’ll be at the luncheon in a couple months.” Mulligan mentioned.

“As much as I love to gossip about my boss’s girlfriend, I have paperwork to do.” Alex excused himself from the group. He walked to his office at a calm pace, only slowing to sneer at the office with Jefferson’s name on the door.

Hours later, after everyone had left, he was still sitting at his desk. As he pulled on his own hair while signing a piece paper and moving on to the next case, he muttered, “Washington’s girlfriend needs to come home right now.”


It didn’t take very long for Alexander and George to become acquainted, just a few months. It also didn’t take long for George to realize Alexander was very opinionated, and had almost no self control. “Hamilton, my office, now.”

Alexander walked in and closed the door behind him after assuring his friends that it was nothing. “Sir, you and I both know Jefferson started this war.”

“And I’m leaving it up to you to end it, Alexander.”

“But sir-”

“Look, we have this luncheon coming up for the merger and I need everyone on their best behavior, especially my right hand man.” George reasoned with him. Washington Law Firm was then merging with the Schuyler Firm in order to expand their reach around New York City. “Yes, sir.” Alexander nodded glumly. “When’s that thing again?”

“The luncheon?”



“Yes, the luncheon, when is it?”

“It’s tomorrow.” George deadpanned. Alexander started laughing, only stopping when he realized Washington wasn’t laughing with him. “You’re not laughing?”

“When have you ever seen me laugh, Hamilton?”

“Fair enough.”

“Bring Eliza. She’s probably the only one who can actually control you.”

Alexander nodded, looking down at Washington’s desk. He noticed a picture. It was Washington, actually smiling. His face was pressed up against a woman’s; she had Y/E/C eyes, Y/H/C hair, and a dazzling smile. “Is that your sister, sir?” He asked, nodding to the picture.

Washington looked down at the picture. He had to will himself not to smile at the picture of you, remembering the day it was taken, “That’s my girlfriend.”

Hamilton’s eyes widened. “Your girlfriend?”

“Am I not allowed to date, Alexander?”

“No, sir. I mean, yes, sir. I mean-”

“Go finish your paperwork, Hamilton.”

“Yes, sir.”


Alexander and the guys, along with the Schuyler sisters, Angelica, Eliza, and Peggy were sitting at a table, observing the guests at the luncheon. They were all giddy to see Washington’s girlfriend, who’d been the subject of many, many bets. “Ten bucks on her being a female Washington.” Angelica said.

“No way! She’s probably really nice.” John disagreed. “Nicer than the General?” Mulligan joked, using his secret nickname. “Impossible.”

“Guys, look! There he is!”

You and George had just checked your coats in before walking into the dining hall. George looked over at your grinning lips before pecking them, a small smile breaking out on his own. “Calm down, Y/N, it’s not that exciting.”

“Are you kidding? I get to meet all of your work friends.” You said happily. You almost tripped over your own feet, your heels not allowing you to walk as fast as you’d like. “You mean my employees?” He chuckled.

“Eh, same difference.”

As you drank from the glass of champagne that your boyfriend offered you, you saw two men standing off to the side, casually glancing at the both of you. “So,” You said, “Introduce me to people.” You smiled. “I want to be in the know.”

“It’s a law firm, babe, not a soap opera.”

“Just do it.” You laughed, practically dragging him over to the two men. “Lafayette, Hamilton, this is my girlfriend, Y/F/N Y/L/N.” George introduced you lovingly with a smile plastered on his face.

That was what you loved about George. He didn’t feel the need to show you off; you showed yourself off (which was actually you showing him off, but he didn’t need to know that). He would just stand back and smile, watching you as if you were the only woman in the world. And to him, you were. As long as you were with him, he didn’t need anyone or anything else. He was as faithful as they come.

“It’s a pleasure, mademoiselle.” Lafayette lightly shook your hand. “Pardon my asking,” Alex started, “But how do you get him to smile? I’ve been trying for months.” He joked. Washington cleared his throat loudly, causing Alex to straighten up quickly. You laughed and hit George’s arm, “Stop it!” You told him. You turned to Alexander, “I didn’t know a smile was such a rare occurrence for Mr. Washington.”

George’s cheeks heated up, the blush fanning across his face. “This is the first time any of us have seen him smile, l'honneur de scout.” Lafayette grinned.

“I’ll have to work on that then.” You beamed. You intertwined you fingers with George’s before turning to him, “Come on, baby, I want to meet more people.”

George barely had time to say goodbye to the laughing pair before Y/N pulled him towards another group of people.

And that was what he loved about you. You were so happy, bubbly, and outgoing. He felt like he could do anything with you by his side. You were always the strong back bone pushing him in the right direction, in business and in his personal life. Whenever he needed to smile, you made sure he did by doing one thing: being yourself.

About an hour later, George was pulling you into an empty hallway. “George, what are you doing? I was going to talk to Eliza.”

“I just want a minute alone with you.” He said, leaving kisses all around your face. You giggled, “Ohh, Mr. Washington is starting a scandal.” You joked. “Shut up and kiss me.” He chuckled.

With that, you closed the gap and your lips molded together. The never ending sparks of your relationship pulsed through both your bodies. You felt his love for you in such a simple, yet passionate kiss. If you weren’t excited and happy, you probably would’ve cried. You finally found someone who you loved, and who loved you back. You were convinced that nothing could be better than that moment.

That is, until he proposed twenty minutes later.

That was probably better. Probably.

Soft Hair And Single - Part Four

Part One, Part Two, Part Three

Summary: Your time at the kindergarten comes to an end, and your relationship with Jensen is outed

Words: 1,029

Jensen x Reader

Warnings: none

Your name: submit What is this?

Friday was your last day working at the kindergarten, Andy’s paternity leave only covering two weeks off of work.

The kids were sad that you were leaving, but you left with the promise that if they ever needed a cover teacher, you would be back.

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anonymous asked:

I want to see Masky's brother! if you don't want to that's ok, I know you said he looked like Edd.

Masky: Well it’s your lucky day I guess…I got photos of him with me.

Masky: These two pictures were taken in the same day, me, my brother and his girlfriend were out in the woods and we had a nice time there. He found a little lizard and, what was her name again…Oh yeah, Ann took a photo of the moment the little guy want up his arm and chilled there. It was a really fun day…But yeah that’s him.

(OH WHAT’S THIS? THE BLOG UPDATED? Yeah I’m trying to stop being lazy and work ahah, this time the fault is mine, I’m just lazy as fuck)

Sexuality - Connor

I can’t remember who requested this, or if it was just an anon but basically I got asked to do an imagine where you’re bisexual and Connor finds out. Hope you like this, whoever requested it!! :-) xx

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Dressed up like a Mirkwood-type elf for the Battle of the Five Armies release. complete with the Gondolin-made elvish sword Orcrist and a Thranduil-ish crown hand-made by my lovely girlfriend. Pictures taken in Vancouver WA by my girlfriend, edited by myself :P

Loved the movie but I’m a little sad we won’t be returning to Middle Earth. Long live Peter Jackson, my hero, for making these beautiful movies.

You're Best Friends But End Up in Bed Together (Part 3)

 Part 1-2 here!

Liam: (Your POV)

         You shook your head, slipping on a pair of shorts and an old Red Hot Chili Peppers shirt before wrapping your hair in a bun and descending the stairs. You hated him. No, that was a lie, you loved him so much. It was the fact that you loved him so much that made you hate him. He aggravated you, pushed you and made you totally and completely angry with him, yet at the same time you couldn’t help but feel absolutely infatuated with him. 

    Taking a frozen pizza out of the freezer and placing it in the oven you mindlessly flipped through channels until you settled on some stupid reality TV show. You massaged your lower abdomen as you lay on the couch, watching as the Kardashian’s made a complete mockery of themselves. Finally, after halfway through the episode, the doorbell rang and you furrowed your brow, wondering who could possibly be coming to see you. 

    “Hell- oh…” you cleared your throat as Liam stood at the door to your apartment. 

    “What are you doing here?” you asked, gripping onto the door handle. 

  “I-um…can I come in?” he replied, and you opened the door further for him, 

    “Thank-you,” he murmured and you nodded, closing the door behind you and walking to the kitchen. 

     ”I made some pizza…want some?” you asked, taking it out of the oven and placing it on the stove. 

   ”Uh sure, yeah.” he replied. You nodded, taking the pizza cutter into your hands and glaring at the pizza as you continued to attempt to slice the pizza until it was just bits of cheese and dough. 

       ”(Y/N)…” Liam said as he took the pizza cutter from your hand and turned you around to face him. 

    “Hey, look at me,” he said softly, but you couldn’t bring yourself to meet his gaze and instead let tears fall down your face angrily. 

      “Leave me alone,” you pushed him away, “You took advantage of me…you used me.” you cried, turning away from him, your head in your hands. 

      “No, (Y/N) please it wasn’t like that. I would never do that, please you have to believe me.” he pleaded as he tried to grab for your hand. 

      “Why should I?” You narrowed your eyes, crossing your arms across your chest. 

    Before you could react he was in front of you, his hands on your hips and his lips against yours. You wanted to have the strength to push him away, and tell him to fuck off but in reality…you wanted him to kiss you, you wanted him to hug you and tell you that everything was alright and that you were special, but as the previous night’s events reoccurred in your mind you pushed him away. 

     ”Stop! Liam…we can’t, I’m sorry but I am not a toy, I’m not some girl you can just fuck okay? I just I want- I want more than just a hook up and if you can’t-” he interrupted your rant quickly before you could say another word. 

      “I’m in love with you.” 

  “I….you-” you tried to express to him how you felt, you knew the words and the feelings in your chest started to erupt but whenever you opened your mouth, they would get caught in your throat, disabling you momentarily. 

     ”I guess I never realized how much I loved you (Y/N). I’m so sorry, I should have seen it before. God everything about you is just stunning, even now as you stand in front of me in your adorable attire I’m trying to restrain myself from kissing you. I love how you dance around in socks even though you have hardwood floors, I love how the guys give you so much shit for being clumsy but you just laugh and toss insults right back at them, I love you for being yourself and never changing who you are because…you’ll always be my best friend, and I hope I haven’t messed anything up for us because I don’t want us to ever change, no matter what.” He blushed on the last word but never broke eye contact with you. 

     ”Liam…I- why haven’t you told me this before? Damn it Liam I’ve loved you since you first kissed me on the first day of school. I suppose…if you’re willing to take this slow this time, we can have a go at dating- but no surprise sex this time.” you nodded. 

    He kissed you passionately, fire fueling your body as he kissed your forehead, your lips, your neck, smiling as he buried his nose in your neck. 

    “Okay maybe a little surprise sex,” you said teasingly and he laughed, picking you up and whisking you away to the bedroom. 

     Louis: (Your POV) 

         After emerging from your shower, you felt the same as you had when you went in. Doubtful. You were annoyed with him, no doubt about that, it’s just the fact that he had left so abruptly. You thought maybe he had more respect for you than that, evidently you were wrong. 

   Wrapping your hair up in a towel and changing into a sports bra and a pair of sweatpants you lounged around the flat, making yourself some tea and grabbing a book, you decided to play a few records and just have some time to yourself, away from him. 

    Apparently the universe had other plans for you as you heard the door to your flat open. 

    “What the- Louis?” you narrowed your eyes as he entered the flat, holding a hand to his stomach before seeing you and standing up straight. 

    “What are you doing here?” you asked, staring him down. He cleared his throat, 

    “(Y/N)…I- I’m an idiot. I never meant to hurt you, I didn’t mean to leave early this morning like that either, I really hope you don’t think you were just another girl to me, because you’re not. You’re everything to me and I honestly could not see myself being apart from you for long periods of time. I guess what I’m trying to say…well what I am trying to say- I mean-” you shook your head and took his hand, guiding him to the couch and sitting him down. 

     ”Listen…I guess I’m not being entirely fair here, I- I haven’t been honest with you Louis. When I was away for those two weeks I wasn’t on a road trip with my mates from class…American Apparel offered me a spot in their fall catalog and I accepted. I know I should have told you and I’m sorry, but- that doesn’t excuse what you did. You left me…you made me feel like nothing, and I love you Louis. I love you, and I’m sorry because I told myself that I would be strong and that I wouldn’t allow myself to because you’re you and I’m…I’m just- I-” he brought your head to his chest and removed the towel from your head, running his fingers through your damp hair and sighing and you sat in silence together. 

     ”Did you mean what you said?” he asked after a long time of sitting together. You lifted your head, 

     ”About what?” you replied, 

  “About being in love with me,” he answered. 

     ”Every word,” you said, not a trace of hesitation in your voice. 

   ”Good, because I love you too.” he kissed the top of your head as you continued to play with each other’s hands. It wasn’t an ideal situation, but you knew as long as you had Louis, everything was all right. 

    Niall: (Your POV) 

             ”You what?” you replied, turning around to face him, bringing the sheet he had placed over your shoulders tighter around yourself. 

      “I love you, (Y/N). Every fucking inch of you,” he smiled, taking your hand. 

   ”No…no this isn’t right. It can’t be right, you don’t love me that way…you just want me to feel better-” you started to list off reasons of why he would say something like that, more to convince yourself than him, but he shook his head. 

     ”It’s you. I love you, (Y/N). I’m not saying this because I’m being forced to, or because you want to hear it, I’m saying this because I mean it. I really do love you, and I wished I had told you sooner.” he wrapped his arms around your body, the heat from his naked torso making you shiver. 

     ”Niall…” you turned around to face him, 

    “Hm?” he replied, taking his chin from your head and looking into your eyes. 

   ”Say it again please,” you let the sheet drop to the floor as the both of you fell onto the bed, 

    “I love you.” he repeated over and over again. 


     Niall’s hands were much bigger than yours, you smiled intertwining your fingers together and looking at him. He kissed your nose. 

    “What’s going to happen now?” you asked after moments of unbroken silence. 

     ”What do you mean?” he asked, and you cleared your throat, 

  “Well…I mean it’s just- we spent this time together, and I love you…and you love me..I dunno I just-” he started to chuckle, 

   ”You’re adorable when you ramble, but now is the part where I take you on some dates, we have fun, get our pictures taken and you will become my girlfriend.” he smiled, and you laughed teasingly. 

    “Oh? And what makes you think I’ll say yes?” you asked, he smiled and kissed the back of your hand- 

     ”Because you love me of course.” 

  Harry: (Your POV) 

        The date was perfection of course, aside from the fact that you weren’t hearing a word of what this guy was saying, and you were pretty sure he knew that. Once and a while you would nod and smile as he told his stories, but then you would catch yourself staring at your food, thinking about Harry and how you had left things. How this guys idea of a fun date was a formal dinner and splitting dessert. Harry would have taken you out on his motorcycle, shown you the city and made you try some insane dish at an Indian restaurant that you would eventually end up loving. 

     ”Um thanks for tonight…it was fun,” you lied. He nodded and smiled lightly at you before speeding off down the road. Well, that was a bust. You sighed and walked up the stairs to your flat, taking your heels off as you entered the hallway. 

   ”How did it go?” you heard him from the bar and you jumped before crossing your arms. 

    “What are you doing here?” you asked, he didn’t answer, just stared into his glass of whisky and coke. 

    “Was he fun to be around? Did he treat you to some roses and chocolate covered strawberries?” he mocked and you narrowed your eyes, taking his drink and splashing it in his face. 

    “Fuck you.” 

  “If you insist,” he replied and you didn’t bother answering him as you unzipped your dress and walked into the bedroom. 

   ”Hm, you didn’t match your bra or panties….smart move.” he spoke from the doorway, wiping his drink from his face and you gasped. 

   ”Get out! What the fuck are you doing?” you exclaimed, trying to cover yourself with your pajamas. 

    “Oh please, it’s nothing I haven’t seen before.” you glared at him and shoved him, hard. He moved out of the bedroom and into the living room, and you continued to shove him and hit him with your fists before he caught you in his arms and you started to yell and kick at him. 

    “This isn’t my fucking fault Harry! I’ve loved you for a long time and you proposed that we become fuck buddies! I took what I could get, and quite frankly, it was childish and stupid of me to believe that I actually had a chance with you. So boo hoo, I’m left all alone whilst you go out and parade around with gorgeous girls in sexy outfits. If you don’t love me the way I want you to, then at least love me like a friend, because I don’t know how much more of this fucked up thing we have I can take.” you cried as you freed yourself from his grip, walking into your bedroom and slamming the door behind you, stepping into the shower and changing into your pajamas before heading to bed. 

    Later in the night you still lay there wide awake, staring into the ceiling and thinking about Harry. As if on cue he stepped into your bedroom in a pair of boxers, he slipped under the covers and you didn’t bother to protest as he slipped his arms around your waist and pulled you closer to his body, his hairs tickling your face as you felt moisture on his cheeks. 

      You lay there in your bed at God knows what time in the morning, just holding each other, he rubbed circles into your hip as you caressed his head, your fingers brushing into his hair as he breathed steadily. 

          “I love you too,” he mumbled into your shoulder and you smiled lightly, nodding at his words. 

       ”I know Harry, I know you do.” you kissed his temple and you succumbed to sleep. 

    Zayn: (Your POV) 

           You silently thanked yourself for not bringing too many things to Zayn’s flat as you continued to pack your things. So far you only had a duffle bag and a shoulder bag packed, and you just finished packing a few of your clothing articles. One more bag and you were finished- a part of you was sad that he had chosen her over you…you loved Zayn for who he was, not what he was and you wanted him to see that. But Zayn was Zayn, and not even you could make him see how much you truly cared for him. 

       You could only imagine what they were doing right now, holding hands, hugging each other close…kissing. Zayn’s kisses were like fire and ice, he kissed passionately with burning desire, but left a sensation of cooling along your lips- it was addicting. You shook that thought from your mind and continued to pack your bag. 

       It didn’t take a genius to know what Zayn meant ‘things might not be the same’….of course they weren’t going to be the same, he was going to fall in love with her again and you would be gone, a faded memory, a fling of the past. You took your bags and walked to the foyer, placing your keys on the counter and leaving an envelope with a goodbye letter to Zayn- you didn’t think it was the best idea, leaving the letter. But you needed him to know how you felt, and if you were too late, at least he would have an idea. 

       ”(Y/N)?” Zayn’s voice sounded through the house and you froze, he sounded like he was in a rush…happy almost. She took him back…your heart sank. Tears threatened to spill from your eyes and you took a deep breath, readying yourself for his confession. 

       ”There you are,” he practically ran up to you, throwing his arms around you and laughing with what almost sounded like relief. 

   ”What…I mean- what happened?” you asked cautiously and he took your hands in his, although his hands were freezing, you didn’t want him to let go. 

     ”I met with her- she was…the same person I’d known before, beautiful, charming and well Perrie. But she wasn’t you. She wasn’t the person I had met and fallen in love with, she wasn’t this cute artsy girl who can never get her glasses to stay on her face. She never looked at me- the way you do. I’ve never looked at anyone with so much love in my life. I guess what I’m trying to say (Y/N) is that I’m in love with you. It took me so long to realize that, and I’ve been such an idiot, I never got that closure with her so I thought maybe seeing her again would make me want her again, but the farther away I was from you…the more I saw how sad I was without you. I love you (Y/N). I’m so sorry if I hurt you, I never meant to do that, and I hope you can forgive me.” he shook his head and sighed and you threw your arms around his neck. 

      “I love you too Zayn, I’m so happy you came back, I never wanted to leave you.” you smiled, a tear escaping your eye and he kissed your lips softly. 

    “And you never will.” 

The End :D 

This picture was taken when my girlfriend (right) and me (left) were on a party together. 

She’s the first woman ever who does not want to change anything about me, who just accepts me the way I am. I have never felt so loved and so happy. It feels like home when I’m with her and she’s the one I want to spend the rest of my life with.

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my girlfriend doesn’t have a tumblr 

140627 Super Junior′s Heechul Reveals Why He Never Takes Pictures with His Girlfriend
  • Super Junior’s Heechul revealed the reason he never takes pictures with his girlfriend.
  • During June 26’s broadcast of JTBC’s Ssulzun, the panel talked about the recent outbreak on Girls’ Generation (SNSD) Taeyeon and EXO Baek Hyun’s relationship.
  • Heechul revealed during the show that he knew about Taeyeon and Baek Hyun’s relationship since a month earlier, saying “Coincidentally, I’m the closest to Taeyeon out of SNSD and Baek Hyun out of EXO.”
  • He said, “The fans are especially disappointed because Taeyeon and Baek Hyun receive so much love from the fans. If I get involved in a scandal, they wouldn’t care so much, but it’s different in the case of Taeyeon and Baek Hyun.”
  • Heechul then revealed he has never taken a picture with his girlfriend, reasoning, “I always tell my hubaes never to leave trace when they are dating, so one time my girlfriend asked me if I even really liked her. I told her that she would know that I′m right, after time goes by. If you leave no evidence, you get less affected even if it’s found out later. There’s no need to leave any marks.”
  • cr: JTBC