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The Night Court’s inner circle 

Leo de la Iglesia ❤️

Okay so maybe it’s just common sense that I’m most likely to relate to Leo because I am also a nineteen year old American, but he is seriously my new fave and here’s why:

It’s great to find power in love like half the other skaters in the competition. I absolutely love how Yuri’s theme embodies his love of Viktor, but Leo- he finds power in what he skates to… the music itself!

He’s so young, yet he choreographs his own routines to his own favorite music. I didn’t include this specific picture, but he also says that he just wants to fill the world with what he loves. He loves music, and he wants to fill the world with music because it gives him strength and does the same for others, including me.

I relate to Leo so much because without music, I would also have no courage in myself.

The scene where he falls while practicing a jump is just so beautiful because he doesn’t get depressed when he falls, he just looks to his music for guidance and reflects on the fact that he wouldn’t be there without music.

Not only do I love Leo, but I also love the music he chose. It’s catchy, and has an undeniable, positive American feel to it. And god knows we need positive American vibes after yesterday’s disaster of an election.

I can’t wait to see Leo come back for more. And I know he will, because it was stated that he’s the closest person to qualifying for the Grand Prix out of everyone in the competition. Undoubtedly, Yuri has real competition in Leo.

Here’s a really fun fact I’ve learned recently. 

These are American Slave-Making ants, they have an odd behavior where they steal the pupa of other species of ants and force them to carry out tasks for the colony instead of creating minor workers themselves. This specific picture is of a slave that is no longer responding to its captors so it will be killed. 

i chose this picture specifically to show yall how FINE sakura looked in the manga compared to how dull they made her design smh 

Writing Tip:

Body language is super important for conveying emotion. It’s not always the easiest thing to do with words, but it can go a long way to adding depth and stuff to a scene. Ordinary descriptors are cool, too–but just look at the difference:

Kyrin smiled awkwardly. “I’m doing alright.”
Kyrin showed his teeth and forced eye contact. “I’m doing alright.”

The first one is okay–it gets the point across, which is often good enough.
But the second one–it’s a lot more likely to win a sympathy cringe from the reader, because it shows exactly how poor Kyrin is being awkward and it keys into specific physical sensations that the reader can imagine.

Or here’s another one:
She gave a disapproving glare.“Brysson, why did you kick open the door?”
She raised both her eyebrows and placed her hands on her hips. “Brysson, why did you kick open the door?”

Again, the first one is okay–but the second one gives the reader something more specific to picture. And more than that, it provides some subtle characterizing detail, too. It says ‘this is a person who expresses disapproval by raising her eyebrows and putting her hands on her hips.’ Rather than, say, someone who crosses her arms, and clicks her tongue.

Paying attention to the details of body language is cool ‘cause it’s a decently easy way to show what’s going on in a character’s head (like people always say with that ‘show, don’t tell’ thing) AND it’s a good way to further individualize your characters and keep them distinct. 

anonymous asked:

i dont want this to be like annoying or anything but i just wanna know what sites & stuff you get your details pictures from specifically beauty at runway shows? i love all your pictures but if you get them from some database or something i'd LOVE to scroll through all the beauty looks of the lineup. anyway i hope you can answer this because i find it so soothing to look at similar themed beauty looks from one show. love ur blog

sure np. a lot of times i just google reverse image search till i find a decent source but here are a few reliable ones for full runway shows



fashionising.com (r.i.p. this one doesnt update anymore but its good for old shows)




The show confirmed it

Several members of the Crewniverse confirmed it

I don’t care if you don’t ship Rosepearl because you don’t think it’s healthy

Just acknowledge that it fucking exists, that it isn’t one-sided, that they actually HAD a romantic relationship before Greg came along

After over a year of not doing commissions, I am finally opening up a few slots. 
See my work in my >> ART TAG <<


For now, I am only doing characters with flat backgrounds (as seen above).

Please contact me through the message system (not asks). 
Tell me what you would like, and if you have a clear idea of what you want, please be very specific. Reference pictures are very welcome!!

I’m completely fine with nudity, but please keep it somewhat PG.
(I won’t draw furries or My Little Pony characters… Because reasons)

Payment: Through PayPal when the drawing is finished and the costumer is satisfied :)

Please keep in mind that I’m still a student, and that I am far from perfect.


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