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Kuroko no Basuke Last Game Limited Edition Pamphlet Scans Part 3- Staff Illustrations (Part ½)

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Top 3 Minor Characters the Anan staff would like to be hugged by.

Another little bit from the Anan special. 

1 – Akatsuka-sensei

The man who gave birth to everything, without him the cute sextuplets wouldn’t exist! In the end, the guy we want to be hugged by most is Akatsuka-sensei.

2 – Atsushi-kun

Todomatsu’s friend. He’s a not bad looking, car possessing member of the elite. He has the verbal communication skills to entertain girls at parties. He seems like he’d be fun to go on a date with.

3 – Normal guy.

The first guy Totoko met at the singles event she went to look for an oil magnate at. He’s quite a handsome guy and he looks reliable, so we’d go for it.

Bonus Awards

He’s good looking so we want to be hugged by him award – Mr. Flag’s male secretary

A secretary working at Mr. Flag/Hatabou’s company. His well-defined eyebrows, his almond shaped eyes, his tall stature; he’s got the looks. But in addition to us thinking that he has a cold personality and can easily revolt against Hatabou, he got stabbed with a flag in episode 25 and died in agony.

He looks rich so we want to be hugged by him award – The guy’s who’s making quite a lot of money on the internet right now.

Totoko’s rival Hashimoto Nyaa’s fiancé. He’s certainly one of the most successful characters in the series. His expensive looking watch leaves a good impression. He seems like he would take you to expensive restaurants and hotels.

If he hugged us our luck would probably go up award - Kamimatsu

Kamimatsu, a man made out of goodness. Simply because he has god in his name, we feel as if we could profit just from having bodily contact with him. But because he is a good person and serious, he might just say “It’s too soon,” and not lay a hand on us. Also his close cropped hair is kind of weird.