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Flat haired Luke gives me wary palpitations.


Happy Birthday Harry from all Directioners!!

Couple Halloween Costume

Ponyboy- You both wanted to go as nerds, since you both kinda are. He loved how you looked and couldn’t keep his eyes off you and you loved how he did try and dress up too. 

Sodapop- You went as Greek God and Goddess, since you both basically looked like one. Everyone was staring at you but neither of you minded. It was fun to just get dressed up and look amazing. 

Johnny- He wanted to go as Elvis so you decided to try and kinda match him. You couldn’t help but smile every time you saw Johnny. You both had an amazing night together. 

Steve- He wanted you to be in something really hot and he saw the couple costume and thought it was perfect. You agreed after a while, it didn’t really matter, you only had it on for a few hours. 

Two-bit- He picked out your outfit for you, he said since you always played nurse for him when he got hurt it suited you. You agreed if only he would dress up as a doctor to match. 

Darry- He was your superman and you made him dress up like that. He only would if you did too so you did. The gang all laughed but it didn’t really matter to you since you both had fun and looked great. 

Dallas- He did not want to dress up. It took you forever to just convince him to look like a greaser and you would just dress up a little more than normal. You promised him some other stuff after and you didn’t disappoint. 


Things I like:
• Luke Hemmings.

Things I dislike:
• Luke Hemmings.

Can you see my frustration with this lanky boy ???

18. Lazy Day

Ashton Irwin:

You and Ashton spend the day in bed sleeping, wrapped up in each others arms and occasionally sharing kisses when one of you wakes up.

Calum Hood:

On a lazy day you both like to cuddle on the couch with a cup of tea and some snacks, watching movie after movie then you both eventually fall asleep with your arms wrapped around each other.

Luke Hemmings:

You and Luke spend the day in your pyjamas, telling each other stories about your past and hopes for the future and when your in the middle of telling a story he will randomly kiss you to let you know that he loves you.

Michael Clifford:

On a lazy day you and Michael would cuddle on the couch in his man cave and play tons of videos games, trying to beat each other and help him beat levels that he couldn’t do on his own and he would let you win at times.

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But wait Luke looks like Jack more and more everyday, it’s safe to say that Luke is only going to hotter with age. I can’t even deal with Luke hotness now god help me in a few years. My heart can’t take it.

How he hugs you *5sos*






Ashton Irwin. Punk rock drummer or male model? The world will never know.

Is it just me or do Ashton’s muscles get bigger each time a see a new picture of him. Like damn boy how do you fit through doors.

The converse he buys you





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Teenage Daughters Bedroom...


Taylor made her room really simple. All she wanted was dark pink walls and nothing too much over the top so you can focus on the view outside her windows. 

Beth is completely different from Taylor. She went for a statement room. Putting the signature Victoria Secret bag colors on one wall and a fancy design on the other. She went for a simple white duvet so her headboard and pillows are noticeable.


Darcy is Harry’s princess so when Harry said she could redo her room she went all out. Striped brown and pink walls made to room feel bigger. She went for a white duvet because she already had enough color from all her decorative pillows, nightstand, vanity, and dresser. Can you tell she likes pink?

Tiffany went for an inspired look for her bedroom. She loved the movie Breakfast at Tiffany's and the fact that her name was after the iconic jewelry store. Going for the Tiffany blue for her walls and picture of Audrey Hepburn on one of her walls. She went for a cute black and white duvet, adding a fancy chandelier and she was done. 


Poppy had an over-dramatic side like her father. Of course she needed a king sized bed, you said no but all it took was one pout at Louis and her wish was his command. She customized her bed frame to be hot pink. She picked pink walls with all pink details for her pillows and chairs, the only non colored thing was her white duvet. 

Mollie, much more relaxed than her sister, she went for decorative walls and having everything else simple. Her favorite color was orange so she did 3 walls orange and got some wallpaper design for an accent wall. Adding a orangey peach colored duvet and white furniture her room was complete. 


When Niall said Quinn could redo her room, she got right on it. Even though Niall said whatever his princess wanted, she would get, she went for something classy and elegant, just like her personality. Light orange walls to match the orange details on her bed. Going for a white duvet to match the white chairs. Her favorite part was the white net canopy right above her head. 

Again, anything his princess wanted, she could get. Nessa going a little bit more glamorous theme, went for a orange, red, and pink floral design duvet. White furniture and dark wood floors made the room look amazing. Nessa loved the storage she had and how inside the circles that they were pink that added a splash of color to her room.


(Originally Zayn didn’t have a daughter but i’ll make one for this.)

All Ariana wanted for her room was a really nice comfy bed. Her favorite colors are green and blue so she added those into all the small details in her room. She had a easel so she could do her art work, and a nice big desk and storage.