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OVW Women’s Champion ODB
[August 23rd, 2006]

In mid-2006, the OVW women’s roster had grown significantly, and the need for a championship was discovered by one of the most boisterous ladies in the company. ODB came to the ring with a WWE Women’s Championship belt, covered in stickers and adorned with an OVW, claiming to be the OVW Women’s Champion. Apparently, she had won the title at a tournament in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil (heard that one before?), though it was clear she had merely self-appointed herself the champion.

Despite the obvious lie, the championship became a legit sought-after item in OVW, as several of the femme fatales (what OVW calls their female wrestlers) started vying for a shot at the title. Between its inception in July of 06 and today, several notable ladies have held the OVW Women’s Championship. Serena, Beth Phoenix, Katie Lea, Rosa Mendez, both of The Blossom Twins, Josie, Mickie Knuckles (as Izza Belle Smothers), Heidi Lovelace, and Taeler Hendrix are just a few of the many champions in the title’s history.


The Family

  • Janice Whales. 43. Mother. 
    Kind, loving, and very motherly woman. People are usually very comfortable around her friendly warm nature. She’s fiercely proud of her only son’s accomplishments, but very scary when disobeyed by Hunter. 
  • Jesus Lozoya. 46. Father. 
    Hunter doesn’t know much about his father.

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@sixpenceee This is another post of the Mansfield Reformatory, I did a comparison of the pictures I took at Ohio State’s former penitentiary (on the left) and stills from the movie The Shawshank Redemption (on the right). I only recently saw the movie after visiting the reformatory last summer, and so I thought you might like to see the comparisons!