picture of today

Sorry for the sloppy picture (just ugh I can’t picture today lol), please click to enlarge it!

In Attack on Titan Junior High - I remember when it was airing - people were really excited about the notice board with the 104th’s faces being drawn by the other characters and wanted to know who drew what. So, if you’re still curious, here you go!


I missed the one year anniversary of this blog, too! It was on February 21st! But, I can say today - that it took just over a year to find 2000+ fellow appreciators of awkwardness :) Glad to see all of ya! 💕 Hope to continue bringing you quality ‘ruto well into the new series, too!

Naruto/Naruto Shippuden may have ended, but the awkwardness will assuredly never end! ;)

Also, @ mutuals, if any of you want a postcard from seoul, send me an ask! I’ll include a bad quality drawing of your favourite elf lol. (If you want a card but you’re not comfortable giving out your address, just say so and I’ll send you a picture of the dog I befriended here holding the card I wrote for you)


These are my favourite pictures of Matthew Goode today.  He looks so young, fresh faced and innocent looking in these pictures by Uli Weber.  I think Uli’s latest pictures of Matthew for Style Magazine Italia have a similar feel. 

Goodey is older but he’s still got it!  What is it?  You know.

Thanks to @desertrose994 and sharovarka for reminding me about these!

28/03/2017, @gradblrchallenge day 23 

No picture today because virtually all I did was read and meet a friend for coffee (both of which I really liked). 

In other, random news, my reading today included references to both Alexander von Humboldt and Stephen Maturin (go watch Master & Commander if you don’t know who he is, or, even better, read the books), which made me happier than it should have (because, strictly speaking, neither are actually relevant for my PhD). And I’m beginning to develop another niche interest, this time about ecology and medicine in the early modern Caribbean. As you do.  

NaKniCroMo Day 28

Today is the last day of week four of NaKniCroMo and thus it’s time to share my progress again.

Only one picture today. I did not get anything done on my sweater at all :(In fact, I’m not even done with this week for the Hygge CAL. I’ve been going slow and been quite busy the past week. And then last night and today I’ve not got much done because my arm has been so sore.