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I’ve been randomly getting a lot of messages about Gio– So here’s actually an old drawing of him I drew back in the summer. I just decided to color it today haha. Before you say that Gio looks like Kii, Kii’s design is actually heavily based off of Gio, but they’re complete opposites.

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Seeing both Phichit's and Chris' now, I have to ask about Viktor's top ten Instagram posts! :D

Viktors 10 most liked pics on social media? :D ♡

Viktor’s Top Ten Most Liked Videos/Pictures To Date:

1) Underwear model photoshoot. That’s all I’m saying

2) The most adorable picture of him and Makkachin that made everyone’s heart’s explode

3) A podium selfie he took of him and Chris and Yuuri in the background while Yuuri’s wasn’t looking

4)  A clip from an advert that Viktor did for a brand he sponsors. Literally no-one cared about the brand, they cared that Viktor spent the entire ad either with water being poured on him (aesthetically) or with his shirt off while skating, all in black and white and very pretty to watch. It has been featured in a significant number of people’s sexual fantasies, including teenage Yuuri’s.

5) A picture of his medal collection/trophy shelf that he posted in retaliation to someone saying ‘he hasn’t even won that much anyway’. (Hint - it’s really freaking big)

6) A selfie of him and Chris on a road trip taken by him, while driving, along a road by a cliff that drops into the sea. It’s only so popluar because most people thought it was going to be the last photo of him they ever saw

7) A video of his world record breaking Free Skate (Belle)

8) A picture of him and Yuuri on the podium taken from old news footage the first time they shared the podium together for a #throwbackthursday. It’s popular because it’s from the same video where Yuuri was caught glaring at Viktor and the rivalry officially started 

9) The picture of the view from the hotel room window with the jacket that might or might not be Yuuri’s in it

10) The picture of his medal from the time he won gold and his title back from Yuuri in chapter 9

+ most popular of all time) Now that would be spoiling it ;) But it involves Yuuri and it broke the internet


ok but like. … . . they do look similar. ..  right? ??? ?

 my boyfriend is the actual long lost very babiest mcelroy brother 

Sometimes, our perception of God is totally inaccurate. We picture Him as someone who is harsh and indifferent to our suffering. But in reality the Bible says in Psalm 34:18 “The LORD is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.” We may not feel His presence, nonetheless, He is right beside us. He is tender towards those who are broken and bleeding. Isaiah 42:3 says, “A bruised reed He will not break, and a smoldering wick He will not snuff out.” So be assured child of God, His heart is moved with compassion towards you. He will come and save you.

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My question of the day is why don't cait and mm follow each other on sm? Well, I can prob guess why cait doesn't follow her, but I think you get my question.

Cait follow the true love of her best friend?  You’d think,  after almost a year, that she’d be friendly with Sam’s gf, just like she’s friends with Steven Cree’s wife, wouldn’t you.   This one has always been a red flag for me, in my ever lovin’ sea of red flags.

I’m disappointed that Sam wasn’t at the OW event with Cait tonight, disappointed in Starz.  There will be an explanation for this that doesn’t involve him not supporting her and not wishing her well.   I was expecting Tony to be there and she’s had her picture taken with him before.  I know they’re friends.  There’s no more chemistry between them tonight than there ever was and my ship won’t be sunk because this picture happened to be labeled with his name.  That’s an acknowledgement of who she’s standing beside, not who she’s in a relationship with.   I’m more saddened by the Sam hate that’s crossing my dash and the number of posts I see again about trickery and devious behavior.   It’s so, so sad to me every time something happens, to watch the ship get lighter.  

Process as you must of course.  No rules.  I will be on deck dreaming of smoother sailing for those of us who stay.

Okay but Phil probably caught Dan off guard with the picture of him + shaved sides. Phil’s phone is probably full of pictures of Dan doing mundane things. Like he probably has pictures of him drinking coffee, editing a video, making food, etc. and that makes my heart so happy. Phil thinks Dan looks good doing everyday things and that’s so sweet.

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how do you summon demons?

JIN: Great Question! Well, its a bit of a process so bare with me. 

But first, let me clear something up. Beginners are not able to summon demons without making a contract first. We need to find and “capture” one first. The downside to that is that demons are invisible to the human eye. That’s why I had this specially made!!

It’s a modified polaroid camera! 

Using the viewfinder on this camera makes it so that demons are visible (Dont ask how it works). Once you find your demon, simply take a picture of him!

For example, here is what it looked like before and after I used the camera to capture Jimin

Now, where to find the demons? and how exactly does the camera capture them?

The six demon boys I contracted had their souls bound to a place or object. Jimin was bound to an apple tree, Yoongi was bound to a piano, etc… It takes a bit of intuition to figure out which objects have demons bound to them.  

When you take a picture of the demon with the polaroid, it automatically transfers the demon’s soul out of the original binding object and into the printed photograph. Since The photograph is in your possession, the demon is also in your possession. 

Once the demon is in your possession, you can summon it wherever you want and make him do whatever you want. 

Of course, this isnt the only way to make a contract with a demon. Since I’m an expert with this method, I’m starting to learn how to summon demons from the underworld with black magic, which is real risky business. 

Be warned! Even if you have the demon in your possession, they might try to escape or even try to kill you! It’s important to create a bond with them right away.

Hope that helped a bit~

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In the candlelit dinner scene Daryl glances up at Carol when she's smiling at him and I like to imagine his internal monalogue was telling him to commit that image of her to memory so he could picture her smiling at him and replay it over and over in his head after he leaves her when he needs something to hold on to his humanity, sorry for being emo

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What are nordics posting on their instagram & Snapchat? *sorry for my English*

Denmark: Posts pictures of Sweden with filters on them and really weird captions. Actually, anyone he’s around may be subject to this. Anything really weird he does it is going on snap. Sometimes it’s selfies of him with or without a filter. On Instagram, it’s pictures of him and a whole bunch of positivity reminders. Maybe a cute animal or two (very frequently) on both. 

Norway: Ooo so he makes little aesthetics for people and posts some pictures of him and some animals on insta. All he posts on snap is selfies, but tell me, who’s complaining?

Sweden: It’s w a r with Denmark and really dumb pictures of him. Everyone else benefits from it and even save them as blackmail if they’re both drunk one day and post a few. Finland and the micronations appear a lot too. I don’t really think he has insta but if he did it would be pictures of things he found pretty. 

Iceland: Memes and really old ones just to get one everyone’s nerves, little shit. Dumb drawings he does and pictures of him in weird places. When people see it they’re a little concerned as to how he got there. Sometimes you’ll get pictures of him smiling, everyone loves them.

Finland: Ikea fuck ups. On either site, you’ll see Sweden, stumped as he stairs at this table he did completely wrong. If you look close enough you can see his soul leaving his body. A few memes here and there and petty pictures of where he destroyed someone in an argument. So many sweet pictures of this lovely chub boy, snap has been blessed whenever you see him.

-Admin Sheila