picture of earth from mars

my only contribution to the penumbra rabbits discourse is: what if juno got rabbit and rat mixed up bc they’re similar words and similar-ish animals and no one on mars has ever seen an actual rabbit so the sewer rabbits are really just. regular giant rats. possibly w a few extra eyes bc it’s mars but overall just. a fairly normal large rat like u get in sewers and subway tunnels on earth

Curiosity’s 1st photo of home planet Earth from Mars

18 months into her mission to discover a habitable zone on the Red Planet, NASA’s Curiosity rover has at last looked back to the inhabited zone of all humanity and snapped her 1st image of all 7 Billion Earthlings living on the Home Planet.

“Look Back in Wonder… My first picture of Earth from the surface of Mars,” tweeted Curiosity today.

Car sized Curiosity captured the evocative image of Earth as an evening star in the Martian sky just days ago on Jan. 31, 2014, or Sol 529, some 80 minutes after sunset.

And what’s more is that the evening sky view even includes the Earth’s Moon!

Image credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/MSSS/TAMU

Pic unrelated, I didn’t know what to put.

I really do love how on site love to say how more intelligent and sophisticated they are but they still fall for fake news stories. It doesn’t even take a higher form of intelligence to fact check something, it just requires basic skills and most of the stories people are falling for are years old and many of them started as hoaxes on Facebook. 

In the past two-three months I’ve seen these so called “highly intelligent people” fall for stories about;

  • Arizona enacting a law that would legalise gay conversion therapy (National Report, fake news site)
  • NASA’s supposed secret message they were going to announce (phishing scam, it happened during the shutdown as well)
  • Diet pills effectiveness (proven to be a placebo & in some case have lethal effects)
  • Women winning lawsuit against Wachowski siblings regarding supposed copyright infringement with The Matrix (not true at all, she didn’t even bother turning up to court)
  • Original African American Statue of Liberty (a completely different unrelated statue from much later, 2007 to be precise)
  • Contact lenses melting onto a guy’s eye (urban legend)
  • Safety tips (not all were fake but a few are actually pretty dangerous)
  • Man being swallowed by a snake (hoax)
  • Oujia Boards (explained by ideomotor effect and they’re a novelty toy owned by Hasbro, not a “tool of the supernatural”)
  • Albino Alligator supposedly being healed by acupuncture (though no proof of acupuncture being the reason why it healed)
  • Picture of Earth, Venus & Mercury together taken from Mars (faked)
  • Crystal pyramids found in Bermuda Triangle (Hoax)
  • More pyramids under Bermuda Triangle (CGI, Hoax)
  • Newborn elephant (which was actually a miscarriage)
  • Over exaggerated benefits of Wheatgrass (it’s not that beneficial and wheatgrass therapy is such a scam)
  • Monsters in sewers (it was an ad campaign)

And the latest one with the girl who Justin Bieber called a “beached whale” killing herself (another fake news story from National Report)

I just don’t see how you can proclaim this site is more intelligent than Facebook and others when it falls for the same things, in some cases way after it was originally put online and been debunked numerous times on many sites.

People get so outraged over things that turn out to be faked, wouldn’t it be better to check for the facts before starting the outrage? Or is that too much to ask?