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So here we go… This is my “unHOLY SHIT!” project. Well, Part I, anyways ;D

So - first off, this is my costume of Papa Emeritus III. Made from the EXACT SAME MATERIALS as the real deal! The only things that aren’t exact is the gold fabric on the mitre, the frilly stuff on the white part of the mitre, and the purple lining.

It’s a complete blast to wear - I had my first outing in it last night at the Kansas City, September 30th ritual. Did meet and greet again… and holy shit, Papa and the Ghouls were wide-eyed and speechless again! The crew and merch people loved it, the blond british gal who works the merch table went BONKERS over the costume! “Oh, I really dig your costume!… Wait… Where did you get that fabric?? How the- how the hell did you know those details!!! Holy shit!” she proceeded to take photos of me, took close-ups, and said “I’m showing this to Papa, nice work!”

So after spending an hour or so stuck in the same place as everyone wants a photo (not complaining mind you, it was an awesome experience) it was time for the meet and greet. The guy who sends you in looked at me, leaned back and yelled to Papa “Oh, you’re gonna LOVE this guy!”

I met Papa at the bus after the ritual, what a hottie holy sHIT, and he signed my Papa dollar and looked me over and said “Nice work! I dig it. Keep it up.” JDFKLAJDFKL;AN HELP

And then I wake up to the OFFICIAL BAND INSTAGRAM posting a picture of me while I was doing my meet and greet - holy shit! HOLY SHIT. HELP. THIS IS AMAZING.

So credits due:
Scott Blake of Yordreem Creations, for doing this one-time-only custom commission of both the mask and the costume - total badass and master of his craft. To be clear, he does not sell these.

Sewcherry Onatopp Stitchwork, for drawing up the mitre design, and doing all the embroidery work.

Enjoy! If you wish to join the journey, I’ll be posting more to this tumblr (I suck at staying active), and I also post to my instagram, @notpapaemeritus.

internet friend!mingyu

a/n: hey friends sorry I haven’t written in a while here’s this and it’s not the greatest sorry but also requests are opened :~)

•ok so first off mingyu would have a fan account for a band he likes

•always on his twitter fan account and talking about how much he loves that certain band and how they have great music okay okay

•he stumbles upon your account and he sees that you like the same band as him and starts to stalk your account lol

•comes across a selfie of you and he’s stunned bc wow ur so BEAUTIFUL and he goes to follow you and is waiting for a follow back nice

•mingyu checking his phone every five seconds and waiting for you to follow him

•so you go to check our your notifs and someone followed you and they looked cool so you decided to follow back

•mingyu screaming inside bc yeS this person finally followed me

•he goes to dm you bc he really wants to talk to you and be friends w you nice

•"hello my name is mingyu I see we like the same band. let’s be friends :)“

•you guys talk and become really close pals aw

•you actually think he’s a catfish at first but you’re like okay let’s be friends !!

•after a while of talking you guys actually become close but then you ask him to send you a selfie so you can know what he looks like right

•he sends you a selfie and you almost fall off your chair bc he’s handsome and has really cute silver hair

•and you keep telling him about how hes so adorable and handsome and he’s halfway across the globe from you blushing

•also you lived in the united states while mingyu lived in korea

•it would be somewhat difficult to talk to mingyu because you would be going to sleep and it would be the afternoon there but you guys would always make it work

•before you go to sleep he’ll always send you cute messages like

•"sleep well (y/n)! you need to rest well for the upcoming day and I love you a lot”

•his goodnight messages always make your heart flutter

•for the first time he asks to video chat and you were like ok yea

•but inside you were screaming bc what if you mess up and say something weird or it gets awkward

•little did you know he was thinking the same thing too

•the video chat starts and you see his giant smile

•"hello (y/n) nice to finally talk to you!!“

•you both thought it would be awkward but it was actually really cute and it stopped when one of you guys had to sleep

•this became a daily routine so every single day you and mingyu would video chat until one of you guys had to go

•you and mingyu tell each other everything and after a while consider each other best friends

•and talk about how sad it is that you both live so far from each other :~(

•promises they you’ll both meet one day and stay best friends until the end!

•cute packages would be sent between you guys and mingyu would be sending you korean snacks and polaroid pictures and you would be sending him american things

•but guys mingyu would send you polaroids of him in places in korea and would caption it “I’ll take you here one day” :):

•okay so the band you both like was going to tour in korea and mingyu was so excited and bought tickets

•him telling you he wishes you were with him to see that band together

•and mingyu didn’t know it but you bought tickets to korea and to see the band without telling him

•t minus three days until the concert and you’re on your plane leaving to korea and all you tell mingyu is that you’re going to visit your parents but little does he know

•ok so you arrive in korea and you’re texting mingyu you made it to “your parents house” safely and to have fun at the concert and he’s sending frowny faces bc he wishes you were there

•at the concert you spot the back of a really tall silver headed boy. hey mingyu

•you just jump onto his back lmao

•mingyu is confused as fuck and turns around and it’s you!!!

•he picks you up and is spinning you around and is all smiley

•”(y/n) my best friend is here I’m here with my best friend finally"

•you’re both so happy to be with each other and they you’re both seeing your favorite band together and jamming out to their music

•after the concert he holds onto your hand and is bringing you everywhere around korea and showing you all the places he took polaroids of

•the two of you would have the cutest pictures together and it would be so fun to be with mingyu

•im crying bc being internet friends w mingyu would be so cute


Billy: Ey Stuart, this girl, isn’t she your phone background?
Stuart: What? Oh no!
Nick: Talk to her!
Stuart: No! She’s out of my league!
Nick: Stuie! You need to risk something!
Billy: Nick’s right. She stares at you.
Nick: Go, womanzier!

Stuart: Hey, I’m Stuart. You’re… (Y/N) (Y/L/N).
(Y/N): Oh… hi. Sorry, I haven’t time to give you an autograph.
Stuart: No, I don’t want- I mean… an autograph would be cool, but-
(Y/N): You want to ask me out, because I’m “very popular”? No interest!
Stuart: No! Well… I’m a huge fan, but I just wanted to talk. No hidden agenda.
(Y/N): Really? I know a lot of assholes, I don’t need more!
Stuart: Just talk.
(Y/N): Okay, Stuart.

: You’re a really nice guy. Thank you.
Stuart: There’s nothing to thank for.
(Y/N): Yes, there is. I always meet people who just want to sleep with me. Sometimes I think, I never could meet someone who wants to be friends with me faithfully, who like who I am and not that I’m “famous”. Everyone knows you. People will always talk about you, always! It isn’t always a good time to be “famous” or “popular”… I hate this words.
Stuart: But there are also good times.
(Y/N): Yes, of course. I have so many cute “fans”. It’s the best thing in the world when you see their reactions when they meet you. But because of the assholes, I sometimes wish, I were a nobody… They don’t even know what it is to be a fan. Y'know? To truly love some silly little piece of music, or some band, so much that it hurts. They only see the fame.
Stuart: I know what you mean.
(Y/N): That’s the reason why I like you. Give me your phone!
Stuart: Why?
(Y/N): I give you my number.
Stuart: But…
You take his phone and smile when you see that his screen is a picture of you. You don’t say anything about it and just write your number.
(Y/N): Thank you for the talk, Stuart.
Stuart: Thank you, too.


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I went to the All Time Low concert in San Jose on May 4th. I knew the line up really well except for State Champs. After I found out they were one of the opening acts, I looked up their music and instantly fell in love. They are now one of my favorite pop punk bands. After the amazing concert, I saw the members of State Champs in the lobby talking to fans and signing autographs. While I was in line to meet Derek, he was having a nice, engaging conversation with a fan who went to many of their shows as well as a show in New Zealand. When it my was turn, I talked to Derek for a little bit and asked him to sign my ticket and to take a picture. I was wearing a custom State Champs shirt and he complimented it. He was so sweet and I absolutely loved the fact that he gave all his fans his undivided attention. I love that the band went out to meet their fans. I love the fact that they didn’t charge anyone money to take a picture with them. After meeting them, I fell so much more in love with how genuine the band is. I think that is the most important thing when it comes to this industry and being a band with thousands of loving fans. You really do need to stay true to yourself and stay genuine. I wish State Champs all the best.

Anywhere But Here (Michael Imagine)

A/N: based loosely on the song Anywhere But Here by Mayday Parade, which you can listen to here.

The last thing you wanted to do was give him an ultimatum.  But you saw no other options. The truth was, you were tired.  Tired of being a secret he didn’t want to tell.  You wished you could meet his mother.  You wished you could call him your own.

But, as he had explained so many times before, his life was different now.  Crazy, even.  And if the band was going to grow, he needed to be with someone who would help them grow.  So he picked a movie star over you.  It didn’t mean anything, he had assured you.  It was all for show.  But the countless pictures of and magazine articles about the happy couple made your stomach churn with jealousy.  What made her better than you? You knew the answer: fame.  Fame ruled their worlds, and they were the most famous couple of them all.  But as much as you wanted him and the band to succeed, it made you sick to see them together.

As you drove across town that night and parked in the hotel’s parking lot for the fourth time that week, you could feel adrenaline buzzing through your veins.  Your body was already preparing its fight or flight response, and this time, you knew that you were ready to fight.

He was already there when you made it into the usual room, lying on the bed casually.  He smiled when he saw you, and you felt your stomach flip.  What if this ended badly for both of you?  Was it worth the risk? You watched numbly as he got off the bed and walked towards you.  "What happened?“ he asked, reading your face like an open book.

"I don’t want to do this tonight,” you responded. You moved past him, farther into the room, and he turned to face you, but didn’t try to go any nearer.

“What did I do?” he asked, completely bewildered.

You sighed.  "It’s not just one thing, Michael.  I’m just so sick of sneaking around with you.“

He ran a hand through his hair and took a step towards you.  "Y/N, you know why we have to keep this a secret. She means nothing to me, I’ve told you that a million times.”

“Yeah, you’ve told me a million times, but it doesn’t change the fact that I’m the one who ends up hurting from this.  It’s the jealousy I feel every time I see you next to her, and the complete inadequacy I feel when you say how much you love her in an interview.  It drives me insane, and I just don’t know if I can take it anymore." 

He took another step towards you. "It’s hard for me, too.  Pretending to be with someone I don’t love.  Missing you all the time.  Nearly forgetting who I am every day until I see you.  It’s not easy, but one day it’ll be over.”

“When?” you asked.

“I don’t know, months maybe?” You shook your head in disbelief, staring at your feet.  "Come on, Y/N, I love you.  Isn’t that enough?“

"Not anymore, Michael.  I’m giving you one week.  One week to end it with her, or I’m done.” His face looked stricken, and your stomach contracted, but you pressed on.  "I can’t keep living like this, your secret lover hidden away in here.  I want to be with you outside of this hotel room.  Anywhere but here.“

"Y/N, I-”

“Don’t make excuses,” you cut him off. “I’ll talk to you in a week.” you walked past him and out the door, letting it close before you leaned against the outside of it and slid to the floor, letting the tears fall.

The look on his face was imprinted on the back of your eyelids, so deeply troubled that the ache in the pit of your stomach was nearly overwhelming.  You cried silently to yourself on the carpet until you felt like maybe you could stand without toppling over from the crushing guilt.

You drove around the city aimlessly with your window rolled down, listening to the radio and feeling the breeze cool your face.  The night felt endless, like the world would never grow light again, or the sun had burnt out.  You almost felt like you had gone back in time, just a few years ago.  Back when boy problems took a backseat to school work, and Michael was just a cute boy who sat at the back of the class.  Back when you could drive these streets and scream All Time Low songs, but not feel the bite of the heartbreaking lyrics.  

When you finally made it home, a boy with a shock of bright red hair sat on your front steps.  Your heart quickened as he looked up when you pulled the car into the driveway.  It wasn’t a particularly warm night, and you wondered how long he’d been here.  You took your time gathering your things and stepping from the car, collecting your thoughts and trying to slow your heart rate.  You looked up the steps.  He was standing now, obviously waiting for you to ascend the stairs.  You did.  When you reached him, he pulled his hands from behind his back and handed you a bouquet of white roses.

They were your favorite flower, but you couldn’t help but laugh.  "This is so cheesy,“ you said by way of greeting, taking the flowers.

He smiled.  "I know, I suck.” You nodded and looked down to smell the flowers as he continued.  "I called her and ended it as soon as you left.  I’m sorry I didn’t see how badly I was hurting you. I don’t even care about the publicity anymore.  Just you.“ You smiled and met his eyes.  "And the band, I guess,” he added, and you laughed again.  

“Well, I’m sorry I had to give you that ultimatum,” you said.

“Don’t be sorry, look how well it turned out!” he exclaimed throwing his arms out and looking around your front yard, as if your relationship and happiness was scattered in the grass.  "I’m glad you did it.  Now can I please kiss you?“ he asked hesitantly.

You smiled again.  "Absolutely.” and he did.  It was soft, but full of all of the promise of a more honest, open relationship.  And as he walked blindly up the steps and into your house, still kissing you, you whispered “I love you”, firm in the knowledge that there was no place you’d rather be.


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Okay so a couple of days ago I met my heroes at the Self Help Festival ❤️ Okay so all the excitement started when I got there. There was a huge line for VIP. I was with my mom & it was my first concert so I really know what to expect! While I was waiting in line I could hear some bands practicing & I felt like jumping up & down cause I was sooo excited ! As we got our VIP package we went inside the VIP lounge. So I thought I would see every band there already. Well I wrong. There was a certain time for every band. (Of course) So I went with my mother to get some band merch & when we came back the first band that was there was State Champs. I didn’t really know State Champs but I wanted to meet them anyways. When it was my turn to take a picture I hugged every one of them. They were soo nice! The lead singer was the nicest. (And so HOT) The second band I met was This Wild Life! I WAS SO HAPPY! I LOVE THIS WILD LIFE!! I hugged them both with all my might & told them both I loved them sooo much! That only thing that sucks was that I only got like 5 minutes with them :/ The third band I met was The Devil Wears Prada. I like that band a lot, but I wasn’t really a huge fan. So yeaah. I told a picture with them & they were really cool. So I went outside the fest to see This Wild Life perform & totally forgot about BREATHE CAROLINA! So I miss out on meeting them:( Well anyway the next band I met was Real Friends. Like I said, I like Real Friends a lot but not so much as a huge friend. But the leader of Real Friend was like,“ Hey You! I seen you walking around the festival a couple times!” I was so shocked & I was like OMG REALLY ?!? Haha it was pretty amazing.   The next band I met was FALLING IN REVERSE!!! THERE MY THIRD FAVORITE BAND!!!! I was in line to meet them for about thirty minutes -.- but finally I  got to them & I didn’t really go as I wished it would:( I was next in line & I hugged Ronnie but Ronnie didn’t really do anything. I told a picture with them & after I told them I love them & he laughed. So I guess thats a good sigh:D Next band WAS FLIPPING SLEEPING WITH SIRENS!! AH I was screaming my lungs out  when they walked out of that door! I started to cry my eyes out & Kellin & I made eye contact three times! So as I was waiting in line, I met some friend so I took a picture with them too with Sleeping with Sirens. So I wanted to take a picture with Kellin but the girls I met so him so I had to take a picture with Nick & Justin! Oh well! Then the last band was my ALL TIME FAVORITE BAND/HEROES!! PIERCE THE VEIL!!! omg i couldn’t breathe when I say them. Like I couldn’t believe they where in front of me! Tony came near me I told him I love him sooo much & he smiled at me! My heart stopped! Ahh then I was next in line!! I wanted to hug everyone but I couldn’t. (There was only pictures) But that didn’t stop me to hug my husband VIC FUENTESSS !! I hugged him with all my might & he smelled him soo good! I live the feeling when he wrapped his arms around mee! After the picture I hugged Jaime while say I love him so much & he picked me up!! I CRIED ! I LOVE THEM SOO MUCHH 😭😭😭! After that we said bye then I went to see them perform! That day was AMAZING ! & i really wish i could go back:(( Well thats my story!




















150802 lalakarmela’s Instagram Update w/ Seungri 

“Repost! So I saw this guy from a far, honestly.. didn’t know who he was, he seemed like a jolly fellow, all smiling with his friends and having a good time. I did hear from a friend of mine that there is this very famous KPOP band doing a concert in Jakarta. “Is that them?” I wonder. Since they were just a few steps away from me, I looked closer to find out. There were lots of people around them so I couldn’t see much. But still I was, curious. On my way out of the club, it wasn’t to crowded anymore so I approached the bunch to find out. There were two huge bodyguards, they had the scariest face. Ready to kill like in those Jackie Chan movies. They were saying no to people who wanted to take pictures with the Big Bang guys. I tried to test my luck. I asked the bodyguard if I can have a picture, the bodyguard said no. I moved back but still kept my eye on one of the Big Bang guys until he looked back and then he approached, walked behind the bodyguard and then I asked again.. “Can I have a picture with you?” He smiled and said “Yes, come, selfie!” He told my friend to switch on the light of his phone, then he took my phone and we did a selfie. I express my gratitude, wish him all the best for his concert, left the club, went home, open youtube, researched on them. I watched their videos, and now.. I’m a fan :). Not just a nice guy but a very talented one as well. Lucky me to meet such a wonderful person! And I can see why him and his band have such a big following. I didn’t get to watch his concert which I would have loved to if I didn’t have a gig of my own the same night of his concert, but I will always remember and cherish that selfie moment with him. Aside to being one of today’s KPOP big sensations, he was indeed humble and kind. I bet he would want his fans and followers to represent that part of him as well.. He is an idol and an inspiration. Hope I get to watch his concert someday. Sorry about the caption jokes on the last post, I didn’t mean to offend, was having a goofy fun night with friends. Have a good day guys… ✌ 💓 #theLALAway #staycool #benice #notobully #dontworrybehappy😙” 

#5 You Find Out He's Going To Propose

Liam: You could taste the morning and your hair resembled that of a nest, but you still were softly padding your feet around the apartment you share with Liam, looking for him. A figure bumped into you when you turned a corner and you screamed, your heart beating a million miles an hour. Sadly, it wasn’t him, but your best friend, Eleanor, Louis’ girlfriend.

“Jesus, El! You scared me!” You backed up against the wall and rested your head against it, clutching at your chest.  "Where the hell is Liam?“

She spooned at the cereal bowl in her hands and shoved a heaping spoonful into her mouth before answering, "Well 1, go brush your damn teeth and 2, he told me to keep you company today, he went out.”

You had her go upstairs with you to the bathroom so you could brush your teeth, but still ask her a few questions.

“Is he with the boys?” “No.” “His other friends?” “Nuh-uh.” “His family?”

She shook her head and took another bite of the sugary mixture, and you took the bowl from her hands and dumped it into the sink.

“Hey! That’s my-” “El, If he’s with none of them, where is he?”

She huffed and jumped up onto the counter, her feet swinging back and forth. “I was told not to tell you anything, but since you ARE my best friend….” You stuck the toothbrush in your mouth and began to brush, egging her on.

“He went golfing…..with your dad.” You abruptly spit into the sink and coughed before declaiming, “He WHAT? He hates golf.”

“Oh, we all know, even him,” she replied, “and Louis told me that Liam got Niall to show him some pointers to impress your dad, apparently today is a very, VERY important day.” She winked and it took you a few seconds before you caught on.

“Is he….?” You trailed off, eyes filling with hope. She squealed and frantically nodded her head before the two of you jumped up and down, shouting, not bothering to hide the happiness over the fact that at that very moment, your father was clasping a hand down on Liam’s shoulder, proudly welcoming him to the family.

Niall: You were backstage with the crew, hanging out, waiting for the concert to start. The boys were on the stage now, going through sound check, when you noticed a few hair products on the table. Since Niall wasn’t in your reach and you had nothing better to do, you took them to her, besides, you really liked Lou. Her room seemed to be a mile away as you lugged hair spray, gel, and numerous brushes in your hands. Somehow opening the door, she instantly noticed your appearance and quickly gathered the products in her arms, placing them down, not showing one sign of a struggle. “Thank you so much! I knew I was missing some stuff,” She turned to you and something must of registered because before you knew it, your left hand was in hers and she was bouncing up and down.

“The ring! The ring, I want to see it!” You made a confused face and her features softened with each passing moment, her realizing that you had no clue what she was referring to. “Oh….. there’s no ring.”

Your eyebrow raised as she plastered on a faux smile and widened her eyes, looking away.

“Lou…” “Hmm?” “What ring are you talking about?” She tightened her lips together and shrugged her shoulders. You backed her up against a couch, the back of her knees hitting the edge, making her fall onto the cushion.

“You tell me right now..” “HESGOINGTOPROPOSETOYOUANDITHOUGHTTHATWHENHETOLDMEITWOULDVEBEENREALLYSOONBUTIGUESSNOTSINCETHERESNORINGONYOURFINGERYET.” She gasped for a breath at the end of the sentence and you rubbed your temples, shaking your head.

“Slower, please? C'mon, Lou.” She stood up and placed a hand on either side of your arms, looking you dead in the eye. “From what Niall has told me, there may or may not be a ring on your left ring finger soon.” You overflowed with excitement and hugged her tightly, never wanting to let go. “Oh, oh my god! He- he’s going to propose!”

Harry: You, Harry, and both of your parents went up to your log cabin in the mountains for a weekend. The bitter cold made you and Harry hastily bring your bags inside, trying to shield off the nipping frost. Once inside, the two of you curled up by the fire with a blanket as your moms talked in the kitchen and the men went into the media room to watch “the big game.” Breathing in the scent of him, feeling the natural heat that radiated off him, you knew there was no other place you’d like to be in this moment.

“I love you,” you whispered, as you nuzzled your face into his neck. He let out a breathy laugh and pulled you tighter to him, “I love you more than anything,” he reciprocated.

It was about to be dinner time, your mom calling everyone into the kitchen, when you forgot your phone. It was still in the car.

“You guys, I’ll be right back, I forgot my phone in the car.” Your mom nodded her head, signaling that you can go. You ran outside, leaving everyone in the kitchen, when you also remembered that you had no jacket on. Going back inside, you heard them talking, but you couldn’t make out a word they said, until you heard Harry speak.

Quietly grabbing your coat off of the rack you heard him, “Okay, now that she’s gone and I have you all with me, there’s something that I’ve been meaning to ask you guys.”

You buried you face into your coat and made a noise, not letting everyone hear you. “Is he doing what I think he’s doing?” Your thoughts were running wild as he continued, “I love your daughter more than anything in the world and we’ve been together for 4 years, long enough for me to realize that I can’t see myself being with anybody else. What I’m saying is, I would like for your permission to ask your daughter to marry me.” Your eyes went wide and you quietly went back out of the house, your coat now on. You knew your parents would say yes so you didn’t bother to hear their response. You immediately jumped up and down, kicking the snow and throwing it up in the air, laughing and making excited noises.

“Baby?” Harry asked, popping his head out of the doorframe, a goofy smile playing on his lips, “What on earth are you doing?”

You gave yourself a few seconds to collect yourself and cleared your throat before holding up a finger and retreating your phone. Putting it in your pocked you then pointed at him. “Get your coat on, we’re gonna go play in the snow.” He smiled and rolled his eyes, going back inside before you heard, “As you wish, my snow angel.”

Zayn: “Babe, do me a favor and go in my closet and pick me out a tie, yeah?” Zayn was fiddling with his hair and his sports coat in the mirror as you nodded you head. You see, he has some ultra-super-important meeting with the band about next year and they all have to look on their a-game, for Liam and Niall have also sent you pictures asking about their ties. In his closet, you never failed to be over whelmed with his amount of clothes. You found the tie rack and picked one out with ease, but looked at the other sport coats. You then chose a different tie after a few moments of thinking and went to grab the coat that went with it when it fell off he hanger and onto the ground. Mumbling to yourself, you went to pick it up when a box fell out of the pocket.

“No, no no no no no no.” you murmured, your smile getting bigger with each syllable. “Oh my god.” you whispered, picking it up to look at the box. It was a ring box, of course. You just couldn’t believe it. He’s going to propose. Hiding your giddiness, you sent a picture on your phone of the box to your best friend and hurriedly put it back in the coat, picking out the previous tie and going back downstairs.

“What took you so long? Did you get lost?” He laughed and took the tie from you, pulling you to him by your waist.

 "No, no no, I just couldn’t decide which one would look better on you.“

Louis: Louis was out with Niall, going to watch a football match that the two of them have been sweating over for the past month. You took this time to have a day to yourself back at his place, painting your toes, giving yourself a home-made facial, watching reruns of Orange is the New Black on Netflix, drinking your favorite martini, today was your day. During a heated part that made you want to punch a nearby throw pillow, the phone rang. Groaning, you shuffled over to the phone and answered it, immediately plastering on your "happy” self.

“Hi, is there a mister Tomlinson?” A seemingly older lady asked, “He’s not home right now, but I can surely pass on the message to him.”

“Oh, good, well I just called to tell him that his custom Diamond Candle has been shipped today, and that he will be receiving it within the next day or two.” “What exactly is a diamond Candle?”

“Well, my dear, we are a business that specifies in candles that when you burn them down enough, a ring will appear. They’re used very highly in anniversaries, proposals, that kind of stuff.” “Oh… proposals?” you asked, becoming hopeful, scratching your head. “Yes, why do you ask?”

“I’m his girlfriend.” A bit of time passed before you heard her mumble, “Oh no,” and then she got back on the line, “Oh Dear, I think I may have just ruined it,” you could tell she was embarrassed and so were you, at this point. “Could you please tell me why he custom made this Candle?” You just wanted to hear it, hear that he’s going to propose to you.+

“Well, he might have told us that this candle needs to be special, because he wants only the best for the most beautiful girl in the world.”

You thanked her and hung up, squealing and hopping, alternating feet. You couldn’t believe this was happening. Finally, after 3 and a half years, he was going to ask you to marry him.


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I spent my whole warped tour experience at the youtuber tent pretty much. I maybe saw 2 bands play all day because i was always in line for the tent or i was waiting for the ThinkTei class with you. I got to meet my favorite people in the whole world, literally wishing i could have taken selfies rather than one picture that makes me look like I am about to scream like an idiot. But it was fun. You all were so nice and gave great hugs! The whole time i was in line, I was shaking, because I honestly wanted to say so much. But by the time I got up front, I said almost nothing. But I did love meeting you guys! And the ThinkTei class was amazing. Thank you for answering my questions Bryan. And your compliments made me smile.