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So today I had the privilege to meet, hug and snap a picture with Andy Hurley from Fall Out Boy. My childhood saviors, freaken fall out boy. Seen them in concert and have had the biggest obsession since I was in fifth grade. I wish I could have at least introduced myself to him but I couldn’t even talk or breathe. I’ll love them for fucking centuries 💕💕💕💕💕💕 hurleyxvx falloutboy


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I spent my whole warped tour experience at the youtuber tent pretty much. I maybe saw 2 bands play all day because i was always in line for the tent or i was waiting for the ThinkTei class with you. I got to meet my favorite people in the whole world, literally wishing i could have taken selfies rather than one picture that makes me look like I am about to scream like an idiot. But it was fun. You all were so nice and gave great hugs! The whole time i was in line, I was shaking, because I honestly wanted to say so much. But by the time I got up front, I said almost nothing. But I did love meeting you guys! And the ThinkTei class was amazing. Thank you for answering my questions Bryan. And your compliments made me smile.