picture of africa

Ankh art

-naked black woman
-sometimes has third eye
-always light-skinned 
-hourglass shape (maybe a fatter ass tho. maybe.)
-perky titties no matter what size
-huge afro or long locs
-always doing some ‘spiritual shit’ like meditation or praying or watever
-she not christian tho, cuz christianity is the white man’s religion
-always in some sort of ‘natural environment’ i.e. the woods, the ocean, the sky
-is mystical because??? 
-a picture of africa somewhere in the art, either as jewelry or a tattoo
-something about the woman’s vagina being powerful bc can Procreate 
-in case woman is in a relationship, it is ALWAYS with a man
-the man is darkskinned 
-the man treats the woman like royalty and/or goddess, but not like an actual person 
-some fake deep statement??? that makes no sense whatsoever and actually goes against all logic and common sense 

 Drakensberg -  one of the most impressive cliff faces on earth - by timontyres                                       Amphitheatre in South Africa!

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