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26.10.2016 | 3/100 days of productivity

Forgot to take a picture when I was studying between classes and now it’s too dark to take a good photo, but today I finally finished reading pride and prejudice during my train ride home! 


Boy you got me helpless
Look into your eyes, and the sky’s the limit, I’m helpless
Down for the count, and I’m drownin’ in ‘em!

Please forgive me for what I’ve done to your masterpiece LMM, I just really wanted to draw a loyal as hell blue kid from a big family who always feels second best swooning over over a hotheaded, reckless orphan soldier with beautiful eyes

….but I went with Lance and Keith instead of Eliza and Alexander


-Between them rolled the unmistakable sound of a cat’s purr.

Obsession, Chapter 6

And so I finished! My favorite scene of the first part of the Tendencies series by @kryallaorchid. The last line was so good and what a great way to make a cliffhanger. I was in the edge of my seat in this chapter and had to reread it several times to fully absorb the weight of this scene. Damn.

Sorry for the lack of consistent between characters, altho i think by the last pages i found a comfortable way to draw them. 

P.s.: Now I will finally read Quiver! I’m prepared myself and i havent even spoiled myself because i want to be really surprised! ( be honest with me guys, how many tissues im gonna need?)


Angel Killua doodles


“Did you…. You just ate that! I thought we were supposed to cleanse it! Ugh!”

“I am,” she said.

Obsession, Chapter 9

I should have been studying but I said i was going to fanart it because it’s my favorite part of this series and i have had these ideas in my head for so long it feels so good to actually managed to make them.

Srsly go read this fanfic by @kryallaorchid (tumblr i hate you why you dont allow me to tag them). I want to make one more fanart for Obsession before reading Quiver because 1) exams are this week and 2) i know im going to want to make fanart for Quiver but i dont want to leave behind more ideas xD

First panel belong to Chapter 8, btw (it made me cry and surprised me)