picture my aunt took

When I was little, I sleepwalked. Once, while I was sleep walking, I went to the phone and ordered pizza and then sat at the couch and waited for the pizza. Then when the pizza man came, I tried paying him. The guy realized that I was asleep and took pictures of me. My aunt was watching and asked the guy for a copy of the picture. Then the guy woke me up and then walked away without taking the money.
True story

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Prompt: Could you write an imagine where the reader is an Olympic Gymnast or swimmer and she’s competing in rio? You can put Seb anywhere in there but with the olympics starting I thought this would be an appropriate request. Thanks guys!

Word Count: 400ish


Authors Note: I love it when olympians do this. 

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got to do some watercolor painting in Sedona early this morning

if gwen hadn’t died, there are two ways peter’s life could go.

the first is he follows gwen to england, just like he promised. he’d put new york behind him, maybe bring aunt may with him, so he can start anew. it’s different, but bottom line is, no matter how unalike londoners and new yorkers are, villains and criminals exist in every corner of the world. peter might find himself watching international news too intently on the tv (telly, they call it a telly), or hoping new vigilantes or heroes have taken his place, protecting the streets of new york, but then he looks at the life he’s made for himself here, looks at the two most important people in his life, and he thinks, this is why i moved on.

the second, more likely choice is, peter stays. he loves gwen. he does, but he also loves harry, and by staying, he might just be able to save them both. gwen won’t be in danger anymore, won’t ever be used as leverage or taken hostage. she’ll follow her own path, become the outstanding woman her father always wanted her to be.

and harry. well. that’s a bit more difficult, but peter won’t rest until he knows harry’s free from the osborn curse. he isn’t very sure what to do about the whole green goblin thing, and he’s even less sure of how he’s going to fight harry when all he can think is this is my friend. aunt may took pictures of us cuddling on my bed when we were seven years old. he just hopes it’ll end once he finds a way to cure harry. and he will. because harry might hate him, but he still loves harry, and maybe, hopefully that’ll be enough.


The debut of my Azura costume! As soon as the game came out last year, I decided I wanted to make her outfit. It’s the most detailed costume I’ve made so far (which isn’t saying much compared to others) but it’s the most sewing and crafting I’ve done on a costume and I’m very proud of it. I wore it to Youmacon 2015 last October, and struggled with a few pieces not doing what I wanted them to be doing, but I’m hoping to improve it and wear it again at Anime Milwaukee this year. 

I don’t have any full-length pictures yet (as my aunt was the one who took them and she’s been crazy busy), but hopefully I’ll have a few soon.

I can’t wait to finally play the game! :D