picture me 8 day challenge


Picture Me: 8 Day Challenge - Day Four

(Pictures of your five favorite television shows as a kid)

Yeah, I know it was suppose to be only 5 shows but…I couldn’t choose just five. These are some of the ones I remember watching the most…there should be more on this list but I figured I shouldn’t put any more. Lol!!


Picture Me: 8 Day Challenge - Day 6 (I’m a day late, I know!)

(Pictures of your favorite fictional character, explain why)

Captain Jack Sparrow - played by the delicious Johnny Depp! Seriously, is there anything to NOT like?????

Really though, I actually hated the character when I saw the trailer for Pirates Of The Caribbean: The Curse Of The Black Pearl for the first time, but it grew on me and it was Johnny Depp(my favorite actor) so I wanted to see the movie because it looked good. I loved the movie(and every POTC movie since) I love the way Jack acts and his personality…it also doesn’t hurt that Johnny is super hot! I just love Captain Jack Sparrow! ❤