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Sick Day Tips Masterpost

General Stuff:

  • Drink lots of water and go pee a lot! It’ll help flush out the toxins
  • Make sure to keep your face moisturized. The last thing you want to deal with when your sick is itchy irritated skin 
  • If you have the energy, do some light exercise. It’ll help to invigorate your body
  • Avoid too much screen time D: (sorry that includes tumblr)
  • Try to avoid wearing makeup, or wear as little as possible 

Sore Throat:

  • Drinking Ginger Tea helps a lot :3
  • If you have a clogged/phlegm-y throat, gargling salt water will help (don’t drink it though– you’ll feel even sicker!)
  • Other easy teas are milk and honey or water lemon and honey

Stuffy Nose:

  • Hot showers help get the mucus out
  • As does vapor– fill a bowl with boiling water, then place your head over it with a towel covering your head and try to breathe through your nose. If it gets too hot just take the towel off for a couple of seconds and then continue (this is also great for clearing up the clogged pores in your face! :D)
  • When you go to bed, stack your pillows so that your head is elevated
  • Remember: Eyes, nose, and mouth are connected- so if you have a cold and wear contacts, its best to avoid wearing them if you can. You want to keep those three outlets as free as possible

Upset Stomach:

  • Eating Ajwain seeds or drink ajwain tea helps if you feel nauseous
  • Eating prunes or drinking prune juice helps relieve constipation
  • For eating, remember the B.R.A.T diet: Bananas, rice, applesauce, and toast. Drinking chicken broth or apple juice is also really good for getting some nutrients without having to try to stomach solid food


  • The best OTC medicine to take if you have a headache is Aspirin because if it is an average headache it is most likely caused by a lack of blood flow to the brain, so blood thinners are good
  • Drink lots of water! It will do the same as Aspirin 
  • Stay away from screens or straining your eyes at all and get some shut eye in a dark room

Feel Better bbs!

the dos and don’ts of taking a “good” photo

anon 1 asked:  so i really want to start posting original content on my studyblr (idek if i have any on it rn lmao) but my phone camera isn’t very good and I want my pictures to look nice. any suggestions?
anon 2 asked:  Do you have any tips for taking good studyblr photos? Ps I love your blog x
@sunlight-study asked hi!! my name is ellie, and I’m a new studyblr. I saw your masterpost for new studyblrs, and I was wondering if you had any tips or thoughts on actually taking the pictures you post?

hey! it’s your girl joce, here with a few basic tips on taking photos of stuff! these are only the bare bones of taking a good photo, and are supposed to only be basic guidelines to help! hope these dos and don’ts will help you guys!

01. Shadow

sooo basically, when you’re taking your photo with whatever camera it is, make sure you don’t have any shadows covering your content!!! if your hand or your camera’s shadow is visible in the photo, get it outta there asap!!! having a shadow over your stuff is kinda icky, so let’s just try to avoid that in general, shall we?

02. White vs Yellow

Your lighting matters a lot! When you’re taking photos, having a bright, white light source is always the best! Your first, free, super good light source is natural light! take a photo near a window in the morning or something for really good white, natural, bright light! If smh there’s no natural light, using light from a lightbulb that gives off white light is the best. 

White is always your best bet. If you use light sources that don’t give off white light, you might end up with wonky looking photo lighting!!

03. Angle: Angles 

There isn’t really any specific rule to this, and at what angle you choose to take your photo matters purely on your content / photo subject. but in general, you want to get a photo of  just your content. 

You can take a shot straight on, tilted, from a side angle, anything! just as long as you think it looks nice.

04. Angles: Whole vs Part

What you also wanna consider is when you take your shot, you want to get your content, but if it’s a notebook, do you take a picture of all of the notebook? do you want to take a partial shot and take lots of partials or do you want one full body shot? i rec. taking a photo that just covers the whole of your subject matter, but once again, it depends on what you think is good!

05. Angles: Extra Bits

so when you take your photo, like tip 04, try not to get unnecessary extra bits in your photo. for example, if you’re taking a photo of a lettering and you place it on a desk, clear your space. you don’t need tissues and eraser bits lying around your photo. Also, if you’re taking a picture, just get a picture of the lettering, no need to get the rest of your desk and the floor as well. those are extra bits we don’t need.

06. With or Without the Stuff You Used

So basically people usually take pictures of notes and stuff. In the photos, you often see pens or extra bits (maybe things that fit the color scheme of the photo, etc.). It’s totally up to you if you want to add pens or markers or whatever to your photo. just make sure that whatever you add contributes to the photo overall and doesn’t take attention away from the photo.

07. Background

So this is once again a matter of personal opinion, but your background is very important! You can have your photo have only your content (i.e. a notebook, the pic only has ur ntoebook paper shown in it, no desk space or anything), or it can have a background. Your background can be your desk, a white space (or any space with solid colors), your patterned bedsheets, anything goes, as long as it looks good to you!!!

so yeah! those are 7 quick tips to photo taking, hope they helped!! 

also, stay tuned for part two of the photo taking masterpost: photo editing. 

hope this helped!!! xoxo

Passengers (Blu-Ray, DVD, Special Editions) - MASTERPOST

*Keep checking for new additions*

Czech Republic:

FAC — PASSENGERS FullSlip + Lenticular Magnet Steelbook™ Limited Collector’s Edition - numbered (2 Blu-ray).


Bonus features Disc 1:

  • Deleted Scenes No New Drinks [1:54, OAR 16x9 2.35]
  • Deleted Scenes Memory Maker [0:15, OAR 16x9 2.35]
  • Deleted Scenes Tacos and Cocktails [2:32, OAR 16x9 2.35]
  • Deleted Scenes Kiss In The Photo Booth [0:30, OAR 16x9 2.35]
  • Deleted Scenes Aurora Finds Jim’s Photos [0:43, OAR 16x9 2.35]
  • Deleted Scenes Drunk Dial [1:49, OAR 16x9 2.35]
  • Deleted Scenes Gus Reveals His Past [1:46, OAR 16x9 2.35]
  • Deleted Scenes Gus Looks For a Solution [0:49, OAR 16x9 2.35]
  • Space on Screen: The Visual Effects of Passengers [0:00, OAR 16x9 1.78]
  • On The Set With Chris Pratt [0:00, OAR 16x9 1.78]
  • Creating The Avalon [0:00, OAR 16x9 1.78]
  • Gag Reel [0:00, OAR 16x9 1.78]
  • Book Passage Choose Your Star [0:00, OAR 16x9 1.78]
  • Book Passage Dare To Dream [0:00, OAR 16x9 1.78]
  • Book Passage Elite Suites [0:00, OAR 16x9 1.78]
  • Book Passage A Flight To Remember [0:00, OAR 16x9 1.78]
  • Casting The Passengers [0:00, OAR 16x9 1.78]

Bonus features Disc 2:

  • A Journey To the Stars: The Making of Passengers.

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Just in case you missed any :)

Dan and Phil under cherry blossoms aw {x} 

Dan’s perfect hand {x} 

hashtag dick {x} 

Phil, Duncan, and Mimei (and the guy leaning out of the pic) at a Japanese restaurant {x} 

Dan being too tall {x} 

Phil the dork gets excited about plush woodlice {x} 

Dan takes a picture of Phil taking a selfie. He never posted the main selfie though. phil pls we need more of your beautiful face {x} 

Some cute selfies with fans ^_^ {x} {x} {x} 

Phil being fREAKING ADORABLE hugging Hello Kitty {x} 


Harajuku squad being KAWAII AF {x} {x} 

Duncan sneaks a pic of Dan and Phil being cute together {x} 

aDORABLE polaroids from when Dan and Phil visited a maid cafe.. {x} {x} 

..and the very delicious looking drinks they ordered there (it’s a lion and a llama omg) {x} {x} 

Dan and Duncan being pretty ^_^ {x} 

Harajuku squad! Aka friendship goals AND relationship goals in one picture {x} 

Some more cute fan pics {x} {x} {x} 

Here is Phil photobombing Mimei.. {x} 

..and here he is photobombing Duncan (u having fun phil) {x} 

Another fan pic yayy! :D {x} 

Phil looking like a fucking model off into the distance at Mount Fuji {x} 

Phil’s perfect hand black ice cream.. {x} 

..and the after effect of the ice cream {x} 

Probably the four most beautiful humans in existence tbh {x} 

And lastly, of course, we have Phil fangirling over Duncan and Mimei’s cats {x} {x} 

5sos reaction picture/ gif masterpost

Im sure you can find a use for this one

when someone is being rlly anoying

now onto michael 

when you are smooth af

“You Idiot’

when there’s new merch and you’re broke

"CamERas omg iM JUSt a LITTlee kitten WIth a LolypOp”




“Hold the fuck up”

bored af


i’Ve had 7 cUPS of CoffFE

when anything exciting happens

when someone gives you a complement

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Honestly the biggest thing that’s helping me not be consumed with sadness over Lexa’s death is the fact that Alycia Debnam-Carey exists. That every day she’s smiling and breathing and happy and just being a wonderful person and she brings light into my life every day and I will always be thankful for her being my sunshine. Just look at her

Originally posted by cloewhitmarshxx


without a doubt, one of the best parts of being a larry shipper is the overwhelming amount of..



painfully adorable, 

fan art.


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