picture is not mine

put! more! poc! in! your! moodboards!!!

i’m tired of seeing pale white people!! there are literally entire blogs dedicated to finding aesthetic pictures with poc!! you have no excuse!!


leahlillith siren ///
cosmic + clayified

  • comes in 25 colors from my cosmic palette.
  • enabled for f+m, disabled for random.
  • properly assigned hair colors, swatches, and categories.
  • hair will not look right in laptop mode.

ddeathflower, for their texture resources and clayifying tutorial.
leahlillith, for the mesh.

  • leahlillith’s original hair is REQUIRED for my retexture to work. download it here.
  • use this guide to remove leahlillith′s textures.


Many witches and wizards, talented though they are in the area of loud bangs and smells and sudden disappearings, are yet unable to penetrate the veiled mysteries of the future.

—Sybill Trelawney


There was a time when she cared what you thought. There was once a moment in time where she thought you were “the one.” When the two of you sat out in the summer heat, nighttime closing in, and talked about forever. There was a time when she believed in you, when she cherished you, when she trusted you. There was a time when she couldn’t imagine anyone else laying beside her in bed, whispering “I love you” for the first time. She thought she had the real thing; she thought she wouldn’t ever hear those words from anyone else, because she didn’t want too. She only wanted you. How does that feel? To know that she can’t even look at you now without seeing wasted time and tangible regrets? She looks at you and sees nothing. You are nothing. She wishes she would have trusted her but in the beginning, because now she’s realizing all the time she’s wasted. She has had others touch her body and her heart, and she wishes that you had never known her love, because she has less to give to her new lovers. But still, she herself is more now that you are not around. She is more than she ever was, since you’ve left. There was a time when she cared about you, but that feels like ancient memories now.