picture if he was sun burn too


Summary: “Ohana means family. And family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten.” Everyone knows that Dan is a Lester and belongs on the family holiday–well, everyone except Dan himself. However, a beautiful seaside walk and a special surprise from Martyn and Cornelia may be just the ammunition he needs to change his mind.

Genre: Pure fluff

Word Count: 2.6k

Warnings: Like 2 swear words but that’s it

A/N: Because we all know there was some soppy convincing needed to get Dan to stay in Florida. Inspired by this ask over @nihilist-toothpaste.
I hope you enjoy!!

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So this is like is the least obvious picture of my AU more then likely 😂
Vampire!Hanzo looking shocked that the handsome wearwoof Mcree would come and offer him shade against the burning sun while he’s out meditating. Mcree has suggested he just wear a normal shirt but Hanzo is much too proud of his tiddie to put it away!

screencap from @kingsmanhart; sorry @ripgalahad. wrote this disaster in like twenty minutes so it’s probably not great but there you go


Of all the bad habits Eggsy wants to kick, this one is the worst.

He’s seem to have become fond of the penchant for self-inflicted misery so he’s found himself back in Harry’s bathroom far too many times than we wants to admit. Usually midday, when the sun is golden and shining through the small window–just like the last time Eggsy was able to stand face to face with the man. See him alive.

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‘Blood, Sweat, and Tears’ MV is The Fall of Icuras

Like it says in the title, this is only a theory, haha. 

So because I’ve been studying the painting and poems surrounding this, I noticed that this whole music video concept is a depiction of The Fall of Icuras.

Starting with the melting candle, which if you haven’t read the story, the wings Icuras has are made of candle wax. It took his father “blood, sweat, and tears” to make them 

There’s also the scene in the music video where Taehyung literally falls and the image of the original The Fall of Icuras is in the background.

Here is also the original picture too for comparison.

And then there is the ending where Taehyung is shown with singed off wings. And in The Fall of Icuras, the reason for his fall is because he flew too close to the sun and his wings burned and melted away. 

Side Note: this would also explain why they dyed his hair super blonde because in the original story, Icuras is described to have blonde hair to emphasize his innocence and purity before his mishap.

Which can also be seen in the music video for ‘I NEED U’ where Teahyung jumps and gets too close to the sun before plunging into the water below just as Icuras had done.

So in short, it’s just a theory, but there’s no doubt of the obvious comparison. I’m super excited to see where they take this concept!! ^.^

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Could I request a vacation HC for Nishinoya?

a singular headcanon? Kidding :p Of course! 

  • His first choice for going on vacation would be to the beach, since he likes swimming and playing beach volleyball and stuff and also gets to see hot girls
    • Long Island Beach, to be specific 
  • He likes places with some sort of hiking trail as well
  • He loves lying in the sun, trying to tan
    • The key word is “try”. Boi burns very badly
  • He takes a ton of pictures so he can show Tanaka and Hinata when he gets back from vacation 
  • He also buys way too many souvenirs to bring back for his teammates
    • He gets Tsukishima a ‘I Love NY’ shirt as a joke
  • He adores visiting aquariums. He loves looking at all the different kinds of fish. 
  • Window shopping is also pretty fun for him. 

Thanks for the ask! <33

The Lament for Icarus, Herbert James Draper. 1898.

This picture shows the dead Icarus from Greek mythology. He is surrounded by lamenting sea-nymphs. His father, the craftsman Daedalus, made wings out of wax so that he and his son might escape from the island of Crete. But, overcome by pride, Icarus flies too near to the sun, the wax melts, and he plunges to his death.This is Herbert Draper’s most famous picture. He belonged to the generation of British artists that was influenced by French Impressionism but Draper devoted himself to the historical and literary themes of Victorian artists such as Edward Burne-Jones.

Fiddlestan Summer Bonanza day 3: Sunburn, Photographs, Exhaustion

Mystery dads Twins verse, The family’s gone on a vacation, and after a long day in the sun they’ve gone back to there hotel room to relax. 

Tate was allowed to use his papa’s polaroid so he’s showing his Dad all the pictures he took, and after Fiddleford rubbed some aloe on her sun burns Molly fell asleep in his lap. 

They all have sunburn’s to some degree too, Molly and Stan have the worst, Tat’s is mostly on his ears and Fidds’ are mostly on his nose and ears. 

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Youngjae's new instagram pics. Legit when I saw it I thought, "I've seen God."



And then he blessed us again!!!


He is so stunning and so beautiful and so cute all at the same time and I cannot believe how blessed we are to get to see this perfection!!! Not to mention, two pictures at once??? This Angel of Sunshine is spoiling us!!!

Really though, he’s been spoiling us and doing a number on my heart (a.k.a. ruining it, making me weak, shattering me, and leaving my heart an exploded mess) with so many of his selcas lately!! I mean,

WHAT IS THIS??? His flawless jawline!!! His soft cheeks!!! His precious ear!!! His lovely mole!!! His pouty, pink lips!!! The mole on his neck that I am totally weak for!!! His cute little nose!!! All in one picture!?! 

AND THIS PICTURE MAY BE SUPER BLURRY, BUT THAT GAZE!!!! BURNING INTO MY SOUL!!! HE’S SO FREAKING GORGEOUS!!! And his lips are way too nice looking here agdafkhkag…

AND THEN AGAIN HERE!!!!! THAT STARE!!! MAKING ME WEAK EVERY TIME!!! Honestly… I have seen God because that gaze ended me. But look at those cheekbones!!! And the way his hair falls into his eyes!!! Help me. I can’t even breathe right now. He’s too attractive.


And then, help me understand how he can go from that HOT-AS-THE-ACTUAL-SUN look to:


He is honestly the most amazing, beautiful, perfect blend of the cutest and most precious Sunshine, and the most stunning, gorgeous, and handsome Sun, and his selcas, especially these new ones, are such an example of it. I actually lost my breath when I first saw the newest ones… I’m just so overwhelmed by his perfection!!!

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Why was Stannis so pissed about getting dragonstone? Place looks pretty cool to me.

I am SO GLAD you asked. because I have wondered this myself and came to the conclusion it’s because:

  • there is a lot of sun and stannis is that kid who likes to stay indoors
  • as mentioned, stannis likes to avoid the sun bc his bald head would get burned so Dragonstone is no bueno
  • he is REALLY SCARED of dragons and there’s like dragon statues and pictures EVERYWHERE
  • it is Too Hot™
  • there is beach everywhere and he is also afraid of CRABS and crustaceans in general honestly
  • starfish too

auduna-druitt  asked:

So picture this: Jim and Len at home on earth. Jim decides to go hang out in the hammock in the backyard. Len comes out a little later to find him completely naked and sound asleep. Fearing Jim will burn in places he doesn't want to burn he grabs a hat (baseball or and old sun hat whatever's handy) and sticks it over Jim's sensitive bits. Jim wanted a tan though. The hat covered too much and left weird lines. 1/?

Hahaha oh lord. Just imagining Jim standing there all red and or tan, with just his bits still all white. A bullseye of sorts 😂

I always wonder how Holt reacted when he realized he was out in the day time the first time it happened. 

Like, just imagine him suddenly coming out with no idea why and at first being too confused for it to really register, but suddenly it’s like “holy crap it's DAYLIGHT.

And he can’t help but stop and stare at the sky and take in how much brighter everything looks. He’s seen pictures of what things look like in the day, but seeing it in person is so much different. And he’s so excited he just can’t stand to go back inside right now even though he’s starting to get a sun burn cuz there's so many people out during the day. All the stores he’s never been able to go in cuz they close early are open and he doesn’t even care that what their selling turns out not to be something he’s really interested in.  

And when the music stops and he wakes up at night again he nearly convinces himself it was a dream but then it happens again and he’s just so happy. 

she called this paradise, and i finally understand why. i feel at home here, more at home than i thought i would. something about the palm trees, the sand sticking to my skin, the sun burning my shoulders, the friendliness from everyone i’ve met, the full moon smiling down at me, the warm air engulfing me, the tiny geckos that run away before i could snap a picture, my elated mood, the intoxication of happiness; something about this place screams paradise, too, and it’s become synonymous with “home.” we take the elevator up to the condo, they walk hand in hand, he looks so natural and at ease here and the reality of their relationship keeps hitting me. in twenty-four hours i’ll be back up north, but mentally i’ll be down south, knowing that in twenty-four months the reality of “home” becoming this place may just become the new reality.

Bat boys taking their s/o on holiday Snapchat edition: Tim Drake

S/O - significant other
[ ] - written text

The snap stories starts off at the airport when they’ve landed.

It’s mostly of the different coffee selections the airport offers and Tim’s coffee cup/s

Pictures of Tim’s s/o taking pictures of the view and the little information cards pinned up on the walls.

Tim cannot sleep due to the caffeine in his system so he’s watching the news channel with his s/o cuddled up to him on his chest [ Just like back home]

Video of various snack foods next to him [Very hungry but can’t move arm] pans down to s/o on his chest restricting his arm.

S/o takes pictures of him barely awake and staring at a newspaper at the breakfast table with toast stacked on his head and two cups of coffee in front of him. [10 pieces and he has no clue]

Tim’s on the bed passed out holding a sign “I fell asleep during the couple’s massage”  [emoticons of laughing faces]

S/o is in a chair holding a sign “I ‘forgot’ to pack the laptop charger" [so they say]

They’re at the markets and s/o is looking at some handcarved dolls [Picking out Damian’s gift]

Tim holding up a bib with a batman symbol [Got Damian’s gift!!!]

Video of a stall full of handmade batfamily merchandise. The stall owner is in the background watching them.

Picture of Tim’s S/o trying to hide from the camera while their eating

Picture of bags from the markets on their bed. They bought the entire contents of the stall [How the hell are we getting this home.]

Video of s/o asking why Tim bought it all

“But Tim, Dick and (Dick’s S/o) don’t have a cat for the Nightwing collar.”

“Then we’ll get them one.”

“Sweetie get some sleep.”

[I’m not an impulse buyer!!!]

Video of Tim waking up and realising he bought too much in his sleep deprived state


“I turned my back for a second Tim!”

Snapstory of them of them on a boat ride and enjoying the sights [boat emojis]

It finishes with a picture of Tim in the mirror with a sun burn [Time to go home now]

1. You will ache like you are missing bones. Let yourself ache. Do not search for the bandages, do not call an ambulance. The bones that have left never belonged to you anyways.
2. Your mother will call. She will ask about the ghosts in your home, she will ask if you need help getting rid of them. It’s okay if you want to hold on to the chill a while longer. It’s okay if you say no.
3. Make an extra cup of coffee in the morning, just in case he comes back.
4. Cry in the supermarket when you pick up milk and eggs and you realize you only need enough for one. When people stare, cry more. Remember the way he would have protected you.
5. Sit in the shower and pluck hair out of the razor he left behind. Search for blood. Remember the way he is only human. The way he bleeds, too.
6. Line up the pictures. Let your hands tremble. If you can’t hold a match yet because you might burn the whole house down, that’s okay. Let the the memories sit out in the sun. Watch the way his eyes fade when they are competing with the stars.
7. Do not let your sadness take the place of him. Depression is not a good lover. It does not know how to touch without emptying.
8. Call up your mother, tell her you are ready. Tell her you are done with being haunted. Let her rock you to sleep, let her heartbeat be enough of a lullaby.
9. Remember what love used to mean. The way your father’s arms were a door without a lock. The way you never needed to break in to get back home.
10. You are made of more than the places he touched. You were poetry before he wrote over your words, you are still poetry now.
11. You are not a single poem, you are poetry. There is a difference.
12. Stop living like you are a tragedy. You are not a tragedy. You are not a car crash. You are not a train wreck. Sometimes people leave, and it almost kills you. But it doesn’t. This is not a tragedy.
13. You were born and you were already enough.
14. You are still enough. You are still enough. On the nights you wake up feeling like you are nothing with no one there to tell you otherwise, you are still enough.
—  Y.Z, Moving on
The Goddess Venus Has Nothing On You

Angel: Lucifer
Reader: Gender Neutral
Words: 553
Warnings: Fluff. Lots if fluff.
Author: LJ

It had been three months since you found him. He’d been wandering around that forest, lost and alone, babbling about finding somebody named Michael- his brother, you’d since learned.

You’d learned a lot of things in these past three months. You’d learned about angels and demons, and a few other monsters. They came to your door sometimes, but he’d always step in before they could do much harm.

He’d been staying with you for two and a half months, after you’d found him again, hiding in a back alley whining about human food. Now, the memory made you smile fondly. He’d since learned to enjoy food.

He’d learned a lot of things too, you realize, adding some flour to the bowl of pancake batter you’re preparing. He’d learned about television, and books, and found favorite foods.

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Ashton as the new barista in your favorite coffee shop who giggles to himself every time you walk in, and smiles every time he takes your order. He draws little cartoons on the side of your cup if there’s no line, and always gives you extra whipped cream when you order hot chocolate, and then tells you that it’s sill not as sweet as you. He’d probably be distracted whenever he looks up and makes eye contact with you, and burns himself on the steam, or spills milk everywhere. He’d get all disappointed and pout your way if he didn’t get to take your order, or if it was too busy for him to flirt with you for a few minutes. He finally writes his number on the side of your cup, wedged in between a picture of a drum and a sun, and beams at you across the coffee shop when you text him.

Karma [Outlaw Queen Prompt; Cinderella AU, Part III/VII]

Note: guys, this is long. So long. If it drives you mad trying to scroll past it on your phone—seriously, if it offends you in any way—please let me know and I will cut and post the rest on ffn or something, lol.

Part I

Part II

Part III

She recalls Mrs. Lucas’ warning again—You keep your heart close to where you can see it, you hear?—as she braces for the blow that will surely crush it. But the reaction she gets from him is not the one she expects.

Robin appears remarkably calmer than she feels as he admits, “Yes, I had assumed as much. It was only a matter of time, whether it be on my terms, or someone else’s.” His palms cradle either side of her face, thumbs sweeping away the tears that still fall freely there, and they seem to perturb him far more than the revelation about his mother.

“Regina,” and her name parts like a vow from his lips, “You have to know that I would never—ever—” He looks positively ill at the very idea of it, and then the slow-simmering anger that had been set to a boil finally breaks through to the surface; his entire body practically thrums beneath her fingertips as he growls now, almost to himself, “That infernal woman whom I call a mother—to believe she has the God-given right to interfere with—”

A pause while he calms himself to the point of being able to actually speak in a full sentence, then his voice grows gentle as he addresses her once more. “If you think my mother knowing about us changes in any way how I feel about you, then it is my own fault for not reassuring you sooner.” His lips fall to her forehead, his words into a whisper. “Please, don’t let her or this ruse trouble you any longer. My mother may have her ways, but I promise she will never find one that stops me from loving you.” And he says it as matter-of-factly as though she would find better luck turning the sky from blue to green.

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Such As It Ends

I’ve been losing sleep for days.
You’ve been searching through the deserts and the caves.
Your postcards hit me in the waves
sadly stinging me with songs of yesterday.

“Coffee?” His brother’s voice was the only noise in the kitchen that morning. It was eerily cautious in a way that made his heart ache to think of how fragile he was.

“Nah.” Dean’s eyes stayed trained on the photographs slayed on the table before him. His eyes were almost too tear-logged to make out the faces but it didn’t matter, those images were burned pristinely into his memories.

Last night he hadn’t slept, another long night in a row of restless midnight hours. The last thing he remembers was digging out the pictures while the moon hung above him. Now the sun was shining delicately in through the windows illuminating the smiles that were frozen on paper.

“He told me once that he hated posing for pictures.” Dean’s voice surprised him but he knew that if he didn’t talk soon he might forget how to talk altogether. “I’m glad I forced him to take so many.”

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Thedosian Idol, Pt. 3

Can’t stop, won’t stop, not sure how to stop. So here’s almost 5,000 words of FenHawke AU fluff! 

Part One | Part Two | Part Three


Fenris’ list of positive things in Kirkwall is a short one, but given that he had no such list for Tevinter, even a short list feels luxurious.

Kirkwall has cheap rent, if somewhat negligent landlords; it has free wireless; it has a farmer’s market every Tuesday and Saturday; it has the Hanged Man’s drink specials and half-price fries; it has the wind off the sea to wash away the stink of its streets.

It has the first friends he has made in years. It has places to hear music, places to play music.

It has Hawke.

The list of negative things — the distance from his mother and sister, crushing debt, a soul-eating job as a security guard at the high school, obnoxious neighbors, the ever-present reek of fish — is far longer, but much lighter. It took him three years to realize it, but he’s happy. Stressed, tired, sometimes hungry, but never thwarted. When he opens the door to his apartment, and looks at the second-hand couch and the battered table, he always wants to smile. He wants to dance, a feeling not lessened by the picture on his fridge: Hawke, sunburned, her feet buried in the sand, smiling at the camera. At him. There had been a bonfire later that night, and singing until his throat burned and the sun stained the far horizon. Driving home, Aveline tuned the radio to an oldies station while Hawke fell asleep with her head in his lap, and he thought of his guitar in the trunk as each song melted away into crisp morning light.

A life he never expected, and never dreamed of — and it was all his. How many songs had he gotten out of that day and night? Too many to count, but all he has to do is look at that picture and more come, flooding out of him.

An imperfect life, but his now, for three years, and he’s more than happy. He’s content.

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