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in that 1 thomas sanders video with yogurt i bet prince never had the intention of doing it properly with anxiety prince just wanted to fucking spit at him like an infant and he did

I’ll never forget the way my nieces’ eyes lit up and how excited they became when they asked if there’s any “girl superheroes” and I told them yes 😭💙

Quick Note:

I have like five minutes left on my current free wifi pass at O’Hare so I just wanted to send out quick hugs. Let’s see if I can get everyone in one post.

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This trip would not have been as amazing as it was without all of the above, in no particular order. Each adventure, each day, has been filed away as my favorite experience to date. There was not a single moment during any day of this trip that I didn’t walk somewhere in the hotel and see a face I recognized, even if all we did was wave and keep going towards the next destination. 

What a crazy, enjoyable, exhausting ride this last week has been.