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heidi hansen has such a sweet loving gentle voice. she has the voice of an angelic kindergarten teacher. but there’s also this edge to it when she gets FIERCE, like the last sound you hear in ‘good for you’ is Heidi’s gritty final note outlasting the others just a little bit. and she is GUTTURAL in her delivery of 'your mom isn’t going anywhere, your mom is staying right here.’ she is, like, a masterfully welded contrast of sweet and fierce. #1 mom

I can’t wait for the moment  that Clark tries to tease Bruce about Selina and says something about them being nauseatingly in love or something like that (in good humor)…And Bruce full on BatGlares™ at Clark and is like, “I’ve spent the last X years dealing with you and Lois mooning over each other. You’ll survive.”

warshalq  asked:

My boyfriend doesn't believe Brendon has a smaller dick than Ryan help evidence please

well ryan’s bulge is A LOT bigger.



and if you believe them, their exes said stuff about their cocks, i think audrey said brendon was 4.5 inches hard? which isn’t a bad thing!!! oh, and this isn’t necessarily related, but z has confirmed that ryan is good in bed so …