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Cat Town, Japan.

Listen up, y’all. I’m about to tell you guys about the #1 cat lady destination in Japan: Yanaka.

Yanaka is a neighborhood in Taitō Ward, Tokyo. It’s a super traditional part of town filled with winding alleys, shrines and meticulously maintained temples. It’s a lovely place, but today we’re here to focus on the thing that makes Yanaka a magnet for nerds like me: good good kitties.

You see, Yanaka is a neighborhood with a butt-ton of stray cats. This makes sense, since it’s basically cat heaven. The streets and alleys of Yanaka are essentially just a series of hidey holes and ideal sunning spots that happen to have humans running around. Thankfully these humans are quite appreciative of their feline overlords, which is why part of Yanaka has essentially just become cat themed. It’s honestly like the neighborhood has just agreed that this is their thing now.

The first cat-themed establishment we visited in Yanaka was Nekoemon, a café with a scant 13 seats that’s covered in cat decor. The special thing about this place is that they offer a set (for roughly $15USD) that includes a cat-shaped cookie, a coffee drink of your choice and a little unfinished maneki neko figurine. Why the figurine? ‘Cause you’re about to customize yourself a neko, my friend.

The owner asked customers to choose between figurines to attract either luck or money. We picked luck and got our maneki neko along with a full assortment of markers. The owner even set out a few already painted figurines to provide inspiration.

Aside from the novel figurine offer, the café also had genuinely delicious lunch sets. They weren’t cat themed (though they had plenty of dessert options that were), but it was healthy and extremely tasty. I honestly recommend Nekoemon on all fronts. 

Here’s my finished maneki neko. Followers of the blog may recognize him.

Nekoemon is great, but it isn’t even at the center of the cat madness. No, for that we’re headed to the shopping area: Yanaka Ginza.

Even if you don’t care about cats (in which case I’ve got to ask… why did you read this far?) this street is lovely. There are shops for handcrafted items, souveniers, sweets, savory foods and a lot more.

If you aren’t all sugared up from Nekoemon, you can always stop by Yanaka Shippoya, a shop that sells cat tail donuts. The donuts are named as cats would be rather than for their flavors, and they’re honestly very nice. We had a sesame camembert one that was lovely and not too sweet.

Donuts not your bag? You can always satisfy your sweet tooth with some maneki neko shaped taiyaki from Maneki-ya. Fluffy outside, rich and creamy inside. We got the matcha custard and red bean flavor and it did not disappoint.

Okay, so you’ve had enough sugar to last you a lifetime. Know what has no calories? Cat accessories. Yanaka Ginza has a bunch of shops that specialize in just… cat stuff. Cat jewelry? Check. Cat kitchenware? Check. Cat bento? Check. Cat bags? Dear heavenly lord, check. There’s even a store that specializes in making custom cat stamps. Seriously.

That’s just one tiny corner of just one shop. We visited 3, but saw more. Most of the shops had signs asking visitors to refrain from taking photos, so we kept the camera packed away. Honestly, I get it. These are shops best explored in person. It’s fun to see how the owner of each shop has a unique aesthetic and stocks totally different items (though there is certainly some overlap). You can tell these stores are curated by cat lovers.

Oh, and of course we can’t forget the feline residents themselves. When we first hit the area we saw zero cats. None. I was honestly really disappointed, but it turns out they were all hiding from the rain that started shortly after. Those kitty instincts served them well and kept them dry, and once the rain passed we suddenly saw little cat faces poking out all over.

This sweet girl roamed the cemetery and was the first kitty we met.

Shortly after we met a pair of housecats that chirped at us quite enthusiastically.

This orange boy said goodbye to us just before we left the area. 

In conclusion: if you love fluffbutts and toe beans and are near Tokyo, get thee to Yanaka. It’s a fantastic weekend day trip that isn’t crowded to the brim with tourists, the whole neighborhood has a relaxed and peaceful vibe, and you can come home decked out in cat stuff and filled with sugar. What more could you even want? 

Just in case y'all hadn't seen episode 1 in a while

When we first see Keith receive his bayard, his sword manifests (as expected) but the shield on his armor does as well.

Which doesn’t seem that odd because, I mean, all the Paladins have these. What’s the deal?

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Retro Food: Gelatin and Aspic

Okay, so I’ve briefly gone over some of the basics of why 40s/50s food is the way it is. Very, very briefly. I’ll try to get more into things as we go.

I’m going to start getting into food now.

Now, I’m just going to give a brief warning, judging by people’s reactions to aspic, some of the pictures might gross you out. I’ll try to tag these posts as ‘retro food’ and ‘gross food’, though and… well, we’ll get into the nature of aspic in a moment.

I’m going to refer to gelatin as ‘jell-o’ or ‘jello’ a lot, because that’s the brand that was really exploding at the time, but we need to have a quick look at what gelatin is.

Gelatin is an animal byproduct that comes from the proteins of animal bones, skin, and connecting tissue. By boiling the hell out of those things, you separate the elastic proteins from them. Why am I mentioning this? Mainly because aspic tends to be seen as the weird outlier of ‘meat jello’ while ‘sweet jello’ is seen as the norm. The truth is, aspic came first in cooking and adding sugar and fruit flavour is newer. And while aspic has mostly gone extinct as a cooking choice in America, other places in the world still serve it (like Russia with it’s holodets).

Shown here: Holodets garnished with a shutterstock logo

That out of the way, let’s talk about the history of jello, because it spans back farther than just the 40s.

You know how you can buy Jello packets for like 50 cents at your local supermarket? Well, back in the day, the Victorian day, gelatin was considered a luxury item reserved for royalty and the very wealthy. That’s because gelatin was sold in sheets, and the preparation of gelatin was super difficult (they didn’t have fridges, so… y’know. Lil hard to get it to set). With time and the miracles of technology, gelatin became more available to the common man. The common man who recently became able to afford fridges.

Shown Here: Pork cutlets in aspic. Amazing. I can’t decide what to comment on, the amazing prospect of eating perfectly dome shaped food or that it looks like catfood suspended in a paperweight.

There’s two big things about gelatin. The first being it still had that lingering aura of being a luxury item. It was cheaper at this point, but being able to make it also meant that you had a fridge. It also meant you were able to afford expensive gelatin molds. Because yeah, those weren’t cheap either.

The secondary thing is, thanks to the war, people were huge on making food last as long possible. And gelatin was actually really good at that- anything you put into jello became encased in a protective jello shield. And since it takes quite awhile for gelatin to ‘go bad’, it helped preserve foods from bacteria for longer than they otherwise would have lasted. So you could nosh on your jello atrocity for longer than you would have otherwise. Yaay.

So those two things in mind, gelatin became pretty damn popular. Aspic has always been around, but it became easier to make, so you see aspic dishes as commonly as jello dishes. Knox and Jell-o were two big names in gelatin at the time, and are still around today.

What’s not around today, however, is some of the savory flavours of Jell-o.

So, naturally, you put a fish in it.

Vegetable, celery, tomato, and ‘italian’ flavored jellos are a thing that once existed but no longer do. Sadly, recipes that called for these gelatins can no longer be made. It also means that when you see green jello being used in a dish, it’s not necessarily lime! It could be vegetable or celery flavoured instead, which might make the flavour profile slightly less horrifying. It could also, in fact, actually be lime anyway.

It’s lime! Why.

Learning about retro gelatin food also drove me to learn what the exact definition of ‘salad’ was, because boy, none of this stuff looked like salad to me. Turns out salad basically means ‘mix of cold stuff’. Soooo… okay. Sure. It’s salad and everything I thought I knew in my life is a lie, but okay.

That’s all for this section, enjoy this collection of pictures of gelatin foods.


The famous ‘perfection salad’!

Look there’s a recipe so you can make this at home.

… why is it always lime?

A lot of people asked for this one (you all sinners), so I decided to took my time and made an animation. And that’s why it took me almost 3 week (so sorry for being late!)

I was going to colored it but photoshop is crashed on me tonight. So…maybe later…who knows. There are some obvious mistakes cause like…this is my 5th animation?but is a good practice and i actually enjoy doing them.

Kiss art challenge

(I’m not taking more requests, I’m just finishing the ones I’ve previously had)

anonymous asked:

Hey ! I found some kids clothes secondhand online with My Little Pony/Carebears/Hello Kitty cute designs which would be very nice for spank style/fairy kei, but the thing is, it's for kids. ;_; Do you know how I could use them ? I thought of cutting the design and sewing it on a sweat/t-shirt but I'm not sure how to do it, and I haven't seen a lot of DIY/examples... (and I would also feel a little bad to cut into clothes in good condition ;;) Thank you !

I’d recommend looing at Spank!’s sub-brand, Monascas Banana for DIY inspiration♪ They have sooo many cute items! Here are some examples:

All images from Spank!’s Yaplog

You can find tons more using the Monascas Banana tag on the official Spank! blog or by following the official Spank! instagram (*´▽`*)

the-ol-timble-tumble  asked:

I bought a peignoir the other day before realizing that despite the fact that i see them everywhere, I have no clue how to wear one. Do you have some examples/advice?

I know the feeling!

I think peignoirs are often associated with cult party kei, but if you look closely at some pastel CPK coords, they could also be considered fairy kei! Japanese blogs tend to refer to these pastel CPK-esque coords as fairy too (*´▽`*)

Here are some cute peignoir pics to get you started:

source unknown - apparently they got snapped in KERA tho!

image source: Heavy Snap

image source: Tokyo Fashion

image source: Pink Planet

(you can see close ups of these coords here)

image source: Pastelbat

I hope that helps💕


I mean, damn I can’t even right now. I didn’t know I had a type until I saw Jensen Ackles for the first time.

Jensen is 110% attractive all day everyday.

These are the single most attractive pictures of him I have ever laid my eyes on.

Those green eyes, that hair, that scruff, those arms, those shoulders, that body. Good Lord Almighty.

ichigobunnybun-fairy  asked:

Hi! Do you have any advice on curly/fluffy hair and what kind of hairstyle would look good for fairy kei?

I think it depends on how curly your hair is there are lots of cute styles! 80s inspired styles are also a good way to go~ (they didn’t have hair straighteners back then!) Buns, side-ponytails, half-styles, buns… You can try all sorts of looks♪

Curly hair usually has a lot of volume, so you can use that to your advantage!

Here is some cute, curly inspo!

@bundiesss​ has wonderful, curly hair and she leaves it her natural colour! Her coords have an adorable 80s feeling and her hair really finishes the look off ♡

Solarkid_ on Instagram! She has short, fluffy n curly hair which is sooo dreamy! It’s naturally curly and she works it to her advantage to make these adorable styles like twin buns and half buns!

Peco’s hair isn’t naturally curly, but it’s a trademark part of her look! Her style is inspired by 1980′s American preppy style, so again we’re going back to the 80s~ While her hair is obviously more “tame” compared to natural curls, it’s still great for style references!

This character by Manamoko (Fancy Surprise) @fancysurprise has long, curly hair~ It’s always held back with cute lil grips which would be fun to try!

If you’re after more afro-hair inspo rather than curls, check out my “natural hair” tag☆彡

I hope that helps!

Lars sticking his finger into James’ ear while James is holding a beer can on his head and Jason is imitating a tin soldier between them, all in front of the Eiffel tower.
Because of course.


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Some weeks ago it was announced Madhouse would have an art exhibition to say goodbye to the Hunter x Hunter anime and today I went to check it out myself.

Asagaya’s Anime Street is a very small but discreet and stylish street located directly beneath the tracks of the JR Chuo Sobu line, a mere 5 minute walk from the Asagaya Station.

Madhouse’s locale was located near the end of the street and it was very small in size, as in the locale couldn’t have been bigger than 5 metres wide and 3 meters tall, yet the size clearly proved no impediment. The Hunter x Hunter exhibit showcased some production art along with most of the merchandise that has been produced for the Madhouse version of the series.

They had a “second floor” (which was more of a small platform over the register than anything) with an animation desk that had some production sketches and doodles over it. Photos were not allowed, though.

Also, they have an offer in which if you spend more than ¥2,000 on merchandise they give you a copy of one of the exhibited animation key frames as a “free gift”. Since I bought the “best of” music compilation CD I was offered a copy too. It was REALLY tough to decide but I ended up settling for the Alluka and Killua picture from the last opening because omg cuties. <3

External image

The exhibition was small but definitely worth the train ride!

All photos were taken with permission of the store clerk (who was a really rad guy!) Also, next weekend there will be a Hunter x Hunter only event held in Akihabara. Of course I’m planning to attend it and take pictures so I can share them over here as well :D