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Some weeks ago it was announced Madhouse would have an art exhibition to say goodbye to the Hunter x Hunter anime and today I went to check it out myself.

Asagaya’s Anime Street is a very small but discreet and stylish street located directly beneath the tracks of the JR Chuo Sobu line, a mere 5 minute walk from the Asagaya Station.

Madhouse’s locale was located near the end of the street and it was very small in size, as in the locale couldn’t have been bigger than 5 metres wide and 3 meters tall, yet the size clearly proved no impediment. The Hunter x Hunter exhibit showcased some production art along with most of the merchandise that has been produced for the Madhouse version of the series.

They had a “second floor” (which was more of a small platform over the register than anything) with an animation desk that had some production sketches and doodles over it. Photos were not allowed, though.

Also, they have an offer in which if you spend more than ¥2,000 on merchandise they give you a copy of one of the exhibited animation key frames as a “free gift”. Since I bought the “best of” music compilation CD I was offered a copy too. It was REALLY tough to decide but I ended up settling for the Alluka and Killua picture from the last opening because omg cuties. <3

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The exhibition was small but definitely worth the train ride!

All photos were taken with permission of the store clerk (who was a really rad guy!) Also, next weekend there will be a Hunter x Hunter only event held in Akihabara. Of course I’m planning to attend it and take pictures so I can share them over here as well :D

So now Kevin Feige is stepping up all “oh, no, I agreed with Whedon the whole time, Clint/Natasha was only ever supposed to be platonic in the MCU!”

Well, here’s a thought.  If you didn’t want people to ship it so hard, and you only ever intended it to be platonic in the MCU, maybe you shouldn’t have picked two characters with a romantic past in your man comics verse.

If we were supposed to see it as platonic from the start, maybe you should have told your actors so things like this didn’t happen:

If we were supposed to see it as platonic all along, maybe you shouldn’t have been showing it as romantic in pretty much every -

- other -

- universe - 

- at the time, and promoting it as such.

(That one is even from Marvel’s own website)

Gee, I wonder why so many people shipped it and expected it to happen in AoU!  Clearly it was only ever meant to be platonic!  How could anyone have ever been led to believe otherwise?

The fact that they keep having to make this point, that they’re getting asked this question, means they must know that they’ve seriously upset a big chunk of their audience, and this whole thing smacks of very poor damage control.

I have never seen such a cruel case of shipbaiting in my life, and I can only conclude that if platonic was the goal all along then Whedon and Feige kept that very much to themselves, as the comics, cartoons and the movie actors seem to have missed the memo.  

So, who wants to come out to Oregon over spring break, and go on a roadtrip with me? 

Can’t promise I’ll find Gravity Falls, but we can go see:

The Devil’s Punchbowl

The House of Mystery

Trees of Mystery (if you’re willing to go south into California a little bit)

Multnomah Falls

Passages of the Deep at the Oregon Coast Aquarium

Ripley’s Believe it or Not

The Wax Museum

Clear Lake, with it’s underwater petrified forest

The Three Sisters

Crater Lake, which has an island in the middle of a volcanic caldera

Oregon’s just so fucking awesome you guys, okay? 

oh boy, there’s a lot more to discuss here than I think anyone originally thought. a lot more. So much so that I actually have to make a post on it just to get my thoughts together.
strap in your seatbelts kids, this is gonna be a long one.


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Visual identification guide to Les Amis de l’ABC from the Dallas production

Or something like that…

This is in preparation for the group watch on Saturday!

This production has eight Amis and six of them are named or recognizable: Enjolras, Combeferre, Courfeyrac, Feuilly, Joly, Grantaire. The other two are ambiguous.

First, some promo pictures because they’re nicer looking [source]

Starting with a wide shot. Here’s (nearly) everybody in their barricade outfits.

For the record, I blame @shellcollector for “Jean Kevin”.

Another promo pic with a better view of Courf’s barricade look.

Another promo pic, Enjolras and Marius pre-barricade (note the different clothes)… I didn’t bother to label them sorry :p Enjolras is the one with the leather jacket.

One more promo pic

Under the cut I have lots of screencaps which aren’t as pretty as the promo pics but should be helpful:

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anonymous asked:

what are your favourite fairy kei shoes ? ;v; everyone seems to go for the swimmer trainers, but i really don't like them ;;'

Personally, I love platforms~

Here are a few of my favourites:

Cute platform trainers! // image source: SGS109

Pastel doc martens/boots // image source: Kawaii.I

Sweet lolita style shoes // image source: @tokyo-fashion

I hope that inspires you, and if you want to know the sources of any particular shoes you like let me know and I’ll find them for you ♥


Because my Rhys and Vaughn are bff’s forever and I can’t find this scene anywhere else so I had to take screenshots from my own game. Take note Vaughn’s ‘Stop.’ at the end is more of a ‘Staaahp’ but subtitles don’t do it justice.


Comparing the old opening to the new. (Picture heavy.)

I actually clicked away when the opening started since I had thoughts that I wanted to get through before I forget so I didn’t see the change until I saw it on the tags, so I had to go back and compare them.

Older Hiyoko… Or bigger, anyway.

Red eyes. You can see Hiyoko has blue eyes in the original opening.

Well, you get it, right? But there’s still a couple things, like

Nagito’s red eyes, despite them remaining the same color in Ultra Despair Girls.

But where have we seen red eyes before… Oh yeah,

But in the intro of Side/Future, when you see Nagito…

You don’t see his eyes. It would make sense that he was never “brainwashed into despair,” but why would his eyes be red in the half-way opening?

…Mitarai and Twogami are so far away, so I can’t tell if Mitarai has the same red eyes or not.

Of course Junko and Mukuro has red eyes in this new opening.

Hiyoko… Kind of looks older in this scene. (It’s her in the new opening on top of her in the old opening.)

Hinata kind of has a pinkish-red tint to his eyes, but that’s not what I think is most important here.

You see the wispy effect on top of him, being Izuru’s hair? And do you see his expression?

This is this scene in the old opening:

His eyes are not at all red, the hair isn’t going through him, and he looks determined. In the new one, he looks… Almost depressed.

You know what else happens in the new opening, but not in the old?

Hinata starts disappearing, but he doesn’t go away completely.

Now let’s skip to Chiaki, I wonder if her eyes are red-

They are not… I mean, yeah they kind of look pink, but they’re always that way. HOWEVER, do you see that smile?

It’s not there in the old opening. I was thinking, “maybe she smiles later on, like in the fifth or even fourth episode because of Hinata.” But nope. This is the first we see her smile in the intro.


I guess time will only tell.

SorMik in Episode 7


1. First of all, we can see how Mikleo warned Sorey not to just take anything given to him by strangers.

Mikleo even volunteered to taste test the wine. Although (fortunately) it wasn’t poisoned or anything.

2. This scene:

And the one followed right after:

Sorey being a Shepherd wasn’t something that they had planned. And maybe, Mikleo just didn’t want to be a ‘burden.’ He knew he wouldn’t be able to help Sorey as he was.

But he didn’t want to leave Sorey alone, because he knew Sorey too well, and he wanted to protect him however he could.

3. And then there’s Sorey. Being all messed up after knowing Mikleo had gone off who-knows-where alone, without even telling him. Sorey just couldn’t think straight when it involved his best friend.

But then he realized Mikleo must have had a good reason to just leave like that. He believed in him, and he would definitely wait for his return.

4. Thanks to Lailah, Mikleo now had a new aim: to get a sacred relic in order to help Sorey. And since he didn’t want to bother Sorey with his new duty, he decided to go alone. Because he would go that far for him.

5. When Sorey realized he had never felt lonely in his life, he immediately reminded of two things:

People in Elysia,

and Mikleo.

Because Mikleo is the one who occupies half of his mind all the time, who is always there for him, and also because Mikleo is his other half.

6. Mikleo who got beaten up on his journey, trying to motivate himself by remembering the reason why he went in the first place: for Sorey. And of course, remembering Sorey means remembering all sweet moments they shared together.

7. How in-sync they are with each other. They could be so competitive when it comes to ruins, and each of them thought they won from the other. (Of course no one really wins, they probably reached the ruins in the same time.)

8. In-sync Boyfriends Number 2. How they did the same thing even though they were separate, far away from each other. I’m really sure they had the same thing on their mind: 'Mikleo/Sorey, what are you doing right now? I miss you.’

And let’s not forget the reference Lailah used when they were gazing at the moon (together).

‘The moon is beautiful tonight’ or ‘Tsuki ga kirei desu ne’ is another way of confessing in Japan (according to Natsume Soseki).

9. The flashback.

I guess we can all agree that SorMik is so canon it hurts.