picture hanger


DIY Key Holder

You will need:
• A piece of light wood, for example. a piece of lath from a DIY store.
• A hacksaw or a jigsaw. Results would be best with a jigsaw.
• Beads of various sizes.
• Black wood paint and a black magic marker.
• Leather Cord.
• Fittings for hanging.

How to do it:
• Saw the board in the targets you want.
• Draw grooves with a pencil and cut halfway into with a hacksaw or electric jigsaw. You can also get it done in a store.
• Hang up the board with brackets that are also used for picture hangers. Several different fittings can be used but set one at each end, so the board does not tilt.
• Make the top part by putting beads in different sizes on top of each other, and draw and paint faces on.
• Tie the leather cord with a knot at the top and a knot on the keychain.

On triggers and tagging for them...this is for people who refuse to do it.

A trigger warning may mean the difference between you losing two seconds of a minute to extra typing and someone else losing hours of their day to panic attacks and flashbacks.

I don’t care if someone asks you to please tag for clothing hangers or shower drains. Those are things that make someone remember something traumatic. 

What if they work in a laundromat or clothing store where they have to see hangers every day?

What if they clean the showers in a gym or sell showers for a living? 

What if they tolerate their triggers in those situations because they expect to see them there and can mentally brace themselves? 

What if tolerating their trigger is very tiring and they just want to go home to relax without having their mental walls up?

What if they come home, get on Tumblr, see you post a picture of a hanger or drain unexpectedly and get zero sleep because of flashbacks/panic attacks?

Being mean about tagging triggers could cost someone a job or an IRL relationship. 

It’s not a joke and it’s not funny.

Just tag your damn post so that person can feel safe from their trigger until they’re ready to face their trauma on their terms.

Would you be laughing if it was your own family member, spouse or best friend?

Somewhere Between, pt. 4

I’m still thinking this is gonna be a five-parter, but we’ll see.  The whole mess will go up on AO3 when it’s done but for now you can find the previous bits here:

Parts One, Two, and Three

Hannibal hadn’t quite realized how much time he was spending surreptitiously watching Will, until Will started watching him back.  The shift was imperceptible, but as recently as a few days ago he would look up and more often than not see Will’s dark head bent over a book, or find him gazing out the window, or with his eyes closed, daydreaming, perhaps of dogs or rivers.

Will still does those things.  But also, now, he watches Hannibal like it’s his new hobby.  Or like Hannibal’s a puzzle to solve. Perhaps a puzzle he’s almost solved already, with just a few pieces left to slot into place.

Hannibal doesn’t know the cause of the shift and not knowing makes him uneasy.  Will’s silent, curious gaze makes him uneasy.  It makes him feel pinned down and displayed, like one of his own tableaus.  As if Will can see Hannibal’s messy, bloody heart in all its newly-discovered vulnerability.  

Hannibal, who averts his eyes from very few things, finds himself looking away.

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Weekend DIY: Turn a ceiling medallion into an unconventional wreath

We used all of the colors of our Glazed Peach palette to give some character to a plain white ceiling medallion. To hang, you can use hot glue and wire or a picture hanger, or grab a ribbon to loop through the middle. 

Painting a ceiling medallion is another way to add character to a light fixture. Just be sure to check the medallion’s material and the best type of paint recommended. We went with a polyurethane medallion, which didn’t require any fancy specialty paint.