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I went to Florida’s Megacon today!!

These were some of my favorite costumes Ft. a McCree who looked terrified of me when we made eye contact.


totally forgot to post these before, but I went for an interview at the aquarium (!!!) yesterday and my hair was p much perfect (and it matched my dress too!)

She led me to a different room I had never been in before. 
“Oh, I guess you have endless rooms around here, huh?”
“I’ve never been in here.” 
“Oh, they’re remodeling. My father wanted somewhere separate for the TV, because he hates it.” 
“Oh, is that why your mom was going on about the house? I ran into your mom a while back.” 
“Yes, she told me.” 

I felt a bit of a sting. So even though her mom told her about me, she still didn’t want to come back to me? I mean, what if I never saw her at the bluffs that night? Would she ever have come back?
I didn’t want to think about it..I had been fighting that thought ever since we got back together, but it was constantly gnawing at me.

She grabbed my hand gently and I don’t know why, I have seen her body countless times. But right now my eyes, they wouldn’t move.

 She laughed, and pulled me in close. “My eyes are up here Grant.”

I made a face. “Sorry, but I thought you’d want them there with…..you know, I know what you’re doing, Capp….I mean-Nia. No that doesn’t-

She smiled big. “Well let let me do my job then.”
I eyed her. “You always do your job.”
“Oh come on I didn’t mean it like-”

I started in on her neck. I kept going at it until I felt what I wanted.
All the goosebumps sprouted on her skin, down to her arm.

Misha Collins.
Arriving on set in New Westminster, BC.
Thursday, March 2nd, 2017.

{Photos taken by me, please do not repost or use without credit. Thank you! I keep my watermark light so you can enjoy the image, respect is appreciated! <3}