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andrew and wymack in a custody battle because they both tried to file kevin day as a dependant on their tax forms


i needed a more effective way to show my adoration for the songs in this show, so i thought i’d do a series of drawings for all my faves! which is a lot of them. tons. thousands. my list could fill a book.

these are my top three favorites, easy.

winter wrap-up


i’ll fly

Fluff Headcanons

  • Prior to starting a relationship, Shirakumo has a massive crush on you and it’s obvious to the entire world. He always talks about you, singing praises and mentioning how particularly cute you looked that day, how he thinks your friendly smiles and penchant for talking to him might imply you are interested in him (he so desperately wants this to be true), how smart and brave and funny you are, honestly it just never ends with this guy. No one has the heart to tell him to tone it down, because whenever he brings you up, he looks so lovestruck and happy. He is always asking Aizawa and Yamada for advice on how to approach you or to get your attention. They are just as clueless, of course.

  • Enter - Kayama. This girl is absolutely obsessed with you and Shirakumo. She is the ultimate wingman, and to be honest, she’s not that bad at it! There is definitely a lack of subtlety, but Shirakumo is not subtle either. He might be a bit flustered by her direct attempts to find out your feelings for him, but he’s also immediately ready to hear about her latest findings. Kayama is not shy about her questioning, and if she suspects you reciprocate Shirakumo’s feelings, she will orchestrate any and all scenarios in which you are left alone with Shirakumo while Kayama whisks everyone else away. She knows not to blurt out the big secret, though. It’s much more rewarding to listen in on you and Shirakumo finally admitting your feelings for each other.

  • He is such a dork around you, even more so before dating. Always trying to impress you somehow, be it by offering to ferry you around to your destinations, or at the very least carrying your stuff for you. If you are comfortable with it, he is also a bit touchy feely, throwing an arm around your shoulders or keeping a hand at your lower back while he ushers you in somewhere. Shirakumo loves making you laugh, which is easy enough to do because he is naturally good at being funny. His biggest challenge is flirting. He’s a bit awkward with the compliments, and sometimes you accidentally mistake his flirting attempts for being a tease. He gets bummed out when you don’t take the hint, but he always bounces back from his momentary disappointment and resolves to try harder next time. You are worth it to him. He will bear the brunt of feeling embarrassed with himself if it means getting one step closer to charming you.

  • When you begin dating, Shirakumo finally feels like he can breathe a little. He no longer feels awkward or pressured to succeed, which releases some of his tension and lets him act more naturally around you. The jokes and silliness are still present, and he is as friendly and helpful as ever. There is just an undercurrent of relaxed warmth, like he can allow some of the pretenses to fall away to reveal parts of him that he is unsure of.

  • He stares at you sooooo much, and you are always on his mind. You are utterly distracting to him and he doesn’t regret it for a minute. Calculus can wait - you wore your hair a little differently today and now he has to picture himself kissing your neck for the remainder of the class period. There are times when he daydreams about you a little too intensely, and for some reason this causes him to lose control of his quirk and make little clouds appear around him. Yes, Shirakumo quite literally has his head up in the clouds when it comes to you.

  • Make him a bento box and he might die on the spot. The fact that you think about him and put effort into making something for him makes him so happy. But you can bet that he will still weasel some food away from you. How can you say no when he opens his mouth and expects you to feed him? You can’t ever say no. Especially when you both realize that there’s a sense of intimacy to this act, and he gets a bit flustered and shy behind that cheery facade. That’s a very common thing he does - laughing off a tense situation, yet refusing to meet your eyes while he blushes.

  • Shirakumo is not only your lover, but your best friend as well. He is your biggest support system and will always be there for you no matter what. Whenever you have a bad day, he tries his best to cheer you up with his infectious good mood and sweet personality, and if that is not enough, then he is excellent at giving advice. Just because he has a carefree attitude does not mean he can’t take things seriously. He worries over you when you are upset, and he will try to be strong for you. You can always depend on him for unconditional love and understanding.

  • A sucker for spontaneous dates! It is not always advantageous, but Shirakumo doesn’t learn. He will pop up at your window at any hour of the day, ready to whisk you away somewhere fun. His quirk is quite convenient for getting him to your place as soon as possible, so whenever an idea strikes him, he will pester you as soon as he can. He’s learned that texting you doesn’t always guarantee a yes. Your ultimate weakness is when he arrives in person with that adorable puppy-eyes expression. You wouldn’t kick your loving boyfriend out, would you? Let him take you out on a date, it’ll be fun and exciting.

  • You are his study partner. Doesn’t matter if your grades are just as bad, if not worse, than his. Shirakumo wants to spend as much time as he can with you and this is the perfect opportunity. He will actually put in effort if you get serious with tutoring him, but you need to learn his limits because he will inevitably become distracted and drag you into his procrastination. He always sits a little too close to you, until your thighs touch and your shoulders brush against each other, and if you are already dating then he will outright insist on you sitting in his lap. He’ll pout and tease you if you refuse, but he is always respectful and appreciates the fact that you want to help him with his studies. A part of him wants to improve his grades because he wants to prove to you that he listens and that his progress is a testament to your abilities. He’s just so damn proud of you and really loves you for making him better.

  • Shirakumo is a supreme cuddle monster. His body is a little colder than normal, so he adores holding you and nuzzling you as he basks in your warmth. His hands tend to stray and slip under your clothing. Shirakumo is a shameless groper and offers nothing but smarmy smiles when you call him out on it.

  • Huge sucker for selfies and matching clothes and all that corny couple stuff. He never even know how deep into it he’d get until he finally starts dating you. If there is a photo booth nearby, prepare to be dragged to it. He loves making silly faces with you. 

  • He hides little gifts and notes in his clouds and either leaves the cloud somewhere for you to find later, or floats it over to you during class. And he is so obvious about how desperate he is to see your reaction, always glancing at you to see if you looked at his surprise yet. 

  • The first time you hinted at the wind stinging your eyes whenever he took you flying, Shirakumo immediately gets you your own goggles with cloud prints on them. Flying with him is a must in this relationship. He simply cannot resist spooning you from behind and wrapping his arms around you while you are on his cloud. When he has a crush on you, flying like this never fails to make him blush. And while he is no less ecstatic to have you in his arms when you are dating, the comfortable atmosphere between you lets him enjoy the simple pleasure of sharing this experience with you. Nothing makes him happier than to see your excited, awed expression whenever he takes you higher and higher, letting you experience the same elation he has during these moments. When he is flying with you, high up in the sky and away from all the hardships plaguing you both, Shirakumo feels like it’ll always be you and him forever. 

Bookmark masterpost! They’re are paired up randomly, tumplr just didn’t want to upload them in one picture, file too big, blah. (it wasn’t that big, tumblr…)

But finally finished them all. Some I like more than others, that’s how it goes, but overall I’m happy to be done with them. I will order them next week and hope they turn out ok.

I will not do any lineart stuff in the near future :’D I actually hate linearts. I think next up is a painting of a Black Luster Solider - besides sketches.

Winter anime 2020

And it’s time for another one of these lists. They kinda keep growing in number and it’s scary, but here it is! This season there were some continuation and some anime that got new seasons (ahiru no sora, chihayafuru, isekai quartet,  kaibukichou sherlock, iruma-kun, radiant, nnt) but here are the new anime we started ^^

{ Winter ‘18 }  { Spring ‘18 }  { Summer ‘18 }  { Fall ‘18 }  { Winter ‘19 } { Spring ‘19 }  { Summer ‘19 }  { Fall ‘19 }

BOFURI: I Don’t Want to Get Hurt, so I’ll Max Out My Defense.


This is a typical isekai with a game-like action and plot. It doesn’t have any deeper meaning, but okay for relaxing. Basically, if you want to take your brain out for a walk - watch this!

Darwin’s game


The manga is better. It always is, but here especially so. It has a really good concept - a battle to the death game in real life, but not as good execution with the anime adaptation, they skipped some of the really important parts. Don’t let that discourage you tho! It has a good character development and nice action scenes, which makes it quite good! And move on to the manga later ^^



A very interesting anime! Weird, but good! Not surprising tho, it’s mappa. The world in which the story is placed is, although very dark, refreshing and unusually good. The characters are unique, lovable, but weird… like really weird. The animation is a bit different, but it has it’s charm. Also, it has it’s fair share of blood and gruesome scenes, so skip it if you don’t like that. We loved it though! One of the favorites ^^

Hands off the motion pictures club! 


Soft. Just goddamn soft. The animation is a bit different and simplistic, but it fits the characters so well. This slice of life pulls you into the imaginative and colorful world of three high school girls who share the love for animation, and the viewer follows their process of getting inspired for plots for their anime and working on creating it. There is not much action going on, but it always leaves you with a positive feeling after watching it.



Yes. Watch it please. Awesome detective/ mystery story. The idea of entering a criminal subconscious (aka the id) is a unique and it gives new possibilities for detectives to find clues. The plot is very intriguing and keeps you on your toes. Its confusing at the beginning, but the story connects better after a few episodes and it makes you want to watch more. The characters are intriguing and their conversations well paced. (also great voice actors and music *-*) It has some darker scenes, murder and suicide mention, just thought I should mention that, but it’s an extremely good anime, so would definitely recommend!

If My Favorite Pop Idol Made It to the Budokan, I Would Die  


As you can see from the title, this is about a girl fangirling over her favorite idol and that’s it, that’s the plot. But, it’s somehow soft, nicely animated and the story is just enough for an episode a week. It shows both the idol and the fan side of the idol culture, especially the less famous groups. Overall, it’s not an anime that will knock you off your feet, but it’s a solid comedy with relatable characters ^^

Infinite Dendogram  


Generic entering-a-game anime. The point of the anime is that every persons possibilities are endless and everyone has the potential to develop into a strong person. Like we said, nothing new. It’s old, but cute concept. 

Jibaku Shounen Hanako-kun 


And we’re pretty sure most people already know about this one! It’s playful, colorful, cute as heck, the main girl gets a bit annoying, but it’s hella good! The story balances comedy with a school setting and a darker side involving yokai and evil things that lurk in the shadows, making it interesting to watch. The animation is pleasant to the eyes and the characters are great, what’s more to want ^^

Kyokou Suiri


The plot of this anime is more focused on logical and critical thinking rather than on action, though it may seem otherwise from the synopsis. The relationships between the main characters are kind of weird, but in a good way and their interactions are always interesting. We were pleasantly surprised to see the main female character to have a crush on a guy and still maintain her IQ level. Overall, it’s a good anime, it has good voice actors (Mamo-chan <3), but don’t expect to be kept on the edge of your seat.

Magia Record: Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica Gaiden  


If you watched Madoka, I’m sure you’ve heard about this release. We were happy that they kept the same dementia animation style, especially of witches. It kinda has a more positive vibe than the original but it still keeps some of the original darkness. There are a lot of new magical girls and more plot and action. It’s pretty good, but the original is better (we love them darkness).



A very cute five minute anime about a girl searching for her friend who suddenly stopped answering her texts. The animation is cute and you have nothing to lose if you watch it.

Oda Cinnamon Nobunaga 


It’s about japanese warlords and historical figures, who are resurrected as dogs. Even though they’ve kept their personalities, they can’t say no to dogs drives (pet me hooman!). It’s cute, but not a lot of plot.



It has a very interesting idea of entering peoples subconscious and changing it, manipulating their memories in order to control them. But the executions of that idea is… meh, at best. The characters aren’t lovable or memorable, you don’t feel a connection to them. It’s one of those anime that at the end you say ‘It could have been so good’. But yeah, it wasn’t.

Science Fell in Love, So I Tried to Prove It 


The title says it all. Comedy, slice of life (but not really, the sample is not representable). You really start rooting for the main couple and they are funny at proving their love. It’s also educational, it does mention and explain some principles. It’s quite funny ngl. 

Smile Down the Runway


A heartwarming anime about a guy who wants to be a designer and a girl who is too short, but still wants to be a model. It’s a story about perseverance, hard work and pushing towards your dreams. Positive and emotional, and you find yourself cheering for the main characters. Perfect if you want a slow paced anime that includes character development. 

Somali and the Forest Spirit 


It’s heartwarming, has very clear animation and great voices. The concept is really interesting, the accent is on understanding others different than you and showing love and support. Basically, lots of emotions, it doesn’t have action or a complicated plot, but as a soft story, it’s pretty good. 

The Case Files of Jewler Richard


This show is so filled with emotions and softness, it’s amazing! It’s mostly peoples stories - problems and difficulties they overcome on their own or with help of the people close to them, which also have some connection to a jewel. The plot focuses more on the main characters in the later episodes. But the art is very pleasing and the main characters have good chemistry. Of course, it’s not for those who don’t like a bit more of a slow paced story, mostly based on storytelling and human interactions. But it’s still good ^^

Watched but got to lazy to properly review: Ishuzoku Reviewers (sometimes you just have to admire that someone had the imagination to come up with some of the episodes), Sorcerous Stabber Orphen (not terrible, not that good either)


here’s what really happened at sae’s Valentine’s Day date, open your eyes to the Truth