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jeff i'm not going to have internet for 3 weeks pls tell me what hot memes i will miss ty

1. An anime butt. Text: “welcome to mcdonald’s may I take your order please?”
2. Cat looking annoying #27. Text: “you want it WHEN?”
3. animated gif of zombie, dancing
4. Unpopular politician with Humpty Hump nose. Text: “I’m the one who said just grab ‘em in the biscuits”
5. Describing things as being “on crack” will inexplicably come back into style.
6. Boy in bed, crying. Text: “I got it from my mama.”
8. A picture of Duke Nukem with a button below it and when you push the button a fart sound is played.
9. Hall & Oates album covers with Lil Yachty photoshopped over all the faces.
10. Drunk baby sings the alphabet song and poops on photos of celebrities.

Hope this helps!

I don’t know about you, but for the first time in a long time I feel like Gotham’s future looks pretty bright. 

Aka Rena has a lot of feelings about the kids and teens of Gotham and would write a book starring all of them in a heartbeat. 

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Hey, I'm new to the fandom, and I'm having a really hard time keeping track of the batfamily. You wouldn't be able to have a reference or be able to make one that lists who they all are and the order in which they came in, or something? I don't know if this made any sense, but thank you!

Let me be the first to welcome you to the Batfandom, I hope you enjoy your stay. : )

There are a bunch of great references floating around on here, and I’m open to anyone linking them if you guys have them at the ready.  

I’ve only been in the Batfandom for around a year so I’ve got some holes in my knowledge, but I’ll do my best to give you an overview. If anyone would like to add to this or correct me on a detail please feel free to.

Because this is sooooo long I’m going to put it beneath the cut.

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What about shopping trips for the batfamily? I know Alfred probably does them most of the time but I bet Dick managed to get a family shopping trip out of Bruce at least once or twice

-I feel like they would be so incredibly hectic that Bruce would make some sort of extremely detailed game plan so he can escape the store with all of his kids (and the store) intact at any cost

-Dick is definitely an impulse buyer so he comes back with eight boxes of pop tarts in crazy flavours, a ton of lunchables, some jellybeans (he doesn’t even like them and yet he got them) and five gallons of cranberry juice (among other things) and Bruce is just like “uh… no, put it all back”

-Jason is very practical when it comes to shopping but he likes to mess around with his siblings, so if they’re looking for one specific item, Jason will swipe every single box/bag/etc of that item so they don’t get it

-Tim lives off of the free samples (he has gone to the store before and eaten breakfast, lunch, and dinner for free through samples). He then ranks them weekly and will buy whatever is in his top three

-Damian reads all of the ingredients on the food that they’re buying and will start going on about how unhealthy and unnatural everything is which makes everyone feel bad about themselves (but they still eat the stuff anyways). He also tries to fight the younger kids in the store for some reason

-Steph and Cass go off together and Steph gets any makeup, books, basically any non food items that seem interesting. Cass likes the colouring books with words to colour instead of pictures

-Duke is pretty much the only person who Alfred knows will get the shopping done without buying unnecessary items or just not buy the stuff he needs (@Bruce who just doesn’t buy things because “we don’t need milk, we have some” “B that is from last month, you just refuse to buy more”) so he’s entrusted with the list

-The kids have competitions on who can carry the most bags on one arm so they can make it to the house in one trip

-It’s a miracle if they get out of the store in under two hours without spending under $100 dollars and trying to rip each other’s throats out


David Oakes as Ernest Duke of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha | Victoria (ITV) Ep 6 The Queen’s Husband

“When our mother left, Albert tried so hard not to cry. I always wanted to be there to protect him … I was the lucky one. He is my better half, I think.”

Journey to the Mountains

Black Panther’s sister, Shuri (Letitia Wright), accompanies Nakia and Ramonda, his mother (played by Angela Bassett), on a mission into the icy regions of Wakanda, where treacherous M'Baku (Winston Duke, not pictured) rules the mountain tribe. Along for the trip is CIA operative Everett K. Ross (Martin Freeman), one of the few outsiders welcomed into the reclusive nation. “We could make five movies only about Panther and his world because it’s so rich,” says producer Kevin Feige, president of Marvel Studios.

The Skeptical American

In Civil War, CIA operative Everett K. Ross was a no-nonsense government functionary. Freeman describes him as “completely, totally competent” rather than a goofy comic relief sidekick. In this film, he earns T'Challa’s trust as they work together pursuing the mercenary Ulysses Klaue, who has stolen some of Wakanda’s most closely held secrets.

Villain Meets Ally

There’s geek history in this pairing, too. And not just Gollum vs. Bilbo. (That’s a different universe.) “Klaue is the first [Panther] villain appearing in 1966,” Feige notes. “Everett Ross showed up 10 or 12 years ago in the [Christopher] Priest run in Panther comics. It’s always fun to pick these characters and put them in together.”



nellynee said to livelivefastfree: Fun Poly!Burners thought like, without them flat out stating it to literally everyone in Motorcity there’s probably a lot of different assumptions going on and I like to think that the general grapevine is both so wrong and confused. No one outside of the Burners is sure who is sleeping with who or at all and there’s probably a lot of uncomfortable moments where the Duke thinks he’s got dirt on a cheater or Ruby hates Mike for cheating on Chuck and it’s hilarious and awful. (and also TENNIE!??


Julie starts it, because when the Duke calls them up to triumphantly dish out dirt he’s “dug up”, she says, perfectly evenly, “—of course you saw Texas making out with Dutch.  What did you expect them to be doing?”  and hangs up the call on his startled double-take.

“It’s none of his business anyway,” she says, with cool dignity, and opens up the magazine she was reading again.  “I wonder why he thought I needed to know about Texas?”

“Probably saw him pick you up the other day,” says Chuck, without looking up from his screen.  “He was touching your butt and you totally didn’t even get mad.”

“Oh yeah.”

And then it’s over.  And it’s not a big thing, but it…sets a precedent.

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That's lovely! I'm sure the batkids try to run away from Bruce too when he so much as hints to taking a picture of them!


Like, as soon as the words: “Hold on. Nobody move. Just let me get a picture of…” leave his mouth, Dick whispers “RUN.” to the others, his eyes wide and fearful. 

There’s a loud scramble and kids are yelping as they race out of the room to take any cover they can find. 

Jason barrel-rolls out of there, Cass basically joins the shadows, Tim throws himself out of the window, Steph hides inside the grand piano, Damian jumps on Titus and rides out dramatically on his noble steed… 

So when Bruce actually manages to take the picture it’s just Duke sitting there, completely bewildered, looking around at the empty room. There’s a sudden flash of bright light and Duke blinks at it, feeling empty and trapped.  

“Damn,” Bruce mutters, frowning at the iPhone. “I forgot to turn off the flash. Duke, can you help me out with this?”

And Duke just mutters “traitors…” under his breath before going over and helping his iPhone-illiterate dad (which makes NO sense, Duke thinks to himself,  because um, how much frikkin’ technology is there in the batcave alone?!?) to turn off the flash. 

Bruce always smiles when he flips through his phone to that awkward photo of Duke sitting alone on the couch.