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anonymous asked:

Hi! Сan I use your picture as the cover of my music album? of course, indicating your authorship. I will be very grateful to you for permission! :)

I’m sorry anon, I’m happy with people using my art for their headers for twitter and tumblr etc but an album cover is something I’m usually commissioned for and have charged money for in the past so it wouldn’t be fair on those people if I let you use it for free. However please feel free to message me off private and we could discuss some form of payment etc and then I’m happy for you to use it. ⭐️

Thanks for taking the time to ask me though! I hope this all doesn’t come across as mean or anything!

Seeing posts about Autumn and seeing all the red and yellow leaves going down long forest paths and stuff like that reminds me of Dallas

Like for those of you who are religious- we all know this boy is probably going to hell. That’s just my opinion, though.

And the peaceful scenery pictures covered in fall colors and such makes me think of Dallas’ rather peaceful either walk to hell, or eternal, never-ending walk. He’s not suffering on this walk. Just along in fiery colors. It’s a long, quiet, peaceful walk.


Fun fact when you connect to WiFi in a Jack in the box this massive picture of Jack Box covers the accept button and makes connecting impossible

“Enter the players. There were seven of us then, seven bright young things with wide precious futures ahead of us, though we saw no further than the books in front of our faces. We were always surrounded by books and words and poetry, all the fierce passions of the world bound in leather and vellum. (I blame this in part for what happened.)”

svt meets f(x) :: performance unit as serenity red light

pic cr [x]

other units :: vocal unit :: hip hop unit :: bonus