picture books for children of color

In the 1950s and ‘60s, if there were any children’s books in a house, at least one of them was likely to be a Little Golden Book. With their golden spines and brightly colored pictures, they begged to be grabbed off a shelf by a curious child — which is exactly what their creators intended. Those beloved books celebrate their 75th birthday this year.

'The Poky Little Puppy’ And His Fellow Little Golden Books Are Turning 75

Image: Courtesy of Penguin Random House


Ezra Jack Keats’ The Snowy Day , first published in March 1962, follows a little boy exulting in a big snowfall in New York City. In the words of Jhenelle Robinson, a YA librarian at the New York Public Library’s Morrisiana branch, the beautifully illustrated picture book “captures the wonder and excitement of a fresh snowstorm through the eyes of young Peter.”

Peter (as NPR notes) “was among the first non-caricatured African-Americans to be featured in a major children’s book,” and his story captures a universal moment of joy in his everyday life.  Keats went on to win the prestigious Caldecott Medal in 1963.

In the tradition of Keats’ classic, we asked our NYPL experts to recommend children’s books that feature kids and families of color. Here are their favorites.

anonymous asked:

Hey, as an American I always wonder what people outside of my country think about the little "American things" popping up in TV shows like SPN. As a German/European, do you get sometimes confused/amused/whatever when watching certain scenes that are just "so American"?


Sure, I got used to a lot of stuff over time, but it’s more often than not very freaking obvious that your culture is different than mine *lol*

When I got your ask I started to make a list in my head and I got a bit carried away ^^’

  • Doorknobs (as a child I was really mystified how you can open doors *lmao*)
  • Your windows (why are they sliding upwards?? why the hell can’t you really open them??)
  • Your roller blinds being inside instead of outside
  • Your walls and windowpanes apparently being so thin you can actually smash a hole in them without that much effort (though that’s probably a Hollywood thing, right? I can’t imagine a simple punch would be capable of damaging a wall O.o)
  • Those creepy death machines you’ve got in your kitchen - garbage disposal or whatever the name ;D
  • Some of your food ‘creations’ (muffins with bacon [is that seriously true??] or that whole peanutbutter/jelly combo, for example *ugh*)
  • and people sometimes using water for their hot chocolate
  • Your alcohol bottles being wrapped up in those paper bags (why??)
  • Your drinking age is a quite weird thing for me too (Remember that scene in 12x16 “Ladies Drink Free” where Dean grabs the beer bottle Claire is about to take? I read a lot of comments here on tumblr, saying stuff like “Aaawww, he’s such a dad, how cute <33”, … and yeah, that was kinda odd for me, I’ve gotta confess! Here in Germany I highly doubt that I would ever see a father taking away his adult daughter’s drink O.o I mean, okay, granted, not exactly surprising since we’re allowed to drink beer with 16 (even 14 with the permission of our parents), but still, it’s a bit weird to watch a grown-up woman not being allowed to drink some beer ;p)
  • Your whole high school/college/university system is sometimes a mystery to me as well (are you seriously that obsessed with sports??)
  • The way you handle nudity (here in Germany you can see naked people on newspapers right next to children coloring books or the noon television program all the time and no one gives a damn about that ^^’)
  • Some people over in the US obviously being convinced that every German owns several pieces of Lederhosen and Dirndls ;D

And there are probably at least a thousand other things I didn’t mention (and some a lot more serious, like gun control or your justice system) or did outright forget, but I think you get the picture ^^’

I’m taking part in competition of concept arts for famous russian fairy tail “Ruslan and Ludmila”. I am going to create 10 concepts of people and creatures. 
This is the concept of woodsman.

Там чудеса: там леший бродит.🌲🌲🌲

vicyvn replied to your post “If anyone misses 10-rankai’s narusasu works like I do, there’s two…”

Actually emi hasn’t really left the fandom, she still draws sometime, I think nowadays she just focuses more on hẻ family and children books and some SA mangas of her own :D. Btw, I love the two artists you recommend, Jyuuta’s arts are really sweet and the color is too fascinating. And I love Acairo’s doujinshis, very heart-breaking and deep, but the sex scenes are so hot, lol. She loves Sasuke a lot, I can tell.

Oh, I didn’t know that. I thought she had since she wrote up that post to say she respects the ending and implied she wasn’t going to draw romantic NS anymore. I recall her posting a picture on NS day and more recently, BS but I haven’t seen romantic NS from her for a long time now. 

I didn’t know she has mangas of her own :O. I would totally buy if I knew them because she’s done so much for the fandom.

Jyuuta and Acairo are my favorite current NS artist duo. I love Jyuuta’s compositions because it reminds me of traditional art and Acairo is just everything I want for Sasuke. Yeah, she loves Sasuke lots. I remember someone said in her replies why people always draw Sasuke and she stated “Sasuke is the reason for living.” lol

I finished another picture from @pjocoloringbookproject!!! This is the first time I’ve every colored something digitally, so I hope it looks good! I’m having so much fun with this. This coloring book was an amazing idea. Thanks sooooo much to @dhdart for creating this amazing lineart! It’s incredible how good you can draw!

Okay but how about a Voltron Disney World Vacation Au?

  • Suburban parents of 4,  Shiro and Allura wearing white tennis shoes and fannypacks 
  • Keith, Hunk and Lance are 6, Pidge is 4
  • Shiro and Allura severely underestimated the energy they would need to take 4 small children to a theme park for 4 days, someone help them please 
  • Coran is there, but is so consumed with taking pictures and making memories that he isn’t much help in wrangling the small children
  • Coran also plans on scrap-booking the whole trip AND making a slideshow to show everyone back home
  • Lance has to be kept on a child leash because he’s very excited and Shiro is not having a repeat of him sneaking into one of the stores for candy
  • Matching Disney family vacation t-shirts (with the corresponding colors of their lions)
  • The kiddo’s favorite sections of Magic Kingdom: Pidge loves Tomorrowland, Hunk loves Fantasyland, Lance loves Adventureland, and Keith loves Frontierland
  • Lance challenging Keith to a race at the Tomorrowland Speedway, and because they have to be with adults Shiro is with Keith and Allura is with Lance, both parents are kinda cramped in those tiny cars
  • Pidge is beside herself/themself when the family goes to Mulan’s meet and greet for a photo
  • Space Mountain ends up being everyone’s favorite ride
  • Including Hunk’s, even though he barfed up his Dole Whip from lunch afterwards
  • Driving to Orlando was also not the best decision on their part, and Allura concedes that Shiro was right and they should’ve flown instead, but now it is too late and they have to entertain the kids on the drive back home 

This is all I’ve got so far, but feel free to add on!!!

Five Things Tag Challenge

I was tagged by my friend @mrssantinni​ for this challenge (Thank yooooou <3)

Disclaimer: You have to tag 15 people at the end of this challenge

Five things you’ll find in my bag:

  1. My umbrella
  2. Earphones
  3. My pendrive
  4. My wallet
  5. My phone <3

Five things you’ll find in my bedroom:

  1. My bed?
  2. Pictures EVERYWHERE
  3. Drawings EVERYWHERE
  4. My little brother’s toys scattered around
  5. My wardrobe full of random shit

Five things I’ve always wanted to do:

  1. Kiss Park Jinyoung
  2. Create a Transformer
  3. Buy ice cream whenever I want to
  4. Make the world a better place
  5. Meet my internet friends :’)

Five things that make me happy:

  1. My children, aka my friends
  2. Horror movies (Weird, ik)
  3. My family
  4. CAKE <3
  5. Animals

Five things that I’m currently into:

  1. KPOP (I guess I won’t get out of it)
  2. Byun Baekhyun is wrecking my bias list
  3. Mateus (My fricking crush fdytgysdgfysdgysgd)
  4. Coloring books for stress
  5. Irmão do Jorel (Jorel’s Brother, a funny af brazilian cartoon)

Five things on my to-do list:

  1. Pass fricking ENEM
  2. Get into a Gastronomy college
  3. Get out of Brazil, to a colder country
  4. Meet all my online friends <3
  5. Marry a sweet guy and start a family

People I’ll tag:

@hypeho, @lupeterpatter, @boyfriendvibess, @secretlymadeoutofcups, @solarkwan, @brennahrae, @bunnynamja, @onepumpofsyrup, @prochnxst, @fandom-imaginees and anyone who wants to do it :D

The Mirror Speaks Back

Warm days breed a sense of false confidence the sun

is my spotlight put on your best act everyone is watching

there are no shadows there are no secrets no rivers of blood

I need to stop picking at my fingernails blood gathers around

the quicks they’ve never mattered before I’ve always bitten

them torn them destroyed them now that it matters I am a professional

every day I rip farther into the quick pull more at my cuticles

make the skin raw feel weird about my eyebrows wonder

if I should wear makeup wonder if I’m about to lose this game

wonder if I will become a monster wonder if I will have children

wonder if I can keep this up wonder if I’m trying to fill some empty

part of myself with animals with him with books home décor

centaurs marker drawings clean cabinets folded laundry pinned

butterflies ancient pictures useless histories of myself logic

puzzles apple juice tea the color mint wonder has the world forgotten

whether we look into the mirror to see ourselves or to let ourselves

see I see too much here in this colorless glass surface

- Veronica Good

National Poetry Month is almost over, here’s a mess to mull over.


Images via http://www.simonstalenhag.se/

Illustrator Simon Stålenhag’s new Tales from the Loop pretty much blew our reviewer Jason Sheehan’s entire MIND: 

See one of Stålenhag’s pieces once and it will stick to you like tar. Follow you home. Color your dreams. The reality he imagines is infectious. It’ll eat yours whole, and his robots and dinosaurs and savage, blonde children will become yours, too.

Check out the full review here – and if you want to go down the wormhole of awesome, I highly recommend going over to Stålenhag’s site to see more of his creepy, atmospheric, shiveringly precise paintings.

– Petra (who is now looking around for her old copy of The Mysteries of Harris Burdick)

miraculous ladybug recommendations

Artist Edition

So, usually I make fic rec posts and what not, but for the first time ever, I’m going to recommend some of my favorite artists and tell you a few things that I like about their style. 

(I do not draw or do art, but I do love to look at it!)

Now, this isn’t everyone and they are listed in no particular order!

@fallingofflowers: not only are her drawings super, super cute, but they are shiny and glittery. And I love glitter and shiny pictures. Everything is super adorable and very much in kawaii cuteness. 

@crusanite: she draws with thicker lines–lines that have a purpose! A lot of the time, her pictures are of pure sin with great kissing scenes. She has a mature style, one that seems effortless. 

@taylordraws: what can I say about taylor that everyone already knows? Her pictures are full of color and pop and has a bit of a comicbook style. Her love for freckles is adorable and I love she makes people pop with movement. 

@geel1nes: when I look at their art, I feel like I’m looking at something that is wholesome. There are a lot stills, but they are about sweet moments and I like that it feels like she’s taking a photo of a memory that needs to be kept. 

@caprette: I love that everything looks like it’s drawn with a pencil and then maybe painted with watercolor (I have no idea if that’s the case haha), but I love it! It’s super vintage, but modern because her comics are always so funny! 

@daughterofthestars08: there are little things, like an extra line to someone’s hand or their bicep that she adds. Her style is best described as feisty!

 @ainefelai: so yes, Ainefelai draws my husband really well, but i love her drawings. There is a sophisticated and mature air about her art that makes my heart pitter patter. And maybe I pour myself a glass of wine haha. 

@vanilladeonna: her style is fresh, cute, and super flirty. there she uses great colors and there is always a little zing to her art. 

@sorarts: the way she does skintone is amazing. I love how her art always has wonderful shading. Like, really–her shading is so point it’s unreal.

@peachbunni: her art is just adorable. there is a great eastern influence in her art, like that kawaii cute style going on, but I love it. Sometimes it’s like I’m looking at Sanrio characters, like Little Twin Stars and Cinnamon Roll :)

@yaushie: i love, love their art. There art is always about the characters. It sucks me in with pretty and simple colors and I love how she just focuses on the people I love. Like, I’m caught in that snapshot.

@piikopoko: her art is fantastic because it is so elegant. Have you seen her line art? It’s just–wow, she spends so much time working on it. It’s stunning and Victorian looking. I love it. 

@amandatoryart: her art is fun and always makes me smile. I love seeing updates on her sketches through the day and she always makes me laugh! 

@coccinellu: fun, flirtatious, and most definitely sexy. I love her expressions and how easy it looks, like she snapped her fingers and her picture appeared. There is also a soft and sweetness to her art that makes me swoon.

@sakura-rose12: she is just one of the most staple artists, if not the first artist I experienced for Mircaulous Ladybug. Everything she draws is like gold leaving her fingertips and I’m always left in awe. 

@baraschino: I love how they color and how they have this children-ish book style. It’s very cute and I’m very fond of it. 

@pozolegirl: the first thing i always think of when I think of her art is that she made the most perfect and fluffy clouds. Her style is very dreamy and very sweet. I love it. 

This is by no means a total list of all my favorite artists because everyone is so talented, but here are some people’s art that I love and I’m so glad to be following all of them :) 

Thank you drawing and inspiring me and the rest of this fandom!

Bon anniversaire Charles Perrault!! 

(January 12, 1628 - May 16, 1703)

M. Perrault is known for writing these beloved tales: 

Le Petit Chaperon rouge (Little Red Riding Hood), Cendrillon (Cinderella), Le Chat Botté (Puss in Boots), La Belle au bois dormant (The Sleeping Beauty), and Barbe bleue (Bluebeard).

Pictured above is an illustration of Cinderella just past midnight at the ball, taken from the story “Cinderella or The Little Glass Slipper.”

From our stacks: 

The Cinderella fairy book : containing Cinderella or the glass slipper, Puss in boots, Red Riding Hood, Drill of the A.B.C. Army.

With Twenty-eight Colored Illustrations.  Peter G. Thomson, Cincinnati, 1881.

AU Idea: Dollhouse

Inspired/Taken From the TV Show Dollhouse

In a setting where people can have their entire minds erased and replaced with new identities, they are being used for profit. The “Dollhouses” keep Dolls on hand for appointment, and offer to customize their personality to whatever the client wants for their “engagement”. These engagements can last from a day to a week, depending on how much is willing to be paid.

When in the Dollhouse, these Dolls are inactive, wiped to a blank slate, with the innocence of children and no notion of what they were just doing-or who they were before entering the Doll House. However, certain elements of their personality may remain.

“Have you ever trying cleaning an actual slate? You can always see what was there before.”

For the most part, when not active, these Dolls do exercises-swimming, yoga-color, look at picture books, or other things of these nature. The facility always makes sure they are actively engaged, keeps them fit and well fed. After all, they need to be capable of a range of possibilities.

Engagements may be romantic excursions, public function appearances, fantasy fulfillment, or much more serious. Someone may need an expert negotiator, or someone may just want the perfect midwife-the possibilities are endless.

The personalities dolls are programmed with for each engagement-imprints-are woven together by a programmer in each Dollhouse. These personalities are not made from scratch-they’re built from memories, experiences, and personalities of pre-existing people.

Each Doll has a Handler-one person entrusted with their safety, and they are imprinted in order to trust them completely.

At the end of each engagement, they’re brought back to the Dollhouse, where they’re wiped clean once again. However, the process isn’t perfect.

Possible Scenarios:

  • Muse A used to know Muse B. Suddenly, Muse B encounters Muse A and is shocked they don’t remember them-in fact, they seem to be a whole new person.
  • Muse A is Muse B’s handler, and grows rather attached. Perhaps too attached. They begin to fuss more, either friendly, parental, or romantic.
  • Muse A and Muse B are both dolls, who begin to seem to interact more, despite the fact that such impressions shouldn’t be possible. Friendship, romance-things that should be impossible.
  • Muse A is a repeat client who has Muse B over for multiple encounters. It would seem they’re beginning to have more of an impression on Muse B then at first realized, as Muse B begins to paint memories-not always clear, but memories all the same. Muse A is told they need to pick a new Doll, and Muse B begins to long for that someone just beyond memory.
  • Muse A is a doll. Muse B is the digital designer of the Doll’s Engagement Personalities. Bored one night, Muse B makes decides to make the guy/girl of their dreams. Its meant to be a gag, but they accidentally upload it onto a doll-Muse A. Suddenly they get protective of Muse A, monitoring their missions more.
  • Any other combo you might think of!

@akaashiikeiijis ahhhh your ask for the prompt got deleted and I got carried away but here it is!! 

Summary: Bokuto tends to panic when Akaashi expresses discomfort or concern. Akaashi didn’t need that. Akaashi was better off handling it alone. 

((Or Bokuto’s love sick, Akaashi’s sick-sick and together they both feel a little better))

Sick Fic, Established Relationship, 2.5k+ words, Fluff

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