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Happy Valentine’s Day from The Baby Bookworm - the perfect day to share a book with your best friend. Ripley (JJ’s best friend) recommends Here Comes Valentine Cat by Deborah Underwood and illustrated by Claudia Rueda! Stay tuned for our review tonight!


For all the Mogeko fans
Hi! Here is Knifedragon! The fan mogeko picture book YOAKENO HIKARI is on selling right now! But we do have some problems with it and we feel kind of upset about it, we want to tell you guys. As everyone sees, we have 100 books could sell, this result was basic on the volume vote of how many people want to buy this book, the result for it looks really good! We have more than 100 people want to buy the book! So we decided we will send 100 books from China to Canada even it costs more than 1000 USD. We want to give this first fan book to everyone mogeko fans on the world, not only China! But the selling will end very soon, only 17 days, the selling will end. But we only sold 21 books right now…… The thing is… If we can’t sold more than 80 books in the foreign country, we will lost a lot of money…… After this summer, I will go Vancouver for university, the postage is very expensive for more than 50 books from Halifax to Vancouver or back to China……. And if we lost that much money, we don’t think we will have activity like this anymore, many this is the last time. This picture book is the hard work for these 43 participants, we made this because we want to let more people like mogeko’s fantastic stories!! We are very proud we can go these far for all the people who sustain our idea! We need everyone’s help! Please let more fans or your friends who have interest of the book!!!!! We still want to bring more new fan stuffs for this beautiful mogeko’s world in the future!!!! Thank you all!!!

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Just received advance copies of my newest picture book! “That’s Me Loving You”, written by the incomparable Amy Krouse Rosenthal, is a book to comfort you and your loved ones at the times when you have to be apart. Big thanks to Random House Kids for helping me bring these illustrations to life! The book will be available from booksellers everywhere at the end of December.

Hello Readers!

Welcome to the official blog for all things related to A Tale of Odds and Ends! Keep track of news, extras and more! 

Poor Pansy. Once a perfectly delicate porcelain doll living in comfort, now an exile after accidentally shattering one of her sisters. Frightened and confused, she must journey the outer lands of the old Quilt to rectify her mistake. Joining her travels is Leisel, a surly young cloth doll and her good natured grandmother Gaggie Spindle. Together the unlikely vagabonds must brave the many hazardous creatures who inhabit their patchwork world. Through volatile wooden highwaymen, impish Hodge-Podges, and a terrifying taxidermy beast known only as The Caracal, Pansy of Porcelain will have to sustain a few chips and cracks along the way if she ever hopes to see her cozy (and very safe) home again. 


All Things Considered editor and children’s book maven Justine Kenin is VERY excited about They All Saw a Cat – a new picture book that depicts all the many ways various creatures perceive a cat out on a stroll. Here’s her review:

 A great picture book’s magic sneaks up on you. 

It becomes the book you want to read again and again.  The story may seem simple at first pass – it’s for the non-reading set after all – but then you hear it in your head, and see the images in your mind. 

Each picture takes long minutes to absorb, and reveals new details each time you open the book. And a great picture book  –like Brendan Wenzel’s new They All Saw a Cat – reveals a secret about life itself.

Wenzel both wrote and illustrated Cat. His words bring a steady rhythm and repetition so perfect for the picture book reader – the words build, the reader anticipates, the beat is the same as you turn each page. 

The book opens with a picture of a lanky, striped feline headed off for adventure: “The cat walked through the world, with its whiskers, ears, and paws …”  

And the great surprise is the “They” of the title. What and who will the cat encounter?  A dog, a mouse, a flea – the cat encounters friends, mortal enemies, and possible meals. But how does each creature see the cat?

My personal favorites are the bee, seeing the cat with all of its eyes.  And the fish, for whom the cat is oh so big and watery.

But I don’t want to give too much away.

Just know that as you read this book your two-year-old will understand that we all see a cat. That each animal sees the cat differently – but it’s still a cat, and our perspective shapes how we it, whether we’re hungry to eat it or view it from high in the sky.

And does that cat see himself?  Yes, and that perspective is also perfect.

– Petra (who sees too many cats, whenever she goes home)