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these posts might be annoying, but from the start of 2016 when i started watching and drawing ml to now- this show and this fandom has pushed me to draw so much more than i used to and ive improved heaps because of it, so thank you!! 


Green Day Profil Pics + Headers for Christmas

(And yes the boys are the three kings from the bible in the first three edits pls don‘t hit me for this)

Anyway feel free to use.

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I’m wishing you to spend this day with someone you truly love!
And let this magic moment be just one of many many more

and here goes some V x MC on Christmas day, the pre story picture is here :)

the perfect song (not christmas related though)  
ariana grande – moonlight

Do you remember when Taylor Swift bought pizza for the fans waiting for her outside of her hotel in London just because she couldn’t stop by cause she was going for a dinner? Do you remember when she visited hospitals a lot of times, without the cameras? Do you remember about the fact that she doesn’t take money for meet and greets? Do you remember about all those times when she invited her fans to all of her houses and bake them cookies?? Do you remember how she spent her Valentine’s Day with the fan and their family?? Do you remember all those quotes she has said about us so far, like for example the one that we are the best and the longest relationship she has ever had??? Do you remember how she chose fans online and sent them Christmas and Valentines packages and then she met them all during the tour?? Do you remember how she stalked the fans going to award shows and how she met them there?? Do you remember when she went to the Taylor Swift Education Center to meet a fan from Tumblr?? Do you remember how she donated money for fans in need?? Do you remember how she donated money for different causes?? Do you remember all those times when she gave advices to the fans online?? Do you remember when she went to the fan’s Bridal Shower and took a huge basket of gifts with her?? Do you remember when she went to the fan’s wedding and played the couple’s favorite song??? Do you remember when she visited a terminally ill fan at their house?? Do you remember how she visited a fan so she could give a Christmas gift to their little son?? Do you remember how she used to go through the crowds during three headlining tours because she wanted to greet the fans??? Do you remember about 13 hours meet and greet?? Do you remember all those time when she stopped a car cause she had seen a fan wearing her merch shirt so she wanted to take a picture with them??? Do you remember that she does her best when it comes about stopping by when fans are waiting for her on the red carpet, outside the television building etc?? Do you really remember that she played All Too Well at the Grammys because we wanted her to do it?? Do you remember when she visited a 96 years old veteran on Christmas Day?? And what about painting pictures for fans?? What about painting guitars for ill children?? What about all those things she does for the people in secrecy and we have no idea??? There are so many reasons we should be thankful for her. She really goes above and beyond for us. Never forget that. 


Douis v. Elounor: 

So here’s a visual look at the the end of Douis/beginning of Elounor timeline. I wanted to emphasize the absurdity of Eleanor supposedly reconnecting with Louis in the days after Jay’s death juxtaposed with Danielle’s birthday picture tweet and Christmas Day in his family’s snapchat stories. 

The almost violently abrupt end of Douis is really funny laid out here. They went from “happy birthday my love” and Christmas with family to Danielle moving out of the house 2 weeks later. 

And in the middle of all this, Eleanor and Louis are supposedly rekindling their romance!

Note, especially, the sharp line between the 19th and 20th of January. Just a day between romantic narratives in the fandom eye. And it’s just a mere 3 weeks between his last girlfriend moving out of his house and him being spotted with Eleanor in LA. 

Miraculous. Applause-worthy. That this guy, so deep in grief that he’s now supposedly having impulse and mental health issues, would decide to dump a long-term girlfriend to get with an ex-girlfriend and immediately jet off to Jamaica with her. And when I say immediately, I mean, it was just 5 weeks “BYE BYE DANIELLE” and “WHO IS ELEANOR CALDER” in the Sun. 

And yet, this isn’t the first time they’ve done this. In July 2011, Hannah announced the break-up with Louis on Twitter on the 24th of July and by the 30th of July, Eleanor’s cousin was implying Louis was Facetiming her. And just 3 short weeks after that, Eleanor tried to claim she and Louis were holding hands at V Fest. 

So, once again, Elounor lacks all logic and (to be honest, lacks common decency if this was a real scenario). 

It’s been 6 long ass years and Louis still has to be appear rabidly heterosexual in the public eye, to the point of absurdity. 

anonymous asked:

Your headcanons and bullet point fics are everything to me- was wondering if you have any more canonverse hcs? Xx

let’s see…

  • first of all (and this is very important), nico makes flower crowns
  • will discovers this on a thursday, when they’re sitting in a small clearing in the forest very early in their relationship
  • nico keeps talking, and his hands keep weaving, and it takes a moment for will to realize what he’s doing, but in the end will starts handing nico different flowers to add to the plait
  • when the crown is ready, nico places it gently on will’s curls and smiles shyly, blushing bright red
  • “i didn’t know you knew how to make flower crowns”
  • nico shrugs and avoids will’s eyes as he explains that it’s something bianca taught him to do
  • will smiles and takes nico’s hand, and then they’re both blushing and grinning like idiots and i’m getting cavities
  • also, they spend lots of times on that clearing, just talking or cloud watching or making out or napping or making capture the flag strategies
  • and nico is a very sleepy person, so he often falls asleep with his head on will’s lap or chest
  • on many of those times he wakes up to will tickling his face with a flower stem, and nico pretends to be annoyed but truthfully it quickly becomes one of his favorite ways of waking up
  • after a few months have passed from the giant war and life has returned to somewhat normal, nico picks up photography
  • it comes pretty much out of nowhere, one day nico just walks up to will and shows him this old camera he says annabeth found from the athena cabin and that no one has used in years, and asks if it’s okay if he takes a picture of will
  • of course it’s okay, and nico takes a picture
  • and then another
  • and another
  • and another until he’s used up all his film and he blushes because he was supposed to take pictures of jason and piper and lou ellen, too
  • with annabeth’s help, nico builds a basement to the hades cabin, and sets up a dark room there
  • his first photographs are all of will, every single blurred and overexposed picture, and nico tries to throw them away but will keeps all of them in a shoe box under his bedside drawer
  • will gets banned from the dark room after an incident that involves a stack of poorly developed pictures and various fluids in places they shouldn’t be
  • will tries to take an interest in photography, too, but frankly he just doesn’t have the patience that it takes to develop the pictures so nico gives him a polaroid camera for his birthday
  • photography pretty much becomes will and nico’s Thing™, even though it’s still 70% nico that takes and develops the pictures, and will even goes all 12 days of christmas on nico with the polaroids (and i’ll probably write about that later because good god i just got inspired)
  • with the polaroid pictures comes bulletpoint journaling, and nico doesn’t understand what’s so important in having this special kind of notebook for it or different kinds of washi tape, but he happily listens when will spends thirty minutes explaining why exactly he needs “this exact type of golden bling tape, nico, it’s pretty, look at it”
  • nico accidentally adopts a cat when it just walks into the hades cabin and never leaves
  • nobody knows where the cat came from, but after half an hour it has imprinted itself on nico and won’t leave his side
  • will wants to call the cat whiskers, but nico refuses
  • leo holds a poll, and valdezinator wins that, but nico refuses to call his cat that, either
  • in the end nico starts calling it dog as a joke, and it sticks
  • date nights are a small problem for them at first, because how do you get privacy on a camp where everyone seems to be breathing down your neck
  • jason says the strawberry fields are a popular spot, but the problem with that is that everyone knows that, and also nico feels very exposed there, so that’s a no
  • cecil tells will to take nico on a picnic on zeus’ fist, but will just knows cecil will be spying on them there, so no
  • they brain storm date spots back and forth for a few weeks, until nico decides he’s had enough, and sneaks will out of the apollo cabin a few hours after curfew and takes him to the roof of the big house to stargaze
  • it’s nothing particularly fancy, but it’s nice and private and romantic and it becomes a tradition
  • basically nico and will do a bunch of cure and dumb and accidentally romantic stuff on a daily basis, like bringing each other snacks and holding hands during camp fire and just being all around adorable
  • no one knows if they love them or hate them for that

(thanks @kissanvarpaat for being my personal inspiration bank)

Remember us // art+ words: r.i.d


sansaregina’s 14 days of christmas

@cosmonauthill: “She pictured the two of them sitting together in a garden with puppies in their laps, or listening to a singer strum upon a lute while they floated down the Mander on a pleasure barge. If I give him sons, he may come to love me. She would name them Eddard and Brandon and Rickon, and raise them all to be as valiant as Ser Loras. And to hate Lannisters, too. In Sansa’s dreams, her children looked just like the brothers she had lost. Sometimes there was even a girl who looked like Arya.”


A sad cover made even sadder - In the winter of 2015, Doctor Who Magazine released issue #493 with a beautiful cover photo of Jenna in her waitress uniform preparing to take our “last orders”. I purchased my copy primarily because of how adorable Jenna looked on the cover.

But, then, fast forward to the Doctor Who Convention in London where 2,000 copies of the magazine – printed with an “alternate” cover – were made available to the public. This ‘Festival” edition shows the same diner setting with a gorgeous Jenna standing out front. But, this time, in the background we see the Doctor sitting alone in a booth.

I don’t know why, but this struck me as one of the saddest pictures I have ever seen. Maybe on Christmas Day, Clara will get a chance to sit down in the booth with her Doctor. And, maybe, Twelve will finally remember his “Impossible Girl”. We can only hope.

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Who's Who in the Shimada-McCree Family

A/N: This is the family for my McHanzo domestic AU, I’m writing it along with a lot of other things. Please ask about the fam. They’re precious.


  • The “strict” father.
  • Goes to all of his kids’ extra curricular activities.
  • Wakes the kids up for school.
    • “Yes, Weston. You need to go to school today.”
  • Is a big softie for Hatsu and Eiji.
  • Does most of the cooking.
  • Always worries about the kids when he’s away on missions.
  • Gives the older kids life advice.
  • Has all of their awards and certificates in a trophy case or hanging on the wall.
  • Lowkey brags about his kids.
  • Loves when his kids ask if they can meditate with him.
  • Makes the whole family go on yearly trips to Hanamura.
  • Loves taking the kids on camping trips.
  • He’s usually the only one actually getting the items on the grocery list.
    • “No, Jesse. We don’t need… denim scented candles?”
    • “Weston don’t climb that!!”
    • “Ana, Dominic. Where’s Eiji and Hatsu?”
  • Forces Jesse to come to all of the parent-teacher conferences.
  • Isn’t mad, just disappointed.
  • Encourages his kids to achieve their dreams.
  • Has to defuse any and all fights between Dominic and Ana.
  • Hates when the kids fight with each other.


  • Let’s his kids get away with just about everything.
  • Sneaks them candy before dinner.
    • And after.
  • Let’s them stay up late.
    • Even on school nights.
  • Makes breakfast while Hanzo wakes the kids.
    • Also makes their lunches.
  • Bakes a ton of sweets for the school bake sale.
  • Likes to flirt with the moms on the PTA to mess with Hanzo.
  • Hates going to parent-teacher conferences.
  • Probably tried to bribe the teachers to pass his kids at least once.
  • Isn’t disappointed, just mad.
  • When he’s away on a mission he calls the house every chance he gets.
    • “You kiddos okay?”
    • “Yes, dad. Same as when you called ten minutes ago.”
  • Best cuddles when it’s cold in the house.
  • Likes it when the whole family is snuggled up on the couch.
  • Always let’s any of the kids sleep in bed with him and Hanzo if they can’t get to sleep.
  • Gets everyone in the family hats and serapes matching his.
  • Along with the kids, begs Hanzo to let them get a pet.
  • Teaches the kids how to shoot a gun.
  • Always takes them to visit Reinpa and Grandma Amari and Grandpa Gabe.
  • Isn’t allowed to be alone with the younger kids for more than a few hours.


  • The fun grandparent.
  • “Reinpa” because his name was too hard to pronounce for the little ones.
  • Teaches Ana, Dominic, and Weston how to speak German.
  • Loves taking them to visit Germany.
  • Always bringing them stuff back from his travels.
  • Is a big teddy bear.
  • Always has at least one grandchild with him while he’s visiting.
  • Picks up the kids and puts them on his shoulders.
  • Let’s them climb him.
    • “Rein, be careful hE MIGHT FALL”
  • But seriously, will dote on his grandkids cause he’s a concerned Reinpa.
  • Highkey brags about them to anyone he meets.
  • Has pictures of them in his wallet.
  • Brings them sweets from Germany.

Ana Amari:

  • She’s the best at getting the kids to behave.
  • Is always able to get them to bed.
    • She secretly sleep darts them.
  • Loves taking Ana and Dominic to Egypt.
  • Teaches them Arabic if they want.
  • Cried when she heard her oldest granddaughter was being named Ana.
  • Loves being with the youngest ones.
  • Somehow manages to know when one or more of the kids is sick???
  • Makes the best tea and chicken noodle soup.
  • Is the go-to babysitter though.
  • Will drop everything to be with her grandkids.
  • Goes to every event for the kids.
  • Lowkey wants to take them home with her.
  • Teaches Dominic and Ana how to use a sniper rifle.
  • Goes to all of Dominic’s concerts.
  • Supports her grandkids.
  • Is the best grandma.


  • Let’s Hatsu and Eiji play with his dragon.
  • Speaks to them in Japanese so they know their native tongue better.
  • Let’s Weston use his sword.
    • Gets in trouble for letting his nephew use his sword.
  • Insists he doesn’t have a favorite.
    • He does.
      • It’s Weston.
  • Loves to make them his favorite Japanese meals.
  • Loves to babysit his nieces and nephews.
  • Encourages Dominic to choose his own path.
  • Literally encourages him to rebel against Hanzo.
  • Is Hatsu and Eiji’s nightlight though.
  • But the kids refuse to hug him in the winter because he’s so cold.
  • Except for Hatsu.
  • She loves cold.
  • Highkey tried to take one of them home with him one time.
  • Hanzo and Jesse noticed two hours later that Weston was missing.
  • He takes them to the arcades all the time though.
  • Is the best as claw machines.
  • Wins Hatsu and Eiji whatever they want.
  • Tried to give Dominic Sake once.
  • If he heard Dominic or Ana has a date, lowkey follows them.
    • They still know he was following them.
  • Is jealous when one of the kids says Hanzo’s cooking is better.


  • Has known just about all of the kids since birth.
  • Was the pediatrician for all of them.
  • Still is for Hatsu and Eiji.
  • Literally is always doting over Weston.
  • Calls the house every week to see how Weston’s genetic therapy is going.
  • Makes sure all of the kids are eating healthy.
  • Has and will call one of the older kids out on their shit if they make her mad enough.
  • Is usually fairly patient though.
  • Gives extremely good advice.
  • Always gives them Swiss chocolate.
  • Helps Ana through her female problems since her house is full of males and the only other female is Hatsu who is five.
  • Sometimes stays the night if Weston is having a problem with his dyslexia and can’t do his homework.
  • Helps Weston through his low points about himself.
  • She’s always there to give words of encouragement.
  • Answers any questions they may have about medicine or treatments if they are sick.
  • Will stay at the house the entire time one of the kids is sick if she feels she needs to.
    • “Angela, you don’t need to-”
    • “Jesse, I am staying. Eiji has the flu, he needs me.”
  • Loves to take Hatsu and Eiji to the park.
  • If Ana or Dominic is mad at the other or their parents she lets them stay with her.
  • Is like the mom for the kids.
    • But she’s their aunt.

Soldier 76:

  • “Grumpa”
  • Forgets their names half of the time
  • If he’s babysitting he’s either doing paperwork or sleeping.
    • Sometimes both.
  • Calls Weston “Mini McCree”
  • Fell asleep on the couch once.
    • He slept on the remote.
  • Gets Dominic and Weston confused sometimes.
  • Insists he’s the best grandfather though.
  • Lost Hatsu and Eiji at the mall once.
  • Everything is a challenge though.
  • Don’t let him get Christmas gifts.
  • He either wraps them in newspaper or doesn’t wrap them at all.
  • Lowkey loves his grandkids and brags about them to everyone.
  • Doesn’t let Gabriel or Jesse or Hanzo know he really does love the kids.
  • They do know.


  • Honestly, the best grandfather ever.
  • Takes his grandkids to the best restaurants.
  • Always insists he stay the night.
  • If he’s babysitting over night and Hatsu or Eiji wakes up from a nightmare he hums or sings to them.
  • Has conversations with Dominic in Spanish.
  • Loves to help the kids prank Jesse and Hanzo.
  • Took Eiji home with him once.
    • It was the best two hours of Eiji’s life.
  • He always manages to bring some kind of stuffed animal for Hatsu and Eiji.
  • He spoils his grandkids to death.
  • He bought them too many Christmas presents at one point.
    • He was put on a budget.
    • He could spend $300 on each kid.
      • He bought 600 stuffed animals from the dollar store, 300 for Eiji and 300 for Hatsu.
  • Makes all of the Halloween costumes for the kids.
    • Made matching costumes for everyone.
      • They were a Mariachi Band.
  • Always talks about how he’s the better cook.
    • Hanzo disagrees.
  • But Gabe makes all the traditional Mexican food for his grandkids.
  • Loves listening to Dominic’s music.
  • Sneaks so much candy to them.
    • They aren’t hungry by the time it’s dinner.
  • Loves to cuddle Hatsu and Eiji.
  • They’re always attached to his legs.
  • Gets the kids ice cream if they’re upset.
  • Has tons of pictures of his grandkids.
    • Shows everyone.
    • No matter where he’s at.

Ana Gabrielle:

  • The oldest kid.
  • Loves her siblings.
    • Sometimes not Dominic.
  • Loves her grandparents.
    • All of them.
  • You know how a lot of girls wanted to marry their fathers when they were young?
    • Ana wanted to marry her Aunt Mercy.
  • Lowkey loves rock music.
  • Highkey is obsessed with classical and instrumental music.
  • Loves animals.
    • Tried to bring a sloth home from the zoo.
  • Is secretly good at singing.
  • Meditates with Hanzo on a daily basis.
  • Honestly, has punched Dominic more than once.
  • Their fights get physical sometimes.
  • Ana is a badass though.
  • She secretly misses her mom.
  • Curses in Japanese when she’s frustrated.
  • Plays the piano and the drums.
  • Highkey loves spicy everything.
  • Is the best baker in the house, second to Jesse.
  • Halloween is her favorite holiday.
  • Insists she buys all of the Christmas presents by herself.
  • Makes Christmas dinner with Hanzo and Grandma Amari every year.
  • Stays up at night helping Weston with his homework.
  • Sleeps like four hours a night.
  • Help her.
  • But the biggest nerd ever.


  • Really sweet.
    • A hard ass.
      • But sweet.
  • Is closer to his Grandpa Gabe than anyone else.
    • Tells him everything.
    • Writes Spanish songs and plays them for his Grandpa Gabe.
  • Loves his Grandma’s tea.
  • Cranky if he doesn’t listen to music at least once a day.
    • Hates country music.
  • Obsessed with pens.
    • Has hundreds.
      • Prefers erasable ones.
  • Plays so many instruments.
    • RIP Hanzo and Jesse’s bank accounts.
  • Dyed his hair blue and green once.
    • Hanzo fainted.
    • Dominic regretted it.
    • Picture day was a week later.
  • Most Christmas spirit out of the whole family.
    • Sings Christmas songs every year.
    • Is the first person to wake up.
    • Buys the best Christmas presents.
  • Wants to be a musician.
  • Wants his own car.
  • Can barely afford his guitars.
  • Ditched school for his gigs.
  • Loves the rain.
  • Has run outside during a storm.
  • He got sick.
  • Loves to read books.
  • Fantasy specifically.


  • Protect him.
  • Just wants to be happy.
  • Is really insecure about himself.
  • Loves his uncle Genji.
  • Steals Jesse’s hat a lot.
  • Likes to use his gun.
  • Eats fried chicken as a midnight snack.
  • Talks in his sleep a lot.
  • Shares a room with Dominic???
  • He likes to stay with his dads though.
  • Brags to Hanzo and his Uncle Genji that he has three dragons.
  • Thinks it’s funny to unleash them in school.
  • Loves playing video games.
  • Watches old west movies with Jesse a lot.
  • Likes to be called “Wild Weston”.
  • Hates the water.
  • Hates his dyslexia.
  • He loves his family a lot.
  • Loves being with his Grandma Amari and Grandfathers.
  • Doesn’t like it when his sister and brother fight.
  • Has fought a few kids at school though.
  • Sneaks cookies and brownies to school.
  • Eats ice cream for breakfast when his Grandpa Gabe is in charge.
  • Has a small crush on his aunt Fareeha.

Hatsu and Eiji:

  • Twins.
  • Hatsu is more outgoing then her brother.
  • They’re the babies of the family.
  • Get away with everything.
  • Love sugar.
  • Are very attached to their stuffed animals.
  • Practically share a room with their dads.
  • Eiji loves vanilla ice cream but Hatsu loves mint chocolate chip.
  • They hate pancakes but love waffles.
  • Christmas is their favorite holiday.
  • But they’re always the last ones awake.
  • Love school.
  • Have a lot of friends.
  • Loves to be with their Grandma Amari or their Grandpa Gabe.
  • Hatsu’s favorite color is blue while Eiji’s is orange.
  • Can’t sleep without a nightlight.
  • Love TV.
  • But they don’t watch it often.
  • Get tired really easily.
  • Hatsu is Hanzo’s favorite and Eiji is Jesse’s.
  • Are very creative.
  • Really energetic too.
  • Surprisingly love vegetables.

Best Friend!Chensung!

Sorry I didn’t post earlier! I was quite busy today! ⭐️ Requests are open! (I have only 8 days until school, so request away while I’m not at my busiest!) ⭐️ Requested ⭐️ Hope you like this! If not, you can always tell me! ⭐️ masterlist

  • end my constant suffering pls
  • completely two-sided friendship
  • like one minute you could all be 
  • “o,h my god ily!!!!!!”
  • and then chenle laughs and the roasting begins
  • depending on your age, you can either tease them about being older or fight both of them at the same time (i believe in you!!!)
  • your feelings probably would have been hurt only once
  • they’re very considerate of what makes you sad and uncomfortable
  • and most likely take notice of your body language and how you act if they mention something touchy or offensive to you
  • so they back off right away and apologize so cutely
  • chenle would probably give a huge hug later and just lAUGH so precious and sweet and it’d make you forget about why he even apologized
  • i wish i had a chenle i would be happy at last smh
  • jisung would just slide a note under the bathroom door while your brushing your teeth or just fixing your hair idk and it would be so sincere and it would come with candy from chenle kms love him please
  • chenle’s family probably loves u so much tbh
  • texting just happens when you’re not with each other or when they want to use you to get things when you’re like 2 feet away
  • “y/n can you get me my snacks???”
  • “ok but jisung listen to this!!”
  • “what?”
  • purposely pushes you off the couch
  • “oops”
  • chenle gets the snacks but stands up on the chair so big maknae can’t reach to avenge you
  • lot’s of movie nights and sleepovers at your home so there’s all the freedom
  • using jisung’s big ass hands as face warmers
  • also using chenle as a warmer but his hugs,,,,,i feel like he is very naturally warm chenle pls marry me ily
  • you repay them by getting ice cream or ramen chenle cheering for ramyeon is so cute i’m amost crying
  • lots of jacket stealing because they are so lARGE i mean idk about you all but if i wore one of their jackets i’d probably suffocate 
  • they are also good to go to when you are having a rough time and don’t want to talk about it
  • i feel like they may struggle with talking about problems and making people feel better verbally
  • so they could just sit with you at the park and talk about their days and what they’re looking forward to while eating some snacks and just talking together but also managing to include you
  • i noticed that jisung doesn’t really speak a lot on camera, but chenle says he’s very talkative
  • so i imagine if you were a very close friend of his then he would always have something to say if the situation was appropriate
  • probably pokemon battles on a really old ds at 3am i BET 
  • going with just chenle to go out for food and leaving jisung lmao
  • no regrets
  • when you both come back chenle is just laughing with you bc sungie is salty
  • but then you give him his favorite order from the place you went to and he is running to get a fork
  • asking each other to look over and then getting really ugly pictures for blackmail
  • chenle probably wouldn’t care,,,,have u seen his past pictures i’m cccryin
  • a friendship full of trust where even phone passwords are shared because it’s nice to know ur friends won’t go through things that’ll make you uncomfortable
  • probably just go on each others phones to play games and change screensavers to embarrassing pictures from like four years ago
  • birthdays, valentine’s day, christmas…..any holiday is very important
  • presents on every holiday
  • and they’re never bad ones either
  • just meaningful or a kind gesture to show love and care
  • a big circle of love and memes and support and happiness
  • everyone is jealous of this 
  • i am tbh
  • save me 

thsi is so cut e i’m sobbing