Others reasons why she could have chosen that picture,

1. It was the most recent pic she had of Karlie.
2. Because Karlie was doing something she loved in the picture cooking.(or maybe baking
3. Karlie could have picked it out.
4. She liked the picture.
5. It didn’t show anything odd in her house (?¿)
6.Because Karlie looks happy
7. She didn’t want kaylor rumors flying around
8. She thought some fans would be happy seeing her and Calvin and Karlie together.
9. She liked karlies outfit
10. She couldn’t find a different picture of Karlie bc her camera roll has a lot of fans tumblrs and pictures in it.
11. The picture didn’t give out any information (like phone number other personal things)
12. She likes corn in the CORNers of her photos 😏
13. She wanted to low key show off her hella fine kitchen.

It could have been any of these reasons, so why did people jump to conclusions?