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DAY 3208

Jalsa, Mumbai              Jan 9,  2017             Mon  11:38 pm

The setting sun over this great metropolis .. its vivid and varied hues, its picturesque presents .. and the beauty of the end of another day .. 

I have always had great pictorial fascination for the evening setting suns at various locations all over the world whenever I had the opportunity to witness that .. and many derived several beliefs on this .. the oft repeated refrain being that the love for the setting sun depicts the setting of your life your career your health, indeed everything ..

At the release of my film ‘Lawaris’ a prominent and feared journalist of the Industry published an article which stated that ‘his sun has already begun to set’ .. the sun in every one of us shall set and give way to darkness .. someday .. its just that some suns may take a little longer .. my sun has indeed set, and I am grateful that it took a little longer perhaps than was predicted ..

From the darkness of the night and the softness of the moon on special occasions, shall appear the blissful sight of another day and another rise of the sun for another day to live to die to set and be back with us again .. tis’ the meaning of life and nature .. and shall never change ..

And then there was the inauguration of the Mumbai Traffic Police safety week .. and the most amazing experience of a visit to their computerised control room ! A truly high tech innovation where hundreds work to track see deliver challans rectify road directions capture violations and sending them penalty cards .. giving images of impending traffic jams, alternate routes to take .. oh .. just so many gadgetry to keep a watch on the entire city .. so impressive ..

Well done Mumbai Police .. you were once known as the most efficient police force in the world, second only to Scotland Yard .. but I am certain in time Mumbai shall and will replace that celebrated police unit in the United Kingdom ..

… and then as life moves on towards the setting sun, a visit to one who having lived his life, suddenly set upon us without warning .. Om Puri .. a prayer meeting for him and our last visit to his environ ..

My love and more .. an early night .. it is required for me to have that 8 hour sleep .. I am attempting that  .. !!

Amitabh Bachchan

[BEAUTYPLMAGAZINE (Instagram)] #BeautyPL_Photoshoot 📸
Yesterday night, we filmed a Valentine’s Day concept pictorial with two hot guys 😁  Right here right here~ Block B’s #ParkKyung and #PO as the main characters ❤💋  Who is my type, sickeningly sweet guy Park Kyung or cute but also sexy PO?! You can see their #HeartStealing pictorial in the #FebruaryIssue of #BeautyPL 👋 #JustAFewDays #ReadyToMakeNunasHeartRace #BlockB #ValentineDay #Pictorial #GladLive #GladLiveGangnam #beautypl #blockb #parkkyung #pio #valentine #valentineday #gladlive #gangnam


In 1974 Scientists beamed a message into space in an effort to discover intelligent extraterrestrial life, Carl Sagan sent the broadcast known as the ‘Arecibo’ message via radio waves. The message aimed at the stars was the most powerful radio broadcast ever beamed into space by mankind. Directed to a star cluster located over 25,000 light years away, the pictorial message was sent in hopes that one day, we would receive a similar response. 

Then 27 years later in 2001, a crop formation appeared shaking the scientific community. A pattern appeared on a crop field, next to the UK’s largest telescope and observatory, the Chilbolton –where the world’s largest fully steerable meteorological radar is located. A response maybe to the 1974 Radio bradcast?  Image above

[STARCAST] Releasing BTS’ Dreaming Days, Chicago pictorial book B-cut photos!

STARCAST visited the place where BTS shoot pictorial book photos capturing BTS’ beautiful ‘present’. They took photos at Chicago this time. The city makes people to be overwhelmed with sensitivity because of modern buildings and its unique atmosphere, Chicago! STARCAST will show you the story about pictorial photo shoot with 6 different concepts in Chicago.

#1. SUGA is shy

SUGA and J-HOPE met as partners for the first concept  carried out in the colorful town. J-HOPE who is winsome and has good reactions made the shooting site happy. SUGA who experienced difficulties to follow J-HOPE was bit shy.

W..Would you go away a bit? ٩(ˊᗜˋ*);;;;

i feel like I can hear J-HOPE’s laughing sound from somewhere. 

Finished with high jump after shy SUGA left first.

#2. JIMIN is shy too 

JIMIN to dream deviating! A ‘manly man (wannabe)’ JIMIN stimulated with experimental and strange makeup wanted to show bit rebellious look….But maybe he was shy so he could not help stop laughing. JIMIN decided to become a rebellious boy and started to chew the gum but he could not make the bubble with his gum. :(

Chewing gum … I’m not giving up

In the end, JIMIN gave up making bubble. 

His partner JUNG KOOK who were watching him shooting succeeded to make a bubble… (Disappointed JIMIN)

It’s okay if you can’t make a bubble..

#3. The master of pose, Kim (a.k.a RM)

RAP MONSTER will take number one if there is a competition for ‘The most poses in the shortest time’. At the shooting carried in the house of Chicago for the second concept, RAP MONSTER expressed ‘the things you can do in the house’ with his body.

Taking photo with flowers

Showing of a pot

I photosynthesize when I’m bored. Talk to the sun.

Anguish for my future…

It’s MONvea when you have dry lips!

Inviting friends to the house

RAP MONSTER who is the number one at expressing creativity, he surely is the king of the poses!

#4. When waking J-HOPE up

Here comes JUNG KOOK.

Annoy him until he wakes up.

It must be J-HOPE and JUNG KOOK’s voice that you can imagine now…! (feat. SUGA and JIMIN pose for ‘concept’ sleeping)

Bonus photos! Here’s outstanding eyes and lips along with the background ◐ 3◐

#5. Who’s the photo mate for V who has the best sociability?A dog (who was walking around) cast instantly from the shooting site. V was in charge of casting. It looks like the dog likes V too…

They faced each other,

and looked at the same place. * ੈ ₊ ° ₊ * ੈ ✩ ✩ ‧ ‧
You.. know the best timing.. America’s Next Top Dog Model !!

V releases image like a fairy with mysterious color lens. King of sociability in Nature’s Republic, V is the best!

#6. Title: Came to play at the amusement park 

Review 1: I rode a big wheel with the youngest brother. It was so fun!

Review 2: The youngest brother grew little taller than me.. I should beware of him.

Review 3: A photo taken in front of the big wheel-☆

Review 4: The fourth brother who said he will be back after riding sky swing joined. We discussed what to ride next.

Review 5: After 30 minutes long discussion, we decided to go for merry-go-round but since it was time to have a dinner, we went for dinner. -The end-

#7. Just testing!! vs Taking it! Comparing before and after taking the photos!

Team 1.

Just testing!!

Taking it!

Team 2.

Just testing!!

Taking it!

Team 3.

Just testing!!

Cute cheekbone

Taking it!

BTS showed shocking and unconventional features to express a boy’s mind visually. Particularly, SUGA wrote some comments for the pictorial book about worry between a boy and a man as ‘a boy’ by himself. Don’t you want to know what boys’ dreaming days are like!? Please look forwar for BTS’ 3rd ‘The present’ :)

Forever and a day

Forever and a day,
oh ocean of the eyes,
waves of blinking, gentle frame,
roll with tides of time.
The watery pictorial,
a glistening, brightly day,
the space of all your passage
is mapped upon your sway.
I love you, but you make me cry;
your visage cannot stay.
Your mermaids, azure and pale,
one day will fade away,
so sweet mirage of greatness,
glistening in the sun,
I’ll float you for this one fair day
until the next one come.

-Jerry Harris III