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Wiggle a Lash Primer Through Your Brows for a Thicker, Fuller Effect!

If you are someone with naturally thin brows or have had a few too many over-waxing incidents then fibers could be a great option. Lash Primers have tiny little fibers in them that cling to the smallest of hairs which can make the brows and lashes look thicker and fuller.

Step 1. Wiggle a lash primer through your eyebrows

Step 2. Use a spoolie to remove any excess fibers

Step 3. Apply a brow powder that matches your brows using an angled brush

Step 4. Done!

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Urban Decay x Gwen Stefani Palette - Boring? Not.

I got some comments from those who were not sure quite what to make of the new UD x Gwen palette, which features - surprisingly for a lot of people - a whole lotta neutrals.

[NOTE: the animated gif images load better/faster on computers than on phones.]

Many were expecting that the palette would have some “radical” colors. Instead it’s filled with classic taupes, beiges, ivories, browns, black and just three “color” shades; a candy pink, rich cobalt blue, and yellow-gold.

I personally love the configuration. This is Naked with a shot of Vice thrown in. It’s versatile and wearable enough that it won’t sit in the back of your closet, but has just enough colorful shades to change things up and not be too boring.

I don’t find it surprising that the Gwen palette looks like this - honestly she wears very classic makeup colors most of the time. She does either a very 40s-50s vintage look with red/fuchsia lips, or a modern black/beige smoky eye with soft lips. You don’t often see her with green and purple and orange shadows.

Tip for use: Pick your neutrals, and add ONE of the three color shades to jazz things up. It’s how I usually recommend people wear strong colors anyway. Color-on-color looks nice in photos but can be garish in real life. It’s up to you though!

P.S. the lip shade I’m wearing is Ex Girlfriend, one of the Gwen lipstick shades for UD.

  1. Start with a clean, primed eyelid.
  2. Using your finger, pat a mixture of shades 1 and 2 on the first half of your lid. 
  3. With a flat shadow brush, pat shade 3 on the second half of the lid.
  4. With a fluffy blending brush, buff shade 4 (”Camel”) in the crease and buff upwards.
  5. For more definition blend shade 5 (”Mulberry”) directly into the crease.
  6. Next, take shade 6 (”Merlot”), using a small shader brush and apply to the outer V.
  7. For an extra pop, pat shade 5 over the second half of the lid.
  8. On the lower lash line, blend 2 halfway in using a fluffy smudger brush.
  9. From the outer lower lash line buff shade 5 in and blend towards the center.
  10. Using your finger or small smudger, pat shade 7 onto the inner corner.
  11. Apply a liner (I used the Rimmel Gel liner).
  12. Apply lashes (Kiss “Shy”) and mascara (Covergirl Super Sizer).