pictograph cave state park

State Park Americorps Adjusts to Billings

My day at Pictograph Cave State Park gets off to a great start each morning as I open the gate. As a suburban girl, I am unaccustomed to farm gates. Well, I know you are always supposed to close them, but beyond that I am still inexperienced and naïve enough to enjoy opening the gate every morning. I quite like standing on top of the hill in the breeze with the cows malevolently watching my every move. It adds a sense of adventure to my day.

Life at Pictograph Cave is just getting rolling as we move into spring. My winter months have been full of planning for the upcoming educational visits, interpretive tours, and special events.  I am especially excited for Junior Ranger Day I am planning in early June. I am also nervous to debut my new educational program to a group of middle schoolers. Middle schoolers are not known for being supportive or forgiving audience, so I am trying to make early tool technology as interesting as possible without actually shooting something. They do get to throw atlatls though, so I have been practicing. I dream of wowing the class with my impeccable aim, but I do not think that is going to happen. My backup dream is not hitting a student with an errant lance.

I have enjoyed these quiet months of planning and getting to know the site, but now I am ready for hundreds of students and tourists to be wandering around. So those of you in the Billings area should pack a picnic and come out for a visit!

Jessie Hendrix