Master Rin-Centric Translations List

Updated with all Rin-centric translations through 8/9/2015!


Season 1 Character interview
Post Season 1 Entire Cast Character interview
Drama CD translations
Characte profiles
Overall director interview
Director Interviews
Fun Facts
More random details
Sweet preferences
Random locker shot
Hilarious dating chart
Rin crashing Haru and Makoto’s radio show like a boss
Guide Book pics
Random director quote about Haru and Rin
Random suggestive quote about
Episode Storyboards
How Rin talks
Loserdork birthday messages. I love these! + Haru’s new one + Nagisa’s new one + Makoto’s new one + Rei’s new one + Rin’s new one
Dating the boys lol
This is super important! “Why isn’t it freestyle” NOT “Why can’t I be free?”
Horoscope stuff
Director on boys’ relationships
Staff comments on Rin
Rin sketches
More cute sketches
More dating advice
RinHaru Duet Drama
RinRei Duet Drama
Miyano comments on Rin and the relay
Miyano comments on Rin’s tears
Miyano comments on Rin’s story
Can’t sleep without pillow
Miyano on Rin and Nitori
Sharkbait princess carry skit from seiyuu event
Haruka as a cat scene from the second seiyuu event
How the boys swam as children
Random tidbits about the boys including that Rin enjoys English music
Haruka’s line from the desktop mascots
Utsumi saying Haruka and Rin are irreplacable friends
Mini Masterpost - The Missing Translations
Free Character test
Cast commentary on Episode 12
Final Interview from Season 1
Illustration Works 2 - 1. Shark Training
Illustration Works 2 - 2. Birthday Surprise
Illustration Works 2 - 4. If Everyone Went on a Trip Together
Illustration Works 2 - 5. Fortune Drawing Game
Illustration Works 2 - 4. Perfect Valentine
Illustration Works 2 - Who’s the Joker
Illustration Works 2 - 9. Bath-House Endurance Race
Illustration Works 2 - 10. Welcome to the City of Water
Episode 1 Notes from Rediscovery Book + more + even more + yet again more + still more + last one
Episode 2 Notes from Redisovery Book + more
Episode 4 Notes from Rediscovery Book
Episode 7 Notes from Rediscovery Book
Episode 8 Notes from Rediscovery Book + more + even more + yet again more
Episode 9 Notes from Rediscovery Book + more
Episode 10 Notes from Rediscovery Book + more
Episode 11 Notes from Rediscovery Book
Episode 12 Notes from Rediscovery Book + more + even more + yet again more
High Speed/High Speed 2


Writer comments on Rin
Stats for the Season
Episode 2 correction on RinRin’s reason for leaving SC
Short story that takes place before S2
Character Age Timelines
Samezuka Dorm Rooms
Complete stats for the season
Writer clarifies  that S1!Rin was an outlier to true!Rin
Sousuke’s seiyuu talks about Sousuke’s view on Rin toward Haru
Goggles because who doesn’t want more info on Free goggles
Because I like that there’s a shark plushie at the swim club
Zakki talks about Haru’s view of Rin in regards to the future aka “Rin looked shining to Haru.”
Writer comments on how Rin is a person who cannot conceive of not having a dream, leading to the crash in 9
Magazine talking about how how Rin wants to go Olympic with Haru (just magazine’s thoughts, not writers’ but still fun so I’m tossing it up here)
Translation issues on SouRin confrontation in 10
Utsumi on Rin’s final scene with Sousuke
Hatta on Sousuke thinking about Rin: 
Utsumi on why Rin wasn’t in the relay: 
Utsumi on why Rin took Haruka to Australia
Utsumi on Haruka and Rin’s dreams
Utsumi on how Rin has always stoked Haruka’s competitive drive: 
Writers on the double bed situation: 
Utsumi’s decision for Rin to take Haruka to Australia: 
More on Rin’s decision to take Haruka to Australia: 
More on Sousuke thinking about Rin: 
Utsumi on Rin and Haruka walking the same path: 
Utsumi on post-13 visions for the trio: 
Utsumi loves Rin too damn much: 
Oh does the RinHaru Future Fish fanmade duet not belong here? TOO BAD: 
Nagisa and Makoto talk about Rin in their character interview
Ano Natsu no Slow Long Distance 1 (the drama track that comes with the BD)
Mamo and Zakki on Rin and Sousuke’s bond: 
Mamo and Zakki on Haruka’s indecision, Rin in Haruka’s dream and Rin/Haruka’s conflict in Episode 9: 
Zakki on Haruka’s vision of Rin’s bright world: 
Mamo and Zakki being dorks about Rin taking Haruka to eat Aussie beef: 
The entire Mamo/Zakki interview with added commentary on Rin’s development
Nagisa/Rin drama CD track
MakoRin track from drama CD
I’m including this drama track since they call Rin
Samezuka Bug-Catching track from drama CD
All the translated Drama CD tracks
I’m including Zakki and Tatsu teasing Mamo because I can 
More seiyuu being loserdorks 
Sound file for the above seiyuu commentar
Rin Future Fish
How to make a Rin + the others
Gratefully character song 
Over the Dream character song 
Utsumi discusses more about how Rin affects Sousuke’s view of Haruka
“Together towards the world!
Utsumi saying Harurinpics were foreordained
Utsumi talking about Rin wishing to show Haruka the world
Pash talking about Rin and Haruka’s friendship
Pash mocking Rin for being ridiculous about the bed
Ano Natsu no Slow Long Distance 2 + sound snippet of RinHaru part
Sousuke/Rin character interview + alternate translation
Clear Blue Departure HaruRin lyrics
Rin offering to feed Haruka a rollcake
Taito Sugar Cake voice codes
Haruka teasing Rin about flowercrowns on clock track
SouRin mook drama + staff interview
Sousuke only having eyes for Rin via SouRin mook
Sousuke and Rin’s Charm from SouRin mook
Zakki talking about Rin’s captaincy
Miyano and Hoyosa talking about which Free characters they would date
Pash on Rin transferring to Iwatobi
Utsumi talks about how Rin and Haruka are eternal rivals
Otomedia on Rin being the reason
Haruka/Rin Character Interview
Translation for Ano Natsu no Slow Long Distance 3 + Audio
Rin’s alarm clock
Tatsu and Mamo playing around with MakoRin and hurting my heart
“For the Team, For the Future” track from 2nd Drama CD
“Golden Sousuke, Silver Sousuke” track from 2nd Drama CD
“Golden Rin, Silver Rin” track from 2nd Drama CD
“Encounter on a Winter’s Day” track from 2nd Drama CD (they talk about Rin so I’m including it)
“Same-Kai” track from 2nd Drama CD + alternate translation
Utsumi on how important the bed scene was
Seiyuu being losers about the bed scene
Seiyuu being losers about underwear
Seiyuu tormenting Zakki
Hoyosa on Sousuke’s thoughts towards Rin’s push in Episode 13
Yokotani struggling with end of Episode 12
Hosoya’s impression of Haruka and as it relates to Rin
Haruka is a precious existence to Rin
Miyano commentary on Ep. 13 from fanbook (very SouRin)
Guidebook character profile
End of series character info
Yokotani x Hatta end of series interview
SouRin Good Night track from Taito Sweet CakeValentine’s Day with the Boys
Visa Short Stories
Utsumi talking about Rin’s ability to draw out Haruka’s true feelings
Ao no Long Distance 5
+ audio 
Utsumi talking about Rin winning Sexiest Character again
 + actual winning image
More seiyuu teasing Zakki

Christmas with the Boys

HaruNagi Interview (They talk about Rin so it counts)

Ao no Long Distance 4

Zakki and Hososyan talk about Rin’s ass

Ano Natsu no Long Slow Distance 6 + Audio
Ano Natsu no Long Slow Distance 7 + Audio
Free Event Drama Tack 1 - Iwatobi, Fight + Audio 
Free Event Drama Track 2 - Eternal Summer I Spent With You ~ Goodbye, Pyunsuke + Audio
Free Event Drama Track 3 - Planning Meeting for the Iwatobi-Samezuka Joint Cultural Festival + Audio
Valentine’s Day messages
Utsumi comments on Haru’s watergasm in 14 (counting this because it involved Rin)
RinRei Character Interview
MakoHaru Character Interview (they talk about Rin)
BR Change to SouRin scene in 13
White Day messages
Utsumi talking about bunny cafe art for the event
Zakki teasing Mamo at the event
Mamo being cute at the end of the event (MakoRin)
MakoRin Cafe Scene from the event
RinHaru Cafe Scene from the event + more
More cuteness from the event (SouRin) 
SouRin Cafe Scene from the event
Summary of the event + more
Mamo interview from the event
RinHaru Mook Announcement from the event
Audio Commentary for Episode 14
Things Haruka reacts to from Spoon
MakoHaru Mook (including this because Rin’s in it)
Rin’s smile in 13 from BR
Apparently Haru and Rin can’t wear black in the same scene from Rediscovery Book
RinHaru Mook + alternate translation
Staff talking about how only Rin could snap Haruka out of his funk in the Mook
Utsumi talking about the glass shower in the Mook
Utsumi talking about Rin taking Haru to an aquarium in Mook
Utsumi talking about RH’s new relationship in Mook
Utsumi fangirling RH in Mook
Utsumi discussing RH/MH futures in Mook
Mamo/Zakki interview from RH mook + 2nd part

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ETA: I should also add if you want specific stuff for the other characters, the above links tend to come in chunks, allowing for easy track-back to the rest of the characters. As I am a Rin RPer, I mainly wanted Rin for reference. But using the links in this list should give you most of what you need for any Free character. Just look around a bit.