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FAIRYTALE ADAPTATIONS (9/?): “The Erl-King” from The Bloody Chamber and Other Short Stories by Angela Carter.

“There is no way through the wood any more….[O]nce you are inside it, you must stay there until it lets you out again.”

Happy Daddy!DeanCas Monday, everybody!

I’ve decided to make Mondays on my blog all about Dean and Cas being dads. Quite frankly I need all the domestic Destiel feels I can get. 

To share in the festivities or watch my meltdowns about Dean and Cas changing diapers and making tutu’s from YouTube videos, tag posts or track #daddydeancasmonday. 


I am not turning down the money. I am turning down YOU. You get it? I don’t want NOTHING to do with you. Ever since I’ve met you, everything I’ve ever cared about is GONE, RUINED, TURNED TO SHIT, DEAD. Ever since I’ve hooked up with the GREAT HEISENBERG, I’ve never been more ALONE. I HAVE NOTHING. NO ONE. ALRIGHT? IT’S ALL GONE. GET IT? 

No, no, no. Why would you get it? What do you even care? As long as you get what you want. Right?

You don’t give a SHIT about me.


part-time mechanic, part-time engineering student, rey’s been a legend since the day she found out she was pilot luke skywalker’s daughter; though, technically, she’s always been a legend in her own mind.